MAC: Travel Size Cleanse Off Oil ($10)

Since I am leaving for Las Vegas this weekend for the IECSC show and then heading out to Washington next week for my sister’s graduation, I figured instead of bringing everything I own like usual (LOL), that I would just grab a travel size Cleanse Off Oil from MAC ($10). MAC came out with their “Sized to go” collection which features a lot of their full-sized favorites into nifty travel size bottles; such as their Fix+ spray, Pro Eye Makeup Remover, Strobe Cream, Green Gel Cleanser, Wipes, Oil Control Lotion, Cleanse Off Oil (regular and tranquil) and Studio Moisture Cream. Prices range from either $10 or $15.

What I like is that it’s 1.0 FL OZ.’s, so these meet the TSA’s requirements, and you can bring this on your carry-on in a clear ziploc baggie. They also don’t take up a lot of space and there’s plenty of product to last awhile, allowing you to travel light without all the bulk of full-size bottles. The only con is that MAC doesn’t let you use your pro discount on these items, and frankly $10-$15 is somewhat steep considering they are just travel sizes, and they are pretty small in comparison to the full-sized ones.

Comparison of size in my hand (nailpolish is OPI “Coquette Cutie”)

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