Wedding Planning Progress!

I know, I have been terrible with blogging lately. I wish I was super woman and can do it all. With 155 days left until the big day, I have been so busy planning, gluing, taping, and basically trying to get everything together (without any papercuts!). Since I am pretty much doing a lot of things by hand- it’s 150+ of each thing, it’s taking up a lot of my sleep time LOL. But I know it’s gonna be worth it!

We still have a lot more things to do (can’t wait to do some cake tasting!), but I am confident we can get everything done in time, even though there are times I ask myself “why did I think it was a bright idea to make everything myself?” haha. We are also thinking about making our own centerpieces. But I can happily say I finally got my dress! I love it and I cannot wait to wear it. I plan on wearing it to the grocery store, when I sleep, etc. LOL. Hey, gotta make use of it!

About to do more wedding and halloween errands (since we are having our yearly halloween contest at work), so I will make this short, have a great weekend everyone!

Here are some pics of some of the progression so far….

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