OPI Black Shatter

Finally got my hands on OPI’s most anticipated crackling nailpolish “Black Shatter” from the Katy Perry Collection (I didn’t care too much for the other shades in the collection) but wanted to test drive this baby!

I already had Color Club’s “Pink Flame” on my nails so I just rushed to test it and put the black shatter over it, sealed it with Seche Vite top coat, and I am loving it. Jon said “Why would you want your nails to look like that?!” LOL. Oh boys, they just don’t understand haha.

***Note: Apply one coat, and apply it quick as it will start to crackle in a matter of seconds and let it dry then apply clear top coat.

Can’t wait to post later about kkcenterhk.com, testing out some lashes and a hair piece! :)

Anyway here are some pics:

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