Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol & Blush Patrol

Happy Friday Friends! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! I recently had the opportunity to try the Bronze Patrol ($50) & Blush Patrol ($59) from Napoleon Perdis (, which by the way, if you buy either the Bronze Patrol or Blush Patrol at that price you get a FREE Patrol Blush, so you get two! Which is probably a lil cheaper than two MAC MSF’s combined (and in case you are wondering I compared the two, and the MAC MSF and the NP Patrols are roughly the same size, see video).

The Brush Patrol & Blush Patrol are described as “sophisticated baked powders” that will make you look like you got a nice glowy tan from the islands. I definitely agree with “sophisticated”, the gold colored pan and the clear lid make it look so luxurious and refined. They both are enriched with Vitamin A and C, so for those of you with dry skin- like me- don’t need to worry! They are also dome shaped.

Since summer is around the corner and I am pretty pale, I tend to love bronzers (not the way Snooki loves bronzer), but I like that they bring warmth and subtle color to my face so I don’t end up looking pasty. I am loving the Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol, it creates a nice dewy, sunkissed look without looking like an oompa loompa and I personally think it’s flattering on all skin tones. It has shimmering gold flecks that leave a nice soft, yet subtle glow on your cheeks. The veining on both of these are just so pretty, you don’t even wanna touch it! You can also use it wet or dry and it’s paraben free.

You can even use this as a pretty eyeshadow color to give you a nice “beach bronze” look, because it’s such a pretty color. I even compared swatches with MAC MSF in “Comfort” (LE) and MAC MSF in “Petticoat” and you can see that the texture and pigmentation is pretty much the same, and the colors are similar. Since the MAC MSF’s were Limited Edition, I highly recommend checking out these Napoleon Perdis Baked Powders in case you missed the MSF boat. And there’s PLENTY of product to last you a lifetime; especially since you don’t need a lot to begin with because these are so pigmented.

The Blush Patrol blush, is super pretty; I can’t even describe how pretty it is in person. It’s like a hybrid of a soft rose pink and a tinge of a shimmery coral. It gives a nice natural flush to the cheeks and looks great in the pan because it has swirls of shimmery color. It’s also long lasting and streak free since these powders are baked but silky soft.
New Formula – Improved finish and blendability
Vitamin A & C – Antioxidants improve the appearance of skin tone
Lauroyl Lysine – Leaves a smooth, silky texture on the skin
Wet & Dry Application – For soft blush (dry) and contoured definition (wet)
Paraben Free – Ideal for those who are sensitive to parabens.
Final thought: This is the first product ever, that I have tried from Napoleon Perdis, and I genuinely loved these baked powders, they give such a nice glow to my face, I hope to do a FOTD soon (but you can see it in the video how it looks on the face); but because I had such a great experience with them, it makes me wanna check out their other products. Even though some of their stuff is more high-end, I like that they include free gifts to make it worth while. Bottom line, these are great quality and I highly recommend you check them out especially if you are a MAC MSF loving person who missed out on the LE MSF’s because unlike the MAC MSF’s these are permanent, and they are just as pigmented and similar in color.

Here are some pics, along with some comparisons:

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