Halloween Look & Tutorial: I’m a Leopard!

I was bored and wanted to get out of my comfort zone, so I decided to play with my Mehron palettes, to create a simple leopard look you ladies you can do for Halloween. I did it superfast so of course you can cater it to your liking, make it neater, etc. Especially since some costumes cost an arm and a leg nowadays, or if you really don’t feel like dressing up, you can quickly whip this up…AND it’s totally work safe! LOL. You can also customize it to your preference(make it sexier or scarier), I just created the basis for the look so feel free to add your own accessories, outfit, etc. I was gonna make the nose bigger (using more black) and I forgot!

I will be doing more Halloween looks so stay tuned!

What I used:
Mehron “Tropical” Palette
– Halloween White Face Paint
– Halloween Black Crayon
– Revlon Liquid Eyeliner
– Fangs (optional)

– Mehron “Tropical” Palette: Mix of yellow and coral color to create the color of the face, dabbed it on with a sponge, let dry.
– Using white face paint (or similar), create the area around the eyes and mouth, let it dry.
– Using the Halloween black crayon, create the nose and mouth area.
– Using the black liquid eyeliner, create the “whiskers” and “spots”.
– Apply eyeliner and mascara
– Using the brown color in the Mehron “Pastel” palette and a concealer brush, create the “leopard spots” on your face, then with black eyeliner create the border of the spot.

Apply black lipstick, eyeliner and, mascara…

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