Halloween Makeup: Chucky Doll! (Tutorial)


PhotoGrid_1413962118687I remember watching ‘Chucky’ as a kid and being terrified of dolls, LOL.”Hi. I’m Chucky, wanna play?”

Below is a breakdown of the makeup/products I used for this look, as well as a little mini tutorial to go with the above pictures:


– NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner in Plush Red

– Snazaroo Face Paint in Red

– Milani Cosmetics Brow Highligher Pencil

– Belletto Studios Hide and Go Chic Concealer & Highlighter Quad

– MAC Paint Stick in Black

– MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

– Ben Nye Bruise Wheel


***TAKE YOUR TIME WITH EACH STEP!*** Honestly, if you rush it, it’s going to look sloppy and messy. It’s best to truly take your time, especially when you are dealing with the color black, once it smears, it can ruin everything you just did and you’ll find yourself starting over, so take your time!

1. Used NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner in Plush Red to outline the bloody part of the eye as well as the scar lines on the face.

2. Filled in the “bloody” ripped part of the eye with Snazaroo Face Paint in Red (it’s a water-activated face paint you can find at many craft stores, I got mine from Michael’s for under $10)

3. Using a matte black or dark gray eyeshadow, shade in the inner edges of the “ripped eye” to give it more depth and to give the realistic look of blood so it’s not so bright of a red, blend the black or dark gray eyeshadow. I also used the Ben Nye Bruise wheel for some depth as well, but an eyeshadow alone can do the trick!

4. Using a concealer, highlighting pencil/pen, or something similar, to outline the red scar lines and pretty much everything else to give the look more of a 3D dimensional look so it’s not so flat. It really makes it pop. I used my Belletto Studios Highlighting & Concealer quad and my Milani Brow Highlighting Pencil for this.

5. Using a Q-tip or a small brush, blend any harsh edges so it looks more natural and not as harsh. I then used “Orchid” eyeshadow from the Lorac Mega Palette to outline some areas so it looks more realistic to give it that pinkish edge you would commonly see in a wound.

6. Using the MAC Pro Paint Stick in Black, or an eyeliner or a black eye pencil if you do not have any theatrical makeup, start making the “staples” on the face, remember to curve them a bit in the direction of the face as it naturally would look like, as oppose to straight on, as this will make it look more 3D.

7. Don’t worry if it’s not looking like much at this point, you just want to get the basics down first, then it’s easier to go back and shade and highlight as needed. Once you have drawn on the “staples”, you can highlight certain staples so it gives it that pop, and/or darken certain areas of the lines to look like dried blood, etc.

8. For the other eye, I just used some dark gray/brown eyeshadow to give a more sulken, worn, tired look.

9. You can complete the look with colored contacts or if you already have bright blue eyes then you are lucky! I didn’t have blue contacts so I just changed my eye color in Photoshop. :)

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