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To make it easier to find past blog entries as well as certain categories (brushes, eye makeup photos, etc), I have created “hot labels” that are sorted ALPHABETICALLY for your convenience so it’s easier to find certain things. You can locate them to YOUR RIGHT——————————->

Just click on a category and it will take you to posts relating to that category. Let me know what you gals think.

I love this new site I found,, they have a lot of products at a cheap price, including MAC.

I bought another MAC eyeshadow, “Deep Truth”, it’s a nice deep sparkly blue…can’t wait to use it.

Christiana recommended Lumiere Cosmetics Site for some synthetic brushes for those who also don’t like animal brushes, they have a bunch of other cool stuff on there as well. So check it out! Thanks Chris!

I got my camera!

My loving, wonderful boyfriend/soon-to-be fiance bought me the camera I wanted for my birthday, so now I can do photography AND makeup! haha, well im learning anyway. The one thing about gemini’s, at least for me anyway, is that we are so versatile and we get bored easily, hence we are always itching to get out there and try everything.

I am at that peak in my life where I want to see how far I can go in all aspects of my hobbies. The photography definitely can play up the makeup shots I got planned, allowing you gals to see more detail,etc.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get things started! The battery is charging right now and im so antsy because I just want to start shooting already!

Sickly sick…

Sorry I have been unable to post as much as I want to, I just came back from Washington and brought back a cold with me, so gimme a couple days to recuperate and I shall be back on my feet!

Sucks to be sick on your birthday!

Welcome to my MAKEUP BLOG!

My friend, who has a blog where he writes restaurant reviews recommended that I make a blog about makeup and write reviews, (as well as other things), and I thought it was a great idea! He said he gets restaurant owners to actually invite him to their restaurant so that he can review ’em, and who knows, maybe some makeup mogul will stumble upon this blog and will send me some products to test out!

So this blog is basically going to reflect makeup reviews on products I have already tried myself, DO’s and DONT’s, etc. I have always loved makeup (since my mom let me start wearing it haha), and I get a lot of people asking me what stuff I use, where did I get a certain color of eyeshadow, etc., and what better way to let people know!!!

First of all, any suggestions I make here are purely from my OWN experience and my own skin, so there might be stuff that may work for you, and not me, and vice versa. Also, I MIX and blend all my eyeshadows, basically that means if you happen to like the color of the eyeshadow, it mostly like has 2 or more colors blended together.

Lastly, if there are any products, brands, etc that you would like to know, please feel free to leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you. :)

Remember, have fun with makeup, it’s all about being creative!

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