Dear Sister…

So I login to MySpace to find a comment from my sister who only talks to me when she needs something (LOL), so it says:

“Hi Sis, can you help me out? I am going to homecoming on the 18th but I have no idea how I should do my makeup, on your blogthingamabobber, can you do a tutorial? My dress is a silky red strapless, mid-length dress btw. Thank you!”

For one, my sis has never really been into makeup, until recently she started dabbling into foundation and eyeliner at the most. She has great skin to begin with (she also uses Lyna Pearl Cream) and has amazing features so to me, she doesn’t even NEED any makeup–given that she is only 17 and got my mama’s looks. (I look like my dad)

I called her and asked her if she was down with wearing red lipstick, since her dress is red, and I know for some people red lipstick is a bit extreme; but she was down to try it! I think with her Snow White complexion, red lips would definitely bring her face out and go well with her red dress. Since she usually sports neutral lips. I will also try and do a smokey eye with neutral lips in case she decides to go with that one instead.

So this is the LAST look using the same steps from the Matryoshka look/tutorial. The reason I did these looks derived from ONE original look is to show that you CAN definitely create different looks just by altering a few things here and there without having to start COMPLETELY over.

So for this look, I just changed the lippie, used NYX Round Lipstick in “Chaos”, with MAC l/s in “Port Red” and a touch of NYX Lipgloss is “Plush Red”. I kept the eyes simple since the focal point are the lips, she has black hair which will pull the entire look off.

Rory if you are reading this, you can get any deep red lipstick, and just go easy on the eyes with a neutral eyeshadow, thick eyeliner, and some mascara. If you know how to apply some false eyelashes, you can definitely apply those for a little more “oomph”. I am sorry I am not there to do your makeup for your first high school dance ever, but I hope you have fun and enjoy the night!

How to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth? Do the two finger test!

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