NYX Eyeshadow Palette in Velvet Rose

***CherryCulture has this listed as “Velvet Rose” but it’s really “Velvet Rope” thanks to Galen UK for pointing that out and sorry for any confusion!***

Karen from makeupandbeautyblog.com did a wonderful review on the NYX Velvet Rose eyeshadow palette ($8) and was squealing with delight when CherryCulture.com sent me one for a review. I love purple, it’s one of my favorite colors, so imagine my face when I saw this palette that was pretty much all purple!

NYX always has a wide array of colors and they are nicely pigmented not to mention affordable (10 eyeshadows for $8!). Even a MAC eyeshadow refill costs more than that! I love that this eyeshadow palette is compact, has a mirror and a nice range of purples from a lilac to a deep plum, and even some darker shades to add depth and create a smokey look. Also has a nice cream shimmery shade which is great to highlight the brow bone and comes with a duel end sponge-tip applicator. Each shade itself I found to be pretty pigmented, the swatches below were done dry, no primer whatsoever.

For the eye look below, I used the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White to brighten up the light pink (the second light pink color from the left on the bottom row of the swatches) because by itself or even over Painterly paint pot it was so faint and pale on my lids, and using the white base definitely brightened it up a bit. (By the way, the base stayed on pretty well for a few hours!) and then I used two of the purples, the 4th e/s from the left on the top row, and the 3rd eyeshadow from the left on the bottom row.

In other news, I’ve been counting the amount of times my eye flashes happen to see if it’s getting better or worse and today it didn’t happen that much, i’d say probably around 10 which is good for the entire day. And I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist for this Friday so we will see what he says! :)

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