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Q: What brushes did you use for your most recent FOTD? -Katz

A: Hi Katz, I used:
– MAC #183 buffer brush to apply my mineral foundation
– An angled blush brush from Crown Brush to apply “Springsheen” over the MAC Blushcreme in “Uncommon”. For the cream blush I simply dabbed a tiny dot on the apples of my cheeks with my finger, and blended it upwards towards my ear
– Applied “Flip” e/s and “Goldmine” with a sponge tip applicator for a more vivid look, and it also helps me control the color better as well as giving me more pigmented color as oppose to a brush
– Used MAC #226 (pointed tip blending brush) to cut my crease (contour) the brown eyeshadows to deepen my eyes (windshield wiper motion)
– Blended and highlighted with the Sonia Kushuk Blending Brush from Target
– For the Fluidline in “Blacktrack”, I used Sonia Kushuk’s Angled Eyeliner Brush (aka Bent Eyeliner Brush)
– For the lower lashline, I applied UD’s “Zero” eyeliner and smudged it along the lashline with a Q-tip

Q: Do you consider a blending brush a necessity and why? I always used a regular eyeshadow brush to do all the different tasks. I do notice the shape of a blending brush being different from eyeshadow brushes. -Pham

A: I definitely consider it a necessity (at least for me), I can’t imagine my life without one! Blending brushes are shaped differently than regular eyeshadow brushes which makes it easier to blend at all angles, even Asian eyes. Most of them are pointed and fluffy, and because of the fluffy bristles, gives a more natural blended look when blending colors without blending TOO much color as I have noticed when I try using a regular eyeshadow brush to blend. It just gives me a more softer look when blending harsh lines; at times when I am scrambling and can’t find a blending brush I will use a regular flat eyeshadow brush and it ends up taking off some color so I find myself having to re-apply color and blending it again simply because the bristles on regular eyeshadow brushes are more compact and firm and take off more color then a loose blending brush.

Q: How did you lose weight? Did you work out everyday or go on a diet too? -Stephy

A: Hi Stephy! I work out everyday (at least I try to!) except the weekends because the gym is downstairs from my work so I usually go there during lunch also (which saves me money from buying lunch as well!), I do 15-20 minutes of Cardio on the Elliptical or the bike, I do about 15-20 minutes of abs which is anywhere from crunches, bicycle kicks, side to side, etc., I do 5 minutes on calves (calf machine), a few chest presses and arm presses, and lift 5-10lb. weights.

As far as my diet, I have been eating healthier, I have a bowl of cheerios with low fat milk, and a banana for breakfast, sometimes I will have half of a bagel, or an apple. In between meals, I have fruit like apples or bananas, or fresh cut veggies like carrot sticks, celery or broccoli or slices of cheese with water crackers. For lunch it various, I’ll have a plain salad (no croutons, heavy dressing) just cucumbers and a light vinaigrette, sometimes I will have some baked Salmon, or grilled chicken, ham slices or soup. I don’t have dinner that often, not on purpose, but just because when I get home I am usually busy taking a shower, blogging, etc so I either forget to have dinner or I am not hungry. I also don’t eat after like 7:30pm (just my choice), but if I AM hungry I will have a bowl of cereal or more fruit. On the weekends, or even occasionally I will have the good stuff like chicken strips, pizza, etc, but it’s about moderation. So I will have a slice or two of pizza, and then have a salad, or have a light lunch and a heavy dinner or vice versa.

Again, this is just what works for me, I know everyone has their own way that works for them, but I even FEEL slimmer in terms of my sides, belly fat, etc. and I feel more energized and healthier. Just trying to keep it up!

Q: I am really curious abut the MAC case. Would you mind doing a more indepth review…. like will it hold my 6 mac palettes? How heavy is it full/empty? -Whitney

A: Hi Whitney! It will hold all 6 possibly even more palettes (assuming they are stacked on top of each other), the well inside is big enough to hold about that many MAC palettes or even other stuff. For example I have my MAC palettes in there and I still manage to add a few brushes, some Q-tips, a mirror, etc in there. It’s pretty heavy empty alone (which is a con to me), but it’s pretty sturdy so I can’t complain. Supposedly it’s heat-resistant which means it’s safe to leave in your car on a hot day. With my stuff it wasn’t that much heavier than it was empty (at least it didn’t feel that way), but it wasn’t hard to lug around. It pretty much felt like it had the same weight with other makeup boxes I’ve had including the Sephora black case one with all my stuff in it. The good thing about THIS case is that it’s not as bulky as normal makeup cases, it’s slim, so it’s easy to carry on your shoulder with the shoulder strap included and it’s not bumping against your leg everytime you walk and fits in the tightest places like the floor on the backseat of your car. The two “boxes” on top swing out which makes it ideal to hold tiny things like eyeshadows, or smaller brushes, bottles, etc. so everything is nice and organized and not scattered.

Q: I love your hair color! What color is it? -Sara

A: Thanks Sara! I dyed it Revlon’s Deep Burgundy awhile ago, CLICK HERE for a pic, but I think the color it is now is a mixture of the faded undertones of the deep burgundy along with my natural hair color because in person it’s just a deep dark brown.

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