Product Review: Beauty From The Earth Minerals

Finally! My BFTE review, I’ve been meaning to get this in your hands sooner y’all but I have been so busy having fun with these minerals trying to create different looks!

First of all, the customer service is beyond excellent! Crystal, the owner of BFTE, is amazingly sweet and responds to you right away (not to mention beautiful!), and I love awesome customer service when it comes to these mineral makeup companies simply because most of them are owned by one person and one person only (at most 3 people!) and yet they manage to multi-task and respond to customers, pack and ship, create…all at once!

Secondly, the website itself carries a wide range of mind blowing colors guaranteed to suit you ladies who love earthy, natural looks to even the ladies that are not afraid to show off some bright colors! I LOVE how they have actual swatches of each color on the website and not just a computer generated or blurry picture of a swatch. Why is this a bonus for me? Because it really helps me decide what colors I want and allows me to see what color I should expect rather than guessing which shade of blue it is for example. Also, since many mineral companies don’t accept returns or exchanges, it can be scary buying a full size of something you are not sure of. They even have a few models showcasing different looks and colors on the site which paints an even better picture of what colors to get!

My favorite colors?
Grape, Green Apple, Karma, Peacock, and Jaded

I had an opportunity to try these gorgeous mineral eyeshadows and I love the color-payoff and how vibrant they are, even without a base! I highly suggest using a mixing medium (glycerin/water mix, see the label on the right on how to make your own homemade mixing medium), because this helps pigments adhere to your eyelids more as well as making the color bolder. They are very easy to blend and work with, and I love the shimmer they give!

They also have a 5-piece sample kit which includes 5 baggie samples of any colors of your choice for only $5! That’s only $1.00 a bag and there is plenty to last you many uses. Full sizes come in a 5 gram sifter jar packed with enough product to last you a long time! They also have blushes, mineral foundation, skincare products, and more!

Swatches (ALL DONE DRY, NO BASE-sorry forgot to swatch “Jaded” but the color as is, is on my lid down below):

Here are just SOME of the looks I did using some of the BFTE minerals, as you can see the possibilities are endless because BFTE has a lot of colors to choose from!

BFTE e/s in “Karma” (on lid) and “Purple Iris” on contour

BFTE e/s in “Grape” (I love it!)

BFTE e/s in “Jaded” and MAC e/s in “Carbon” on outer-V and contour. Lower lashline is Milani’s Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in “Green”.

BFTE e/s in “Grape” on lid, BFTE “Blueberry” on contour:

BFTE e/s in “Green Apple” on the lid, “Purple Iris” on the contour, and “Grape” on outer-V:

Other looks you can do with BFTE minerals…some looks are not with BFTE, but wrote down very similar dupes since BFTE is a lot cheaper than high-end brands!

BFTE e/s in “Envy” on inner corner, “Green Apple” on middle of the lid with “Emerald Green” on the outer-V and contour:

BFTE e/s “Karma” mixed with “Strawberry”:

BFTE e/s in “Grape”, “Lemon”, “Tangerine”, “Raspberry”, and “Green Apple”:

BFTE e/s in “Raspberry”, “Karma”, and “Grape”:

BFTE e/s in “Lemon” on the lid, “Grape” or “Purple Iris” on outer-V and contour:

BFTE e/s in “Purple Iris” and “Grape”:

BFTE e/s in “Karma” and “Purple Iris” (on contour):

BFTE e/s in “Envy” or “Green Apple” on inner corner, “Peacock” on the middle of the lid, “Grape” on outer-V:

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