Review: Geo Tricolored Contacts in Brown

Hola mi amigas! Hope you all had a great weekend! I was busy looking at a few venues with my grandparents this weekend (since my parents are in WA.), it was fun hanging out with them since my grandparents are just too cute. Anyway, I recently bought Geo Tri Colored Contact lenses in Brown from, and thought id do a quick video and a post on them so you can see how they look.

They are pretty comfortable to wear, they recommend that you do not wear it longer than 8 hours, so just keep that in mind. These particular colored contacts were $19.90 on their website and shipping was relatively fast (ships from Malaysia I believe), and their shipping was only $5. I ordered it October 22, and received it a few days after Halloween, so not too shabby. Each lens was in a tightly sealed glass vial and came with a contact lens case. I got them with 0.00 power (no power), and they come in a variety of other colors such as grey, violet, blue, and green.

I also did a quick video wearing them just so you can kinda get a feel of how they look like in person, although I have a ton of bright lights in my room so it may look lighter in the video, but they look very natural in person, as you can see from the pic below where I have one contact in and the other is my natural eye, they aren’t too fake looking, so if you are looking for something soft and natural these are a nice pick. They are ‘tri-color’ meaning they have various shades of brown sorta meshed together to complement your natural brown eye color, rather than one simple shade like other colored contacts. (Think gradient effect!)

BTW, I give props to those of you that do YouTube videos, so much time is needed to do these videos and uploading/editing, etc. takes major guts too lol. I feel like such a dork when I do videos, I hate the way I sound, so different from what I hear in my head, haha. But sometimes it’s better to convey certain things via video than just pics no? Anyway, enjoy! Time to have some Korean BBQ with my bestie and my fiance!

What I got in the mail:

 Colored contact in one eye, natural eye color on the other:

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