Lime Crime Eyeshadows!

Hello my lovely blogger friends! I know I am delayed on my usual daily post but I was unable to post last night because my whole body was sore from my “spring cleaning” this past weekend, putting things in trash bags and boxes and carrying them up and down the stairs, and then from working out at the gym on Monday…so I went to bed early last night since my body was tired and was just not letting me stay awake, thus missing Gossip Girls, One Tree Hill, AND The Hills! So ladies please fill me in on what happened in any of these shows or the previews for next week! LOL.

“So bright! It’s illegal!”

(Congrats to Tina Marie for winning the Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows!)

Anyway, I had the opportunity to try out Lime Crime’s Eyeshadows (, which is another awesome makeup site for vibrant, eye-popping colors. They are so pigmented and their loose glitters are finely-milled and ideal for pulling off a more glamorous look.

The colors I tried: “Princess Caraboo” (Green), “Empress” (Purple), and “Twilight” (Blue, and can you tell why I picked that color??? LOL), and the loose glitter in “Alchemy”

***Nailpolish used in this photo is Essie nailpolish in “No Boundaries”***

Quick look using “Empress” e/s (I forgot what I used for the entire look since I uploaded these pics weeks ago sorry!) I think I used NYX “Black” for the outer-V and contour…

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