I am working with my web designer to make this site look more snazzy as well as making navigation much easier. I no longer will be on blogspot, as http://www.nessasarymakeup.com will officially be an actual site, rather than hosted by blogger.com. This move will allow me to be more in control of things as well as add more beneficial features, maybe even a forum or a chat place where you readers can all get to know each other!

So I am very excited! There will be comment forms now, so you gals can put a name down and I can get to know you all little by little. I know many of you readers who leave comments under “Anonymous” are super sweet and I really do appreciate you ladies who let me just be me and respect my thoughts and ramblings. There are many great beauty blogs out there and I just want to re-iterate that many of us do it because we have a love for makeup, skincare, etc. And it’s just another resource in helping you gals with swatches, makeup tips, tutorials, looks, ideas, etc., so even if you DISAGREE with what is said in my blog, or even other blogs, keep in mind that it’s a BLOG, and the things I say are just based on my personal experience or perspectives.

I started this blog, because as a consumer, I found it very hard to find products online or in person that I was interested in buying. I need to see things before I purchase them, so I wanted to see colors, swatches, reviews, etc, and I would scour the internet for information and could never find it. So by creating my own blog, I can help others who are new to makeup, makeup challenged, or the makeup addicts who want to know what new collections are coming out. It’s also a way for me to track some of my favorite fotd’s and help me remember what I used.

I am slowly (but surely) recovering from my slight bout of carpal tunnel in which my pinky and ring finger were causing me tremendous pain (most of my day is spent on a computer since I work for an internet company), so I am typing for 9 hours at work, then go home only to type away again, so basically my hands never get a break and now I am paying the price. :(

Getting my hair re-dyed next Wednesday! Either a medium or dark brown…

Anyway, here is just another update of things to come, since most of you voted a lot in finding your “holy grail” of an item in skincare products, I will be focusing on those as well:

[no particular order]
Moisturizers- What i’ve tried, what didn’t work, what did…
Re-visit NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (loose powdered eyeshadows) since some of you have been asking me about these
Mascaras- What i’ve tried, what didn’t work, what did…
DUPE LIST!!!! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, I am tallying up some of the ones I received and should have it done soon!
More vids…

I know some of you emailed me some reader questions, I will try and post some here and of course reply to you soon! It’s been hectic keeping up with everyone and everything, esp. since I only have 8 working fingers….LOL. But I appreciate your patience as always!

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