Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)

***WARNING: This post is full of color!***

I love colors! I remember my first job, we had to wear ALL black all the time (like the MAC makeup artists! LOL) and I was just dying to wear anything that had the slightest pop of color so it didn’t look like I was going to a funeral all the time. My mom thought I was going through a “goth” phase, LOL. So when I finally left that job, I went color crazy!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) has phenomenal color pay-off and rich pigmentation. If you are looking for vibrant color in the makeup industry, then definitely check out some of their products. I recall first hearing about this company at a makeup show last year, and it was so nice to see them again this year at the recent Makeup Show in LA back in March.

I was able to get my hands on a few products which was perfect timing because I had a reader that wanted to know more about this brand and it’s such a pleasure to try these out because I don’t know any makeup companies (in a freestanding store like Sephora) that have such bright and vibrant colors, let alone being so affordable for us gals on a budget! OCC’s nailpolishes and lip tar are absolutely GORGEOUS, I could not even believe how pigmented these were in ONE STROKE!

Now the lippies in the POTS are lightly-tinted balms (despite the fact they share the same name as the liptars), so they don’t show up any color on my skin, but the LIPTAR (the ones in the tubes) are PIGMENTED. And this is surprising coming from a plastic tube one would think they are just regular lipglosses, but nope! These are amazing and much more pigmented than other brands out there not to mention affordable (only $12.50) considering YSL lipsticks are nicely pigmented but are $34 a pop! I know that given it’s in a plastic tube that may seem steep, but it’s the quality you are paying for. They also feel nice on the lips, not overly drying or gives a “cracked” look or feel. You can always put chapstick before you apply if you find it the least bit drying, but they were fine for me.

I will let the pictures speak for itself (click to ENLARGE some pics):

Don’t mind my crappy looking nails, this was from awhile ago and I was trying to get my acrylic nails off so they look janky! I had to put “Dangerous” (gray color) over “Wasabi” since I only had 5 fingers! LOL (ONE COAT ONLY) see how pigmented they are???

The loose eyeshadows:

(NO BASE, applied DRY)


The Lippies:

These lip swatches are the LIPTARS (from the doefoot tubes, NO BASE):

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