Inglot Field Trip!

I had a blast yesterday hanging out with the girlies, Christiana, Aina, and J.Rose (Jackie). I brought my sister along and it was nice to hang out in Newport Beach, since there was a nice breeze to go along with the hot weather. We all took a field trip to the Inglot store and had fun playing with colors!

I just got a 10 eyeshadow palette this time, and the sales gal suckered me into getting another 5 eyeshadow palette since I had some extra eyeshadows (more than the 10), because I was planning to put them in my Z-Palette, and she said it would be cheaper to just get a palette (since each eyeshadow is $7 each regardless of the quantity guideline on their website). Even though I could have gotten the 20 eyeshadow palette, I like breaking them into smaller palettes so it’s easier to travel with.

I will post my haul with my swatches in the next post, but here are some pics of the store and all it’s glory! The Inglot Matte eyeshadows are so buttery and amazing! I ended up making a mostly matte neutral eyeshadow palette since that’s all I wear during the work week, and they are my new best friends. 😉

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