Video: How to get the smoky eye look from MAC Makeup Artist

*I bought MAC Eyeshadow in Vex today, it’s actually similar to Flirt Cosmetics “Limelight”, even though it’s $4 more, saves me gas from going to get the other one AND it’s small enough for me to carry in my purse for any touch ups. I also want to buy the NARS Eyeshadow in “Night Breed”, but I can’t decide whether I want that one or the “Night Fever”. They both almost look the same, but the Night Breed has red/purplish pearls that kinda give it a really unique look.

I saw Christina Milian at the MAC store with her mom, she was low key incognito, with a hat and no makeup, she is tiny I must say, very cute girl. I took a pic with my cell phone, but it came out a bit blurry, I was scared to take a pic since I know she is a normal person just trying to buy some makeup AND because I didn’t want the MAC makeup people thinking im a competitor taking pictures of their products haha…

I actually wanna get a few more things from MAC, I am just not sure yet since I haven’t really played with all their colors without being interrupted by a sales lady that looks like a drag queen asking me if I need any help. I know that it’s their job, but seriously, it’s annoying. If I need HELP, I will ask for it- trust me. But I just want to be in my own world with my Q-tips and putting crazy swatches of color on my hand till I look like a human palette!

I returned the Chrome Yellow I bought a few weeks ago, simply because as much I love YELLOW, I never wore it. I guess as soon as I get more comfortable with certain colors then yeah I might just buy it again, but for some reason, I am trying to maintain different everyday looks: like taupes, browns, gray, black, etc. I don’t usually wear a lot of bottom liner for everyday wear just because I already do a lot up on top with the eyeliner and everything, I don’t want it to be a bit much for work, but occasionally I will put some just to play things up. I personally like less makeup M-Th, there’s no one to impress anyway haha.

Anyone actually like cream eyeshadows that they can recommend? I personally DO NOT like cream eyeshadows simply because I wear eyeliner, and it also just slips right off the shadow and never stays on my eyelid like powdered eyeshadows do. Unless it’s cream-to-powder eyeshadow, similar to MAC Shadesticks or Paint, then it’s ok…but so far, I haven’t liked them very much.

I wanna get a few more MAC eyeshadows as well as True Colors stacks (the kiosks in the malls), they have a deal going on, 9 colors for like $50, AND it turns into everything, eyes, nailpolish, eyeliner, lipgloss, it’s amazing. And the best part? They are minerals.

I love the Laura Geller Double-Ended Eyeshadow Brush

I think I am also going a little online shopping crazy, as I have purchased so much the past month. Most of it was for my photography aspirations, bought a UV lens filter and a Flower hood for my camera. And then just last night I ordered my Baby G watch (remember those?). My friend bought me one for my birthday when I was 16, and I always loved it because it was so durable and it actually fit my tiny wrists. And for some reason, I just wanted it again. So it was a total impulse buy, but doesn’t it look gorgeous???

2 Comments on Video: How to get the smoky eye look from MAC Makeup Artist

  1. missjaclynrose
    June 27, 2007 at 2:46 am (11 years ago)

    Every time I go into MAC, no one ever comes up to me and asks me for help… Maybe because it was busy? I have no idea!… I don’t really like going in there unless I know exactly what I want, but I guess it’s which one you go into…

  2. Anonymous
    September 4, 2007 at 11:30 pm (11 years ago)

    I use the wet’n’wild cream eyeshadows and they are good to me.Plus they have alot of sparkle!They are at walgreen’s.Cheap!