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So since i’ve been gone for forever and a day I had a lot of questions that have been piling up, so I thought id answer most of ’em! And thanks to all of you that greeted me a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the C-box! I hope your year is off to a great start!

Q: Hey Vanessa! I was wondering if Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Collection lasted along time time, wouldn’t budge, waterproof I would like to know. Oh and how did you like Twilight? I loved it! -Valerie

A: Hi Valerie! How are you? I have only tried a sample size of MUFE’s Aqua Eyes eyeliners, and it stayed on, but for me it sorta smudged towards the middle of the day, I personally LOVE Urban Decay Eyeliners, they come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and these babies are waterproof, and they don’t smudge or budge on me at all! I watched Twilight, and I liked the movie but expected better; of course the eye candy in it such as the Cullen family was nice to watch, but the book was WAYYYY better than the movie, I am hoping that “New Moon” will be a lot better given that they have a bigger budget to work with….

Q: Hi Vanessa, I LOVE the outfit you wore to the airport, can you tell us what you are wearing? -Maggie

A: Thanks Maggie! The beige sweater is from Forever21 that I bought about a month or two ago for $22.80 I think, the belt is from WetSeal, long brown leggings from Forever21 for $6.80, and boots are Madden Girl Jaylyne Scrunch boot.

Q: Hi Vanessa, i was just wondering you know how u went to the IMATS expo this yr in vegas…well in 2009 is going to be in pasadena i think and i was just wondering if anybody can go as long as they purchase the tickets? -Karla

A: Anyone can attend by purchasing a ticket. This year’s show is in June.

Q: Hi Vanessa, I have a quick question…when you contour your face and nose do you put foundation on before or after? -Melanie

A: Hi Melanie, I personally put on my foundation BEFORE contouring. I find it easier and more effective to contour after you apply your foundation and then just blend any harsh lines or shadows with a stippling brush or a loose powder brush.

Q: Hey Vanessa, do the eyeshadows from the FLIRT! Palette fit into Mac palettes? What are they sitting in? Is it a soft plastic or really hard? Thanks! -Danielle

A: Hi Danielle, I believe the Flirt! eyeshadows in the palette (that I got my sister, which she loves!) fits into the MAC palettes, just by eyeballing it, it looks like it WILL fit, I believe you can take the tray the shadows sits in apart and just depot it by either prying it out of the mold that holds it or melting the bottom till there’s a hole then popping them out.

Q: Hey Vanessa, do you know if Magnetique from the Little Darlings pink set is available to purchase by itself? I love that color, but I don’t want to purchase the whole set just for that one. -Stephanie

A: Hi Steph! You can definitely buy a full-size, I have seen them at CCO’s (Cosmetics Company Outlet) which sell discontinued as well as older makeup products, or older collections. They also have it available online at Stars Makeup Haven, CLICK HERE.

Q: Hello Vanessa, I was wondering how you could make eyeshadow on your lower lashline stay on longer because you cant really put primer there right? -Selena

A: Hi Selena, you can try using an eyeliner sealer, or an eyeshadow transformer which turns your eyeshadows into workable and pigmented eyeliners without damaging them. You can try La Femme’s Eyeliner Sealer or Cinema Secrets Eyeliner Sealer.

Q: Hi Vanessa! Happy Holidays! I was just wondering what brand are your two crease brushes. thank you & take care! -Liza

A: Hi Liza! Thank you, I hope you enjoyed your holiday too! I have a few crease brushes but the ones I use frequently are Sonia Kushuk’s Blending Brush (she also has a crease brush, shown in my next post!), and one I got from Coastal Scents.

Q: Hey Vanessa, I was just wonderin if you ever used Per-fekt perfecting gel. I got a little sample, and it seems to be good, but was just wondering if u had any more experience on it. It would be a thing to review, I think, but it’s expensive, like $54. -Leilani

A: Hi Leilani, I have not had a chance to use Per-fekt perfecting gel, I hope I can get my hands on a sample or can try it soon and let you know!

Q: Hey Vanessa im looking for a new mascara & wondered if you recommend any of the MAC mascaras? -Kristee

A: Hi Kristee, I personally don’t like any of the MAC mascaras, at least they haven’t released one yet that has made me go gaga, and I like the drugstore brands a lot better especially since they are more affordable and mascara is tossed out after 3 months. My favorites are L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara (either one works great), their Voluminous mascara, and Covergirl’s Eyelights Mascara for Brown eyes.

Q: Hello I was just wondering how many times do you use the gatsby mega scrub a day ? -Nasri

A: I actually hardly use it, I probably use it like once a week or once every 2 weeks. Right now I am using Oil of Olay’s pore minimizing scrub and MAC’s Cremewash.

Q: Hi, do you have any suggestions where I can get a nice matte peach lipstick? I tried the ramblin rose from mac and its too frosty for me.! -Cadence

A: Hi Cadence! I love your name btw! I suggest MAC’s lipstick in “Cherish” or “Underplay”. MAC PRO has a lipstick called “Peachstock” which is also pretty. For a more affordable lipstick, NYX has gorgeous shade of peach called “Pumpkin Pie”.

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