Neutrogena Saves My Skin!


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Even though we are into summer, I feel like winter is around the corner, and even with this hot California heat, my skin takes a beating to all the elements. Here are a few products from Neutrogena that I love!

Neutrogena’s hand cream gives my hands life! I love this hand cream, it’s super moisturizing and concentrated so you’ll find yourself not having to re-apply every 5 minutes with other “lotions” that make your hands feel drier. I love using this in the winter time when my hands feel so chapped and dry, their foot cream version works just as amazing!

The body oil from Neutrogena is also one of my favorites. It’s also a staple in my shower because it does a great job of keeping the rest of my body moisturized, soft, and supple. After a day at the pool or beach and getting your tan on, your skin can often feel tight and leathery, but a dose of their body oil can bring your skin back to life. I like mixing their body oil with my body wash to give me that extra oomph of moisture, or sometimes I like to apply it at the end of my shower and just gently towel dry so that it gets rid of the oiliness but still allows enough of the oil to seep through your skin. I also like that it has a light scent.

I have not tried the rain bath and shower gel yet, as it’s one of Neutrogena’s newest products in their line, but I cannot wait to give this a try. It just sounds like heaven and I can honestly picture myself taking a shower in the rainforest lol.

Another new product in their line which I am super excited to try is their Triple Repair Hair Treatment. I have long hair so it’s always a struggle trying to keep it healthy and from feeling dry and brittle. In addition, I recently dyed it from dark to a medium brown/blonde color so it’s always a challenge to find the right products that are right for you and don’t make your feel worse then it did before. This claims to mend split ends and breakage so I cannot wait to use this one either!

Neutrogena has been one of my drugstore favs since high school, so it’s exciting to see that they are coming out with new products. I highly recommend the body oil and hand cream, and their eye makeup removing wipes (not pictured). You can pretty much find Neutrogena products anywhere. What are your favorites?

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