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Reader Question: Tightlining & Waterline

Q: Since you are the GURU of eyes, do you have pictures that compare the effect when you just:
1. line your upper and lower lash,
2. line upper, lower lash and waterline
3. and tightline?


A: I usually line my upper and lower lashes, so you can always just refer to some of my looks (FOTD’s) to see how that is done, I seldom do all three including the waterline, I personally have watery eyes due to allergies so I avoid putting liner on my waterline since it’s gone in 5 minutes after I put it on!

But here are some pics on what is called “tightlining” which is basically putting eyeliner on the upper waterline (opposite of your upper lashline), some gals do this for a more natural look.

Eye with tightlining:

A pic of upper and lower lashline lined:

A pic of upper, lower, AND waterline lined, see the difference?