Milani Rainbow Palette

My sisters are in town (and have been since late July), so they have been keeping me busy since I am their tour guide and chauffeur. LOL. On top of that, we have moved offices! Same building, just different floor, and it’s HUGE! So excuse the lack of posts, I think once my sisters go back to Washington at the end of the month, I will finally have a moment to chill at home and blog. Whew!
Anyway, I have had this Milani rainbow palette for awhile and barely getting around to reviewing it. My fiance actually bought it for me at CVS for $8.99, I was excited when I saw it because it was super bright, and after seeing Brit from Clumps of Mascara posted pics, I was curious to see how these were since I love Milani’s other products. 
However, I was a tad bit disappointed because I found these to be too chalky for my taste, and they didn’t stay on long, so highly recommend using an eyeshadow primer. I also didn’t really like the color payoff as only a few of the colors were bright enough.  :(
I will definitely try and post a look soon!
Sisters reunited. <3

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