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Fiance’s Product Review Video Attempt LOL!

The fiance was just too cute, I was trying to do a video but he ended up stealing the show and wanted to do his own LOL! I love how he doesn’t even really talk about the product haha.

NuMe Style Vintage Flat Iron…that also curls!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review the NuMe Style Vintage (Limited Edition) Flat Iron ($275) from I love that it’s not only hot pink, but it straightens and curls your hair. This flat iron is a little over an inch. It has rounded edges that encompasses the tourmaline ceramic plates, to help give you a nice curl. My old flat iron had a bit of a square edge so it was hard to curl with it.

Years ago, I never would dream to spend over $50 on a hot hair tool, but I can definitely see a difference with certain brands, and sometimes it’s just worth the investment of knowing you are not damaging your hair and you have something that will last you a really long time. I had the Conair Wet/Dry flat iron, Revlon Curling Irons, etc. and they never super straightened my hair or give me the long lasting curl I was looking for, and there were times I had curling irons that just broke after awhile. It took my fiance having to get me an Enzo Clipless Curling Iron to realize that with certain things- you get what you paid for. And if you love your hair, you definitely want the best for it.

So I am glad I was able to try this out because finally, I only need to take ONE hair tool when I travel, since it straightens and curls. My sister has to plug in a curling iron AND a hair straightener when she does her hair, and you just need one- this one.

The best part? It comes with a 3 year warranty and my hair was still just as curly even the day after I curled it!

From their website: Using pure ceramic plates ensures even distribution, eliminating the hot spots and chipping associated with conventional irons. Our tourmaline ceramic plates emit negative ions which seals moisture in the hair cuticle keeping your hair shiny, healthy and silky smooth.

– Negative Ion Technology reduces static and frizz for shinier, more manageable hair Rounded Barrels create curls or flips your hair

– Heats up with in seconds

– Built-in converter handles dual voltage from 110v to 240v (you must purchase the country’s proper plug adapter separately) Temperature: 410 degrees F

– Ergonomic design is easy to hold, handle and manipulate

– It does heat up pretty fast, the red light turns green when it’s ready
– The cord swivels at the base, so you don’t need to worry about it falling, or getting tangled in things
– The rounded edges helps give you a nice, long-lasting (and shiny!) curl
– It’s a little over an inch in barrel size, to give the perfect sized curl, and it’s easy to hold
– Can use it when traveling in other countries
– Can use it to flip your hair (like if you have layers), make loose beachy waves, or tighter curls
– Straightens fast and easy
– My curls lasted even the day after I curled it

– Does not come with a heat protection glove, pouch or a stand like some hair appliances do
– Can get really hot (like all hair applicances) so be careful
– This particular color is Limited Edition

Overall: This is a pretty good flat iron for me; I hardly do anything with my hair during the week other than straightening it, so I like that this does the job really fast, it straightens my hair in one pass, and I like that I can curl with it too, make flips to my hair, etc. The rounded edges are a major plus, it helps avoid that ‘L’-shaped curl and give you nice soft, bouncy curls. You can make beachy waves or round ringlets. I recommend if you straighten and/or curl all the time, and you are looking for a high-end quality flat iron that will last you a very long time. If you wanna see how I used it, and see the kind of curl it made, watch the video below. :)

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*wearing OCC Lip Tar in “Anime”*

Sally Hansen “Laced Up” & How-To Tutorial


Stephanie requested that I show the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in “Laced Up”, so I thought i’d also do a quick video on how-to apply them as they can be tricky for people who aren’t used to nailstrips. I used Seche Vite as my top coat, which I noticed helps it stay on longer. I like that these nailstrips are ‘movable’ as in if you placed them wrong or it suddenly sticks to your nail, you can still carefully peel them off and start over; as some other brands I have tried (Forever 21’s version of nailstrips for example) are a waste of money even though they are only $2.80 for each one I believe, they stuck to my nail and stayed there. If I tried to carefully peel it off to start over it would rip into shreds.

So the Sally Hansen ones are good quality in comparison to other nailstrips out there; I find that the solid colors and some of the designs are great (even the solid colored glitters), while others don’t work that well (I hated “Frock Star”, it was hard to work with, it felt gritty, and it was a pain to come off!). Anyway, enjoy!

Ottlite Makeup Mirror

Some of you may have already seen my video on the Ottlite Makeup Mirror, but thought i’d also do a post on it. It’s available at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, JoAnn’s Craft Store, as well as a few other places. It’s basically a makeup mirror that mimics natural daylight, to give you the most accurate color and lighting when applying your makeup. Tungsten (yellowish light) gives a wash of yellow to everything, so your perception of foundation color for example could be a few shades off. With the Ottlite, what you see, is what you get! The con is that it shows every detail, pores and all LOL.

It retails for $99.99 in some places but $69.99 on the Ottlite website, and I got it on the clearance rack at JoAnn’s for $29! Such a frikkin’ steal! LOL. JoAnn’s has it on sale online for like $54-60, and even with a 40% coupon, it’s still pricey, so if you are interested, definitely check out your local JoAnn’s to see if there are any on clearance. It has one button which is the on and off switch (no dimmer), the mirror swivels, so you have a magnified version and a standard mirror. The base/stand reclines back and forward so you can achieve your desired level.

It also comes in different colors, such as pink, white, black, and teal with brown.

PROS: Nice, bright light, really gives you accurate representation of color so you never look weird
CONS: It can be TOO bright, no dimmer. For the retail price, the mirror part itself seems cheap, it has a cheap looking fake metal looking plastic on the border of the mirror, I would just expect more if I had to pay full price for this. Price itself is a bit much imo.

Sigma MAXBag in Violet (& Giveaway)

Happy Easter everyone! I recently received the Sigma MAXBag in Violet ($29,, and this baby is not your normal makeup bag- it’s HUGE! I love it! It comes in 2 other colors: Black and a light blue. My baby sister is graduating Junior High in June, and I will be flying up for the event, so when I travel- I always have the intention of packing light, and never do….but this bag eliminates me having to carry more than I need. Especially if I am at the airport, I hate bringing a makeup box because it’s bulky and just causes a headache at the security point, so this bag is just a nice simple carry-on, in addition to my purse.

It is very spacious and it fits a lot of large items you can’t normally fit in a regular makeup bag/box, I was able to fit my Sigma Make Me Up Brush Kit, a large eyeshadow palette, my Z Palette, my NuMe Flat Iron, and my hairbrush, and still had some room left for other things. It has a silky quilted pattern on the outside, (but be careful with this material, it tends to scratch or run easily if it gets snagged with something sharp, and can stain easily too), it has a handle on the side of the bag, and has a Sigma heart logo on the lower corner, it zips up top and has two separate compartments inside of the bag, and a zippered compartment on the other.

GIVEAWAY!!!  Want a chance to win a Sigma MAXBag? Sigma Beauty is kind enough to give away 3 of my readers a MAXBag in the color of their choice, no need to enter as I will randomly pick 3 winners who follow me on Twitter and/or has liked the Facebook page. (I want to avoid people having to put their emails down to enter due to spam.) Winner will be announced on Wednesday April 27th and winner will be contacted for the color of their choice and address to ship to. Winning item will be shipped from Must be at least 18 years old to enter. US and International participants welcomed.

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[Storage]- Ring Organizer Tray from Michaels

Since I have been on a storage kick, I thought id also share this nifty ring organizer tray I found at Michaels craft store for $7.99, but Michaels always has 40% off coupons, etc so you can even nab it at a cheaper price. I love accessories, so I have an eclectic mix of rings, necklaces, and bracelets; and I used to just store all my rings in one big drawer and found it hard to find a certain ring sometimes since they were all pretty much just jumbled together. So I thought id get one of these ring trays to keep things more organized and make it easier to choose a ring to wear.

It’s the same type of display trays you see at flea markets, or stores, has velvet cushioned rows that snugly hold onto your rings. The only con about this tray is that if you have larger banded rings, they will not fit, so you would have to store them separately. But I like that it stores a majority of my rings, at least the ones I usually wear the most.

They also have display holders for bracelets and necklaces too at Michaels.

This is how I used to store my rings, sorta just dumped it in a drawer:

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