MAC Holiday Heirloom Brush Sets and Royal Assets Palettes!

* Yes it’s the metallic set, not smokey as first noted, I caught that!

warm eyes: (w/ gold handle 213SE)
sunday best (F)
star violet (VP)(permanent)
retrospeck (L)(permanent)
club (S)(permanent)
showstopper (M)
nobility (S)

cool eyes:
(w/ silver handle 213SE)
shadowy lady (M)(permanent)
silverwear (F)
modern heir (F)
queen’s jewel (VP)
medallion (F)
trophy pink (F)

smokey eyes: (w/ silver handle 213SE)
rondelle (F)
courtly rose (M)
knight (VP)
maid of honour (S)
palatial (S)
majestic (L)

metallic eyes:
(w/ gold handle 213SE)
honey lust (L)(permanent)
silver fog (F)
stately black (L)
velvet lady (V)
creme royale (VP)
manor (F)


The eye brush set

Face Brush Set:

[Basic Brush Set picture coming soon!]

The Eye Palettes:

Cool Eyes (the one I bought):

Metallic Eyes

Warm Eyes:

2 Comments on MAC Holiday Heirloom Brush Sets and Royal Assets Palettes!

  1. Kiki
    October 23, 2007 at 9:56 pm (11 years ago)

    Hi Vanessa,<BR/>I think i like the cool and smokey eye palettes the most too. Anyhow, do you think after you get them on Thursday you can do a tutorial on the eyeshadows. Maybe something showing how you could use the colors together or anything so I can convince myself to buy them. THANKS! we love you~

  2. Gabriela
    October 24, 2007 at 2:00 pm (11 years ago)

    Vanessa,<BR/>those MAC collections look sooo yummy!!! The warm color eye pallete (sp?) looks really2 nice!<BR/><BR/>did you notice what’s written on the very bottom line on the back of the case? "MAC makes me pretty and poor"<BR/>hahaha<BR/><BR/>anyways, I enjoy reading your blog!