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Halloween Look & Tutorial: I’m a Leopard!

I was bored and wanted to get out of my comfort zone, so I decided to play with my Mehron palettes, to create a simple leopard look you ladies you can do for Halloween. I did it superfast so of course you can cater it to your liking, make it neater, etc. Especially since some costumes cost an arm and a leg nowadays, or if you really don’t feel like dressing up, you can quickly whip this up…AND it’s totally work safe! LOL. You can also customize it to your preference(make it sexier or scarier), I just created the basis for the look so feel free to add your own accessories, outfit, etc. I was gonna make the nose bigger (using more black) and I forgot!

I will be doing more Halloween looks so stay tuned!

What I used:
Mehron “Tropical” Palette
– Halloween White Face Paint
– Halloween Black Crayon
– Revlon Liquid Eyeliner
– Fangs (optional)

– Mehron “Tropical” Palette: Mix of yellow and coral color to create the color of the face, dabbed it on with a sponge, let dry.
– Using white face paint (or similar), create the area around the eyes and mouth, let it dry.
– Using the Halloween black crayon, create the nose and mouth area.
– Using the black liquid eyeliner, create the “whiskers” and “spots”.
– Apply eyeliner and mascara
– Using the brown color in the Mehron “Pastel” palette and a concealer brush, create the “leopard spots” on your face, then with black eyeliner create the border of the spot.

Apply black lipstick, eyeliner and, mascara…

Tutorial & FOTD: Matryoshka Doll

I’ll be posting a few fotd’s that are from the same day, I just re-vamped certain things to make each of them a bit different, but for now here is my version of the Matryoshka doll look since I have become so obsessed with them! The key to the look of these dolls are their lashes and tiny doll lips.

The reason I used the technakohl instead of the liquid eyeliner right off the bat to outline is because the technakohl serves as a buffer to prevent the liquid eyeliner to bleed or cross the outline, or to prevent smudges when you blink.

Fill in the space with liquid eyeliner (I used Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner):

Apply mascara to your natural lashes, and then apply your falsies:

I then applied my foundation…

…And blush…

Then applied lower lashes:

I left a little space to apply eyeliner:

What I used:

– Fyrinnae Mineral Foundation in “Sunstone”
– Lorac Concealer

– Silk Naturals Blush in “Forbidden”

– MAC PP in “Painterly” all over the lid
– Mix of MAC e/s: Mylar, Omega, and Patina
– Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner
– Ardell #102 Demi lashes
– Sassi #33 Lower lashes
– MAC Technakohl Eyeliner in “Graphblack”

– Anastasia Brow Whiz Pencil
– Anastasia Brow Filler in “Brunette”

– Sephora Red Lipliner
– NYX “Chaos” Lipstick
– MAC Lipstick in “Port Red”
– NYX lipgloss in “Plush Red”

Video & Tutorial: Using Anastasia Brow Products

I did a quick tutorial on using the Anastasia Brow Filler Wand (pictured), and I did a video using most of her products such as the Brow Pen I did a review on recently; just basic ways of applying some of her products as I know some of you had questions on specifically the brow pen marker. It’s very easy to use once you get the hang of it.

I don’t like my brows too thin, but this is just the general idea on using some of her products of course you can just tweak it to how you normally do your brows- there’s no right or wrong way! I have tons of product reviews in upcoming posts so bare with me!

I also made sure to add some extra lip smacking loving in the video! :)

Diagram below is from

A- Lay the pencil against the outside of your nose in a straight vertical line past the inner corner of the eye, with the tip of the pencil reaching up and onto the brow bone. Lift the pencil from the bottom until the pencil tip makes a dot where your eyebrow should begin (point A).

B – Use the pencil again and this time, start at the bottom of your nose and position the pencil in an 45 degree angle across the iris of your eye reaching up and onto the brow bone. Lift the pencil up from the bottom until the tip makes a dot where your eyebrow arch (highest point) should be.

C – Using the pencil again, this time start at the bottom of your nose and position the pencil in a 45 degree angle that reaches across the outside corner of your eye reaching up and onto the brow bone. Lift the pencil up from the bottom until the tip makes a dot where your eyebrow should end. (point C)

D-This is the plane line, so keep it in mind during your product application. Your eyebrow should start and end on the same plane (except for the bulb).

Can fill in brows with the Brow Tint Pen:

Anastasia’s Brow Filler Wand

Powder is inside the cap:

Tutorial: How to apply the Mehron Aqua Color Palettes

note of the day: If you do NOT like a video on YouTube (as I see xolovinyoo LOVES making her rounds on beauty blogs) then don’t be stupid and watch it or subscribe to them because then you are just the retard that complains and complains yet continuously entertains yourself by watching the very thing you are complaining about sweets. It’s like saying you are allergic to avocados yet you are the dumbass that keeps asking for it on your salad. :)

I think of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls as I say this. Oddly enough, I LOVE her. I think we all need to have a bit of her personality to set some people straight…makes me want to smack my tongue ALL DAY LONG! By the way did anyone watch tonight’s episode??? The duchess sleeping with her step-son was….GROSS.

I really want to get the iPod nano’s, according to the BF I don’t NEED one because I have an iPhone, but I want them separate; I don’t want to have to drain the battery on my phone just because im listening to my music. Turns out my sister wants one for her birthday which is coming up in a couple weeks, and I might end up buying it for myself- uhhh I mean for HER! LOL.

I finally finalized my trip to go see the fambam and the sissies around Christmas, a week with my mom should be interesting, she is quite a character! But the BF is tagging along since they love him more than me anyway, so at least I have time playing “make-over” on my two sisters.

Anyways, moving on with life, many of you requested on how to use the Mehron palettes, so here is a quick tutorial:

Apply your eyeshadow color:

Tutorial: 60’s Makeup

The pic above is a technique in the makeup world called “cutting the crease”. It can change the way your eyelid looks, giving it more depth and shape. This technique of course was popular in the 60’s, giving a more animated look.

I had a request from Camilla to do just the basic technique for an eye look from the 60’s; a look that Twiggy wore best.

Here is a super quick tut I did on re-creating a 60’s look, but shaded the outer-V for a modern spin. I only did one eye because once again, my allergies was flaring up (I can’t wait till this season is over), so you can even see some redness in my eyes because of it, I apologize!

Adding scotch tape to parts of your eye does wonders when it comes to makeup, especially artsy makeup for photoshoots, it just give a nice straight line where you need it and ensures an “even eyeshadow” application.

Apply your eyeliner, thick is better for a 60’s look. I also applied liquid eyeliner (Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner) on my lower lashline and angled it to give the eye some shape. Then apply your falsies. As you can see the clear cut line the scotch tape gave…

I didn’t apply mascara to blend with the falsies in this pic just so you can see more detail…

Video: How I clean the Beauty Blender Sponge

Just a real quick video on how I clean my beauty blender sponge in case any of you are wondering…I used Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap (also from but you can find it at CVS also. I like it better than the cleaner it comes with, I mean you can use whatever you prefer as long as it gets the job done right?!

Someone on YouTube pointed out that I was wasting water, but I don’t drink water at all (I hate the taste) if that helps LOL, AND it’s rather hard to do a video (hold the camera), hold the sponge, add soap, then turn on the water ALL at the same time…so yeah, me “wasting” water wasn’t on purpose, but I only have 2 hands; besides it was a super quick video. :)

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