Laura Geller Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipsticks


Laura Geller Beauty was kind enough to send me a cute box of some of their new Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipsticks to review. I love how moisturizing they are! The texture on the actual lippies give it a luxurious feel, and the colors are pigmented!

Description: Tempt your senses with our first-ever baked and sculpted lipstick. The artisan-baked pigments and rich moisturizers, saturate lips with creamy, vibrant colors that feels weightless. A curved bullet shape allows for a single-swipe application providing long-lasting, high-impact wear.

Process: This breakthrough formula starts as loose pigments that are baked with a complex of oils for 12 hours to create round, smooth color pigments. After baking, the pigments are mixed with moisturizing ingredients to create creamy color perfection.

Ingredients contains: Almond Oil, Apricot Butter & Sunflower oil

The cap is magnetic, which I thought was pretty cool, but a con is that it’s not a strong magnet, the slightest pick up just takes off the cap and the lipstick can fall, so just be careful and grab from the bottom. But the look of the packaging is very sleek and it’s a matte black with the Laura Geller Brand on it. The lipsticks stayed on me for about 4-5 hours.

The colors I received are:

Tribeca Tan, Bleeker St, Peach, Madison Ave. Pink, Mulberry St. Fift Ave. Ruby, and Broadway Plum

Other shades in the line (not pictured here):

Greenwich Street Berry, East Side Rouge, Soho Nude, Central Park Spice, Lexington Ave. Coral, Big Apple Red

These retail for $21 are available on, Ulta stores, and LauraGeller,com!

IMG_20150917_084433 IMG_20150917_192635 IMG_20150919_135826

(Swatches) Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette


Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

I was already a fan when Kat von D released her Shade & Light Contour Palette for the face, that I was even more intrigued when I saw that she was releasing a Shade & Light EYE CONTOUR paletteĀ  ($46, Sephora) to match!

I have been loving matte-finish eyeshadows lately, perfect for everyday wear in the office. It was no surprise that I was I was just itching to get my hands on this beauty as soon as it was released! Luckily, I have amazing friends who gave me Sephora gift cards for my birthday, and you bet I put them some good use!

What I love:

  • The Texture: These eyeshadows are buttery smooth and pigmented!
  • That the palette itself only has matte colors
  • That it has a mirror and thin enough for easy travel
  • That the labels of the eyeshadows are on the back of the palette

What I didn’t love:

  • Nothing! This palette is perfect in my opinion!

Just take a look at the rest of the pics!



The palette even comes with a helpful user guide complete with pictorials!





(TOP) Laetus, (LEFT) Samael, (MIDDLE) Solas, (Right) Lucius


(TOP) Lazarus (LEFT) Saleos, (MIDDLE) Shax, (RIGHT) Liberatus


(TOP) Ludwin, (LEFT) Succubus, (MIDDLE) Sytry, (RIGHT) LATINUS


Back of the packaging


Swatches (NO PRIMER OR BASE), shades in the same order as packaging above






Look like a million bucks…with MillionDollarTan!


Million Dollar Tan Summer Essentials Kit

Let’s face it. I can look pretty pasty year-round. I dread the Summer for two reasons: it’s hot (I hate heat), and because heaven forbid I decide to let my white legs see the sunlight by wearing shorts or dresses. And in case I forget that I am almost the same shade as Casper the friendly ghost, I have dear friends and strangers that remind me how ‘white’ I am, lol.

I love how a bronzed glow can make one look more fit and toned. I used to do tanning beds years ago — not frequently, but when I wanted to just put some warmth into the skin for special events. Of course tanning, whether it be the natural way in the sunlight or in a bed is definitely not something I recommend. Nothing is worth skin cancer. NOTHING. Because of the increased risks that go hand in hand with tanning, I stopped tanning in the beds (and I hardly go out in the sun), and started to do INDOOR, SUNLESS TANNING!

It started off with the infamous L’Oreal Sublime, but I found that it tends to get streaky if I am not careful, and felt that it didn’t give me that natural-looking tan I wanted, and made me look like an oompa loompa. I wanted something that didn’t get me to dark in one application, but would allow me to layer on the product little by little, to get to my desired shade. I was so happy when sent me their Summer Essentials Kit ($130) to try!

The Summer Essential Kit comes with:

  • Mermaid Mousse (4 oz.)
  • Mermaid Mousse (Face, 4 oz.)
  • Blend Friend Tanning Mitt Set (For Face and Body)
  • All That Shimmers Dry Oil (4 oz.)
  • Complexion Protection (1.7 oz.)

The Mermaid Mousse for the face is nice too because it’s so natural and gradual, so you don’t have to worry about your face being too dark, even after one application, I felt I needed to do one more layer just to get it to match the rest of my body. The All That Shimmers Dry Oil is great for giving your tan a nice boost and glow before you walk out the door, it’s tinted to help really bring out your tan and has plenty of shimmer, so be careful not to apply too much! The Complexion Protection is basically a facial sunscreen that you can mix in with your moisturizer to protect your face from harmful UV rays.

I immediately used it the day I got it, and was amazed by the results the next day! I love that it comes with two “Blend Friend” mitts and a pouch for travel: A small one for the face, and a regular-sized mitt for the body. I love that these mitts are durable and sturdy, they aren’t like the typical sponge-like mitts I have used before that were so porous, I would have some of the product on my hands! These mitts do an awesome job at spreading the product evenly to ensure a natural-looking tan.

Once applied, the color guide will show you where you are applying the product, it then takes about 6-8 hours to fully develop on your skin. I like to apply it before bedtime (I recommend letting it dry and using clothes you don’t care about in case they get stained), and then I wash it off in the shower and a natural bronzed glow is revealed! The tan lasts 7-10 days and is buildable. Definitely recommend!

I have a special discount code for my readers!




PhotoGrid_1433030700646 PicsArt_1433041976695 PicsArt_1433042054650


The Mitts!


Face Mitt




Mermaid Mousse for the Face and All that shimmers dry oil






Halloween Makeup: Bride of Chucky!

PhotoGrid_1413955475616 PhotoGrid_1413961306640

So since I did a Chucky look in my previous post, I thought it was appropriate to do his bride! So this was my “Bride of Chucky” look, this look is actually really simple and easy to do, and you don’t need a lot of products. See what I used and the steps below!

What you’ll need:

– A glue stick (to glue your eyebrows down and make them disappear, don’t worry this won’t rip any eyebrow hairs and it comes off easily when you wash your face)

– A concealer or foundation, and powder to hide your eyebrows

– A good black eyeliner pencil

– A black or any dark lipstick

– A foundation that is lighter than you are if you aren’t already naturally fair

– A matte black eyeshadow (a burgundy or red eyeshadow I recommend to use on the crease but it’s not necessary)

– False eyelashes

– Contour powder

– Colored contacts (some pictures she has green eyes and some pictures i’ve seen she has a white/grayish looking eyes, I originally used white out contacts for this look but ended up altering it using photoshop for those bright green eyes as I did not have green contacts).

What I used:

– Gluestick

– MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC30,

– Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Light Porcelain (since she is really fair and I am not), extend this foundation to your neck so that it matches.

– Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer (used this on my cheeks)

– Anastasia Contour Palette for contouring the nose, etc.

– Inglot Gel Eyeliner #55 as a base for the black eyeshadow

– Lorac Mega Palette eyeshadows in black (used this heavily on the lid and on the lower part of my eyes, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just smudged out and smoky looking), then used a mix of Mulberry and Merlot on the crease to give it depth and to make it pop

– Used Adoro Lashes #47

– Urban Decay Perversion Eye Liner to line the lips and to extend the lips to give the illusion of a wider smile like she has, also used the liner to draw the eyebrows and the beauty mark/mole above her lips.

– Used MAC Living Legend lipstick on lips. You can use black lipstick but I wanted to have dark lips with a bit of color.

Halloween Makeup: Chucky Doll! (Tutorial)


PhotoGrid_1413962118687I remember watching ‘Chucky’ as a kid and being terrified of dolls, LOL.”Hi. I’m Chucky, wanna play?”

Below is a breakdown of the makeup/products I used for this look, as well as a little mini tutorial to go with the above pictures:


– NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner in Plush Red

– Snazaroo Face Paint in Red

– Milani Cosmetics Brow Highligher Pencil

– Belletto Studios Hide and Go Chic Concealer & Highlighter Quad

– MAC Paint Stick in Black

– MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

– Ben Nye Bruise Wheel


***TAKE YOUR TIME WITH EACH STEP!*** Honestly, if you rush it, it’s going to look sloppy and messy. It’s best to truly take your time, especially when you are dealing with the color black, once it smears, it can ruin everything you just did and you’ll find yourself starting over, so take your time!

1. Used NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner in Plush Red to outline the bloody part of the eye as well as the scar lines on the face.

2. Filled in the “bloody” ripped part of the eye with Snazaroo Face Paint in Red (it’s a water-activated face paint you can find at many craft stores, I got mine from Michael’s for under $10)

3. Using a matte black or dark gray eyeshadow, shade in the inner edges of the “ripped eye” to give it more depth and to give the realistic look of blood so it’s not so bright of a red, blend the black or dark gray eyeshadow. I also used the Ben Nye Bruise wheel for some depth as well, but an eyeshadow alone can do the trick!

4. Using a concealer, highlighting pencil/pen, or something similar, to outline the red scar lines and pretty much everything else to give the look more of a 3D dimensional look so it’s not so flat. It really makes it pop. I used my Belletto Studios Highlighting & Concealer quad and my Milani Brow Highlighting Pencil for this.

5. Using a Q-tip or a small brush, blend any harsh edges so it looks more natural and not as harsh. I then used “Orchid” eyeshadow from the Lorac Mega Palette to outline some areas so it looks more realistic to give it that pinkish edge you would commonly see in a wound.

6. Using the MAC Pro Paint Stick in Black, or an eyeliner or a black eye pencil if you do not have any theatrical makeup, start making the “staples” on the face, remember to curve them a bit in the direction of the face as it naturally would look like, as oppose to straight on, as this will make it look more 3D.

7. Don’t worry if it’s not looking like much at this point, you just want to get the basics down first, then it’s easier to go back and shade and highlight as needed. Once you have drawn on the “staples”, you can highlight certain staples so it gives it that pop, and/or darken certain areas of the lines to look like dried blood, etc.

8. For the other eye, I just used some dark gray/brown eyeshadow to give a more sulken, worn, tired look.

9. You can complete the look with colored contacts or if you already have bright blue eyes then you are lucky! I didn’t have blue contacts so I just changed my eye color in Photoshop. :)

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