Reader Questions:

I am going to Vegas this weekend to cover the IECSC makeup, hair and nail show! So of course I will be bringing you gals back some photos and info on new companies! In the meantime here are some reader questions!

Q: Where did you get your black rose ring? (from the booze cruise post)
A: I usually get all my rings from either Forever21 or Wetseal, they have the cutest rings!

Q: What is the difference between the $10 IMATS ticket and the $35 one?

A: The $10 ticket is just for the Exhibit Floor, meaning you can go around and buy products from the booths (the people exhibiting), the $35 ticket includes the Exhibit Floor, lectures, classes and keynote speakers so you can learn more about various topics that you may want to learn more about such as airbrush makeup, mineral makeup, or special fx makeup.

Q: I swear this blog is becoming…. im just not a fan of twilight so im annoyed at the lack of makeup :(

A: You are more than welcome to read other makeup blogs or start your own. This is my own personal blog that is not solely about makeup but other random things that appeal to me and because I have been so busy lately with my job as well as other things going on, I haven’t really played with makeup, hence I am blogging about other things to fill up the time until I do have more time to get back into it. Blogging about a cake or a fundraiser for a good cause isn’t a big deal, so just relax. You can’t please everybody!

Q: Do you have to be a MAC Pro member to buy an empty pan palette?
A: No, you do NOT have to be a mac pro member to buy the empty eyeshadow or blush palettes, or the refills that go into it. Simply walk into any freestanding MAC store and ask for them and they will sell it to you.

Q: How long does it take to apply your makeup?
A: It varies, if I do a quick look i’ve done before it can take 15 minutes, a natural look (like just mascara or eyeliner) takes less than 10 minutes, if I am doing a more intricate look with more colors or whatnot, or just experimenting it takes me much longer, like an hour!

Q: What’s your favorite face primer?
A: Right now I am using two, MAC Skin + Base Primer which feels more like a primer and comes in a small black bottle, and then I am using the Korres Primer which I also like because it just feels like a moisturizer and glides on better then feels like a primer. I also love the lemon scent it has!

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