Review: Sally Hansen Crackle Nailpolishes

Product: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 1 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5
Where I bought it:Walmart
Price: $8.49
 Would I buy again? No

I went to Walmart last week and saw the crackle nailpolishes by Sally Hansen and since the crackle polishes are all the rage right now, I thought i’d try them out. They come in other colors as well such as black, purple, pink and more, but I only nabbed three of them, silver (Fractured Foil), white (Snow Blast), and gold (Antiqued Gold). They are around $7-8.50 depending on where you go.

I was excited to try these because all the crackle polishes I was interested in were always sold out, and I wasn’t about to pay a pretty penny on eBay just to own one. However, I found these to be way too streaky in the sense they didn’t “crack” the way I wanted them to, or rather the way the OPI Black Shatter crackled, (and I did let the base coat completely dry).

“Snow Blast” was the worst out of the bunch, it’s a matte finish and no matter what I did, it never came out right, always came out streaky. The metallic ones fare a little better than the white one, and crackled a little bit but not as much as the OPI Black Shatter. I experimented with different base coats and colors, applying one coat, applying two, and they just never came out the way I wanted

Overall: I was so disappointed in the quality of these, considering Sally Hansen has always been known for their nail products. You bet I quickly returned these. :( I am glad there are a lot more brands coming out with their version of crackle polishes, the competition should be interesting!

The dark plum purple polish used as a base in these photos are Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nailpolish in “Uptempo Plum”. And the pink nailpolish is OCC’s nailpolish in “Rhythm Box”.

Snow Blast (L) & Fractured Foil (R)
OPI’s Black Shatter nailpolish:

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