What’s in your makeup bag?

What are your basic essentials in your makeup bag?

I love doing the “What’s in your makeup bag?” segments, it’s always interesting to see the progressive change of your “must haves” and their transition to other items or brands. Some of my friends already know I am a pretty organized person and have this insatiable need to have basic essentials on me at all times because I fear a moment where I actually am in need of something (like a toothbrush) and it’ll bother me not to have them in my possession. But it always works out when my friends are in need of something because I always have it handy!

So I thought id post what’s in my makeup bag, what I call my mini “survival kit” in my purse. How did I figure out what I would need? I simply asked myself if I were to not have the comfort of my home and all my things, and had to go somewhere on a whim after work, what would I need to get by to ‘spruce’ myself up in a jam?

I corresponded each item with a number in the pic below and listed a description for each item/number below to see what is what and why it’s essential in my bag. I am also a gal on the go, so in additional to my makeup bag, I have a travel kit that just has toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, q-tips, makeup remover, Cortisone (my skin is sensitive and is always itchy), and a mini tinted moisturizer which believe it or not has come to the rescue numerous times when I am crashing at my girlfriend’s house.


What’s in my makeup bag (forgot to add my blush in this kit “Warm Soul”):

1.) My Harajuku girls organizer makeup bag from Sephora
2.) My Carmex lip balm and my Visine eye drops since I can’t live without chapstick and eye drops because my eyes get irritated so easily from dust and allergies.
3.) UD eyeliners in “Rockstar” and “Bourbon”– I wanted two eyeliners that can go with pretty much any look, “Rockstar” is a nice deep dark purple with a hint of shimmer which is great for smokey looks, and “Bourbon” is a nice balance for neutral looks since it’s a nice soft brown with shimmer. MAC lip liner in “Oak” is a nice soft natural brown which is a nice addition to my makeup bag to perfect the pout. MAC technakohl eyeliner in “Graphblack”, sometimes I will use this over the Fluidline or liquid eyeliners because it’s fast, easy, and less messy.
4.) Sonia Kushuk dual sharpener
5.) MAC Lipglasses in “Splashing” and “Molto-Bene”– Figured it was nice to have a pink lipglass and a neutral brown lipglass to complement most looks. Clinique mini mascara in Black and MAC Liquid Eyeliner in “Boot Black”.
6.) MAC quad e/s palette: Bisque, Orb, Satin Taupe, and Motif. Just simple basic eyeshadows I always use on a daily basis. I added Satin Taupe because it’s a nice brown color and I can definitely turn it into a smokey eye for an evening look.
7.) MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35– I love this powder to softly get rid of shinyness and since it’s a sheer powder it has the perfect amount of color for touch-ups without looking overdone and freshens up a look, as oppose to the blot powders that have no color.
8.) Sonia Kushuk Retractable Blush Brush– Great for applying blush or mineral foundation. MAC Studio Stick Foundation in NC30, I actually just recently added this to my makeup bag because at times I like to alternate and maybe use this on days when I don’t really want to do a full face but just dabs of this and spread with a sponge and you’re gold!
9.) Revlon Lash Adhesive– Because you never know when you’re gonna need to touch up the glue on your falsies after a long night of dancing, or if you’re gf needs some glue. MAC makeup remover tips for cleaning up eyeliner or eyeshadow in hard to reach places.
10.) Boscia oil blotting sheets from Sephora to combat shinyness and oil.

Travel Kit (flower pouch I got as free gift from Sephora)

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