MAC Starflash got me seeing stars!

Camera used: Nikon D40X (digital SLR)
***PLEASE DO NOT use my pictures without crediting the source. Much appreciated!***

You can check out some swatches here: Starflash Swatches

Thanks to Debbie who gave me the heads up! The MAC store at the Glendale Galleria released their Starflash Collection out early (I love them for this!) so the BF and I went on a date to the mall, LOL.

He took me to MAC (yes, that evil store!) and bought me some loot! I really tried to just get the colors I don’t already have, but I couldn’t decide so I ended up getting all of them (except Bold & Brazen since it was just ok to me) and I wanted “Talent Pool” but the MUA said they sold out of that already. :( So I guess i’ll just wait when it’s released at the Topanga mall on Thursday and nab it!

This collection is definitely pretty, BUT a majority of the colors ARE DUPE-able! So if you already have many of the permanent eyeshadows by MAC, you do not need to rush out to get the eyeshadows from this collection because they are almost identical! I don’t have “Fertile” e/s and many compared it to “Top Hat” from this collection, so I am glad I got it and it is indeed a gorgeous plummy color!

They are a lot smoother and ‘creamier’ than the permanent eyeshadows, I think the finish to these are “Veluxe Pearl” and it goes on so pigmented in just a couple swipes. I AM SELLING BRAND NEW “Star by Night” and “Grand Entrance” eyeshadow on my online store which will launch tomorrow! I am also going to be selling samples of MAC’s Lip Erase in “Dim”. A small scoop in a 3 gram jar, should last plenty of uses.

I have put some comparison pictures together of the starflash eyeshadow and the dupe down below…so you be the judge!

This is just a list of colors/brands SIMILAR if not identical to the Starflash e/s:

* Dreammaker – Frosty yellow gold//DUPES: Ricepaper (more matte), Nanogold?
* Grand Entrance – Frosty neutral pink beige//DUPES: Milani “Illusion” e/s, UD “Sin”
* Bold & Brazen – Frosty light copper//DUPES: Milani “Flare”
* Sunset B. – Frosty mid-tone pink//DUPES: “Trophy Pink” from COOL EYES Palette
* Lotusland – Pinky lavender with gold pearl//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Beautiful Iris” (more matte), MAC e/s in “Mancatcher” (LE)
* Talent Pool – Blue green with gold pearl//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Steamy”, “Parrot”
* Mink & Sable – Olive green//DUPES: Milani’s “Antique Gold”, MAC e/s in “Sumptuous Olive”
* Smoke & Diamonds – Frosty dirty taupe//DUPES: MAC “Sweet Sienna” (LE) Pigment
* Go – Frosted bronze//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Tempting”, UD e/s in “Smog”
* Glamour Check! – Reddish brown//DUPES: MAC e/s in “Twinks” with a little “Cranberry”
* Top Hat – Dirty Indigo//DUPES: MAC “Fertile” e/s
* Star by Night – Mid-tone blue//DUPES: Milani’s “Blue Ice”


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