L’Oreal Caresse Lip Stains (YSL Dupe?)

I have seen the new L’Oreal Displays at my local Walgreens and kept passing by them, not giving them any attention, until I started hearing about a possible YSL dupe of their Caresse lip stains on IG (I am mainly active there due to my laptop being out of commission and can only blog when I am able to borrow one lol).

I decided to buy a couple to see if I liked them, the first two I bought was “Infinite Fuchsia” (which is now one of my favorites), and “Pink Rebellion”. At first I didn’t like “Pink Rebellion”, by itself on my bare lips did nothing for me but make my lips look shiny, however on top of a pink or purple lipstick for example, it was stunning! “Infinite Fuchsia” by itself was just gorgeous- a perfect berry shade in my opinion, and it stayed on! It stayed on TOO well that I was actually panicking on how to remove it! LOL.

I ended up loving them, so went to Target (since it’s cheaper there at $7.99 a pop as opposed to Walgreens selling it at $9.99 each), and got the rest of the colors I liked (I skipped getting the paler colors). There are 12 shades total in the line, and I got 9 of them all in all: Endless Red, Stubborn Plum, Infinite Fuchsia, Everlasting Caramel, Coral Tattoo, Pink Rebellion, Berry Persistent, Rose on and on, and Eternally Nude.

***Note: Will be updating this post as soon as I do all the swatches on the lips***

These are brand spanking new on the market, so there isn’t a whole lot of info on them yet, even L’Oreal doesn’t have them on their website! So, I will be as detailed as I can be in this review:

Quick facts:
– The darker colors seem to stain a bit better (Endless Red, Infinite Fuchsia, and Berry Persistent)
– “Stubborn Plum” and “Pink Rebellion” almost look identical, however I liked that Pink Rebellion, looks more baby pink on my lips, almost like a nice soft lilac.
– All the colors had great staying power, even when I ran water over them numerous times.
– You definitely need an oil based makeup remover to remove these effectively.
– The wand applicator is a paddle shaped doe foot, making it easier to apply and control how much desired product you want to apply.
– To me, there is no funky annoying smell or feel, they are not drying once on your lips.

Colors I highly recommend: Endless Red, Infinite Fuchsia, Coral Tattoo, Pink Rebellion, and Berry Persistent

Colors that are nice to have: Everlasting caramel and Rose on and on

Colors to skip: Pink Perseverance and Lilac Ever After

Wear time: I wore “Pink Rebellion” to work and was able to get about 6 hours of wear, I am sure I would have been able to have gotten more wear out of it, but had lunch which made it toned down. I will update this post with a before and after pic in regards to wear as well as the other colors in the upcoming days. Since these are stains, it’s hard to work quickly with them so I would have to do the swatches on the lips on separate days.

YSL Dupes? I do not own any YSL lipglosses, however, I have swatched the YSL ones at Sephora several times and I can say they do seem very similar, but these are below half the cost of ONE YSL lipgloss! I am sure you can find a comparison by another blogger online who may have both.

Overall, I highly recommend these! They are awesome stains and well worth it, especially on nights out on the town where you don’t really want to spend time touching up, or if you are looking for a stain that’s not drying– these are perfect!


Wearing “Infinite Fuchsia”


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