Product Review- Kanebo Tiffa Mascara Base from

Sorry I was unable to post much yesterday, I’ve been sick and it’s coinciding with my allergies. I took a Benadryl yesterday which KNOCKED me out, so I was able to sleep nicely!

Here is my review on the Tiffa Mascara Base that I got from, someone asked how much shipping was, and I forgot but I think it was around $5 or $6 for me, you can check out for more details. Shipping is relatively fast USUALLY.

Product: 5 out of 5
Wand: 4 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: $11.00

What it is: It’s a mascara base you apply BEFORE you apply your mascara, it helps give the illusion of longer lashes when applied with your regular mascara.

Description: It’s a transparent base with little tiny fibers, similar to Imju fiberwig. The fibers attach to your natural eyelashes making it seem like you have longer lash hairs. You apply it as you would your regular mascara, and then apply your mascara of choice.

PROS: Does add a bit of length to my lashes, and doesn’t make my lashes stiff or clumpy as oppose to just my mascara alone. No odd smell either.

CONS: Be careful not to apply it to closely to the base of your lashes becaue the fibers may get in your eye causing discomfort.

Overall: It’s a pretty nifty mascara base, I haven’t tried too many mascara bases simply because I don’t really care for it sometimes, although I have tried Shiseido (nice but not liking the price), and Lancome’s Mascara Base, but this one is actually really nice because it has those “tiny fibers” in comparison to the previously mentioned where it doesn’t have any.

The wand:

My bare eyelashes, no base, no mascara:

Just with the Tiffa mascara base:

With the base AND mascara:

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