How to make the brush holder jars like Sephora

I know there are also other tutorials and such on how to make the brush holder jars like the ones at Sephora, but I also put my own spin on it by adding a few gems to the jar to give it a little pizazz. My OLD brush jar was a mesh pen holder I got from Office Max, and I was quickly growing out of it! So I transferred all the brushes from the old holder into a clear glass jar of similar height from Michaels for only $2.99. It comes with a lid which I just took off. I then bought a transparent vase filler, which are tiny round “bubbles” that will hold your brushes in place.

You do not need to fill it half way because when you add you brushes it rises up (like when you have a glass of water and add ice cubes, there’s “more” water).

The glue gun and jewels I used to decorate the jar are also from Michael’s.

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