Featured Article March 21st on Wiki-How’s, “How-To Of The Day”!

For all you Google homepage readers, keep your eye out on March 21st for the “How-To” of the day, my article will be featured that day for Depotting MAC Blushes!

I got a message today:

Sondra C said about Depot Mac Blushes:
On 19:20, 1 March 2008
Congratulations! This article that you contributed to has been chosen to be featured as an example of wikiHow’s best work! While the schedule occasionally changes, it is currently scheduled to be the Featured Article on 2008-03-21. On that day the article will be displayed on the home page and on the RSS feed, and highlighted on the Google “How-to of the Day.”

Woo hoo! We always read the “How-To” of the day at work, so it’s nice to know that my article will be featured March 21st, at least I know what the how-to is that day! LOL.

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