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Review: Sally Hansen Crackle Nailpolishes

Product: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 1 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5
Where I bought it:Walmart
Price: $8.49
 Would I buy again? No

I went to Walmart last week and saw the crackle nailpolishes by Sally Hansen and since the crackle polishes are all the rage right now, I thought i’d try them out. They come in other colors as well such as black, purple, pink and more, but I only nabbed three of them, silver (Fractured Foil), white (Snow Blast), and gold (Antiqued Gold). They are around $7-8.50 depending on where you go.

I was excited to try these because all the crackle polishes I was interested in were always sold out, and I wasn’t about to pay a pretty penny on eBay just to own one. However, I found these to be way too streaky in the sense they didn’t “crack” the way I wanted them to, or rather the way the OPI Black Shatter crackled, (and I did let the base coat completely dry).

“Snow Blast” was the worst out of the bunch, it’s a matte finish and no matter what I did, it never came out right, always came out streaky. The metallic ones fare a little better than the white one, and crackled a little bit but not as much as the OPI Black Shatter. I experimented with different base coats and colors, applying one coat, applying two, and they just never came out the way I wanted

Overall: I was so disappointed in the quality of these, considering Sally Hansen has always been known for their nail products. You bet I quickly returned these. :( I am glad there are a lot more brands coming out with their version of crackle polishes, the competition should be interesting!

The dark plum purple polish used as a base in these photos are Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nailpolish in “Uptempo Plum”. And the pink nailpolish is OCC’s nailpolish in “Rhythm Box”.

Snow Blast (L) & Fractured Foil (R)
OPI’s Black Shatter nailpolish:

MAC Surf Baby Collection Haul

I know, I know, i’ve been slacking on posts, I have SO much to post about too but it’s so hard to find the time lately because I have been so busy at work and by the time I get home, all I wanna do is sleep! But I received my MAC Surf Baby goodies in the mail the other day, and finally got around to doing some swatches…I didn’t get a lot from this collection; as usual I only ended up getting two lipsticks- “Hibiscus” (cremesheen) and “Mocha” (Satin, and is part of the permanent line) and a back up of “Strange Potion”. I originally got it when Venomous Villains came out, but I loved it so much I thought id buy a back-up!

I adore the packaging of this collection, I love how the lipstick tubes remind me of little surfboards, and the Hibiscus flower is a nice touch because I absolutely love Hawaii and it was nice to have a lil something to remind me of my vacation when I went a year ago with my sisters.

The lipsticks are super pretty, I wasn’t sure about “Hibiscus” when I ordered it online, I thought it might be too out there for me, but because it’s a cremesheen, it’s the right amount of color and it’s definitely wearable! I think this is definitely a shade anyone can pull of regardless of skintone or complexion. It’s just such a pretty coral, reddish color and pairs wonderfully with a neutral eye look.

“Mocha” is part of MAC’s permanent line so no need to rush to get it, but I am glad I got this color because I never really paid attention to this color, and it being in this collection really brought it to light. It’s a nice medium terracotta brown, has a tinge of orange and red undertones, but it’s a really pretty color! I am a sucker for earth tones, and MAC “Cherish” l/s is my all-time favorite everyday lipstick, so “Mocha” is definitely up there at quickly becoming a staple in my bag.

The camera didn’t show their true colors :(
FOTD with “Hibiscus” (natural light):
FOTD using “Mocha” (Tarte “Tipsy” blush on cheeks):

Spellbound & Delish FOTD

I bought a few more Covergirl lipsticks a few weeks ago and barely had a chance to do a look with them, I decided to mix the two colors I got; “Delish” and “Spellbound”, and I love the result! It’s like a pinkish coral, I love it! If you remember from my post a few weeks ago, I absolutely love the Covergirl lippies, they are so pigmented and go on like a dream.

What I used:
– Mary Kay Concealer in Beige 1
– Dermablend Concealer in Sand
– MAC Pro Longwear in NC35

– MAC “Get-Away” Blush (LE)
– MAC Blush in “True Romantic”

– Smashbox Eye Lid Primer
– MAC e/s in “Smoke & Diamonds”
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in “Blackest Black”
– UD Eyeliner in “Underground”

– Covergirl l/s in “Delish”
– Covergirl l/s in “Spellbound”

NYX Haul…and bull riding!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, blogger was down, and I was sore due to “bull riding”… our boss surprised us with a trip to Universal Studios on Wednesday for Employee Appreciation Day, and it was fun! It was so nice of him to do that for the company’s 10 year anniversary! We had lunch at Saddle Ranch restaurant, which has a mechanical bull, and I never rode a mechanical bull before so I had to try it! And all I can say is that it’s my first and last time LOL. As I write this, I still have 2 big bruises on my legs and my right arm still hurts. :(

I got my dinosaur hoodie featured in the video from Hot Topic, I had a lot of questions about where I got it from so thought i’d mention it on here as well….I got it months ago so it may or may not still be on their website.

And I got eaten by a shark…. :)

Anyway, I ordered a few things from when they had their NYX sale, 50% off select items, and thought i’d swatch all of the NYX Lip Liners I own so far, I love how pigmented they are not to mention 10 times cheaper than MAC lip liners and other high-end brands (it’s pencil people!)

I also got their Black Label lipstick in “Cancun Pink” (I loved their other shade “Dusty Rose” too!), and their round lipstick in “Snow White”. It looks really, really dark in the tube but it comes out a nice perfect red! Let me know if you want me to compare these to other pink and red lipsticks I own, and I will be happy to! :)

I also got their nailpolish in “Dolly Pink” which is a gorgeous color and their jumbo eye pencil in “Milk” to use as a base on some eyeshadows. The lipgloss is NYX’s “Beige”, which is one of my favorite glosses and had to restock.


I had the pleasure of reviewing a bronzing powder from Verhoeven Cosmetics, and being that I am always eager to share new or relative unknown cosmetic companies with everyone that have such huge potential; I am so happy to share this one with you guys because this is some high quality makeup.

Verhoeven Cosmetics was created by world renowned makeup artist Pieter Verhoeven. He has been in the industry for the past 15 years and started his career in Amsterdam. Being a makeup artist for many years, inspired him to create his own cosmetic line to inspire women and give them high quality products that last.

The entire line has tons of products to suit anyone, lipsticks, blushes, foundation & powder, eyebrow pencils and powders, concealers, eyeshadows, and more. In terms of pricing, it is comparative to MAC, $14 for a lipstick, $21 for their bronzing powder, etc. and the packaging and makeup definitely does not look or feel ‘cheap’. You can tell a lot of thought was put into the production of each piece, and even though I only reviewed one product, it was very pigmented; one swipe gave so much color. I will try to do a look with it soon!

Not to mention that the line is depicted by a V (V for Vanessa anyone?! LOL). I’d like to think that it was personalized for me in mind! Ha! 😉 But definitely check their site out!

Tarte Blushes in “Tipsy” & “Blissful”

Hello ladies! Don’t these Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes ($25 each) sorta look like twins? Well I went to exchange something at Sephora last week (the same day I saw Vanessa Hudgens and her sis in the store trying on makeup!) and they sold out of “Tipsy”, they only had “Blissful”, so I ended up getting “Blissful”, and then this past weekend I went to the Container Store in Century City and the Sephora there, had “Tipsy”! So I ended up buying that one too since I didn’t have “Blissful” on me to exchange, and then I thought i’d compare them since they look almost identical to me. They come in handy mirrored compacts, which match the color of the blush inside so it definitely makes it easier to know which is which if you have more than one.

Blissful is more of a pale peachy pink that is more of a sheertone texture, where it’s not dull like a matte blush, but not as shimmery as “Tipsy”. It’s pretty perfect for those of you that want a natural look and have light complexions (as I think it would show up more on lighter skintones to look the most natural). Tipsy is a gorgeous coral shade, it’s shimmery and very pigmented and will definitely work well with any skintone and complexion because it will really shine through.

Description from Sephora website: For oily skin types, Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Those with dry skin will benefit from the clay’s nourishing and hydrating properties, which naturally restore skin’s moisture. Combination skin types can rely on its ability to zero in on skin concerns and deliver benefits to restore complexion harmony.

These claim to have incredible 12-hour wear, and it comes in other shades as well. So far the wear is pretty good, I will have to do an update to really know for sure, but so far so good!

Which one is my favorite? It’s honestly hard to pick one because at times they almost look the same on my cheeks, I like that Blissful is more subtle, and just gives a nice wash of color, while Tipsy is nice and shimmery perfect for the summer, not to mention it seems like a very unique color. I compared these blushes to my MAC “Hipness” blush below. As you can see “Hipness” closely resembles “Blissful”, except “Blissful” is more of a rosier pinkish orange compared to “Hipness”, and is a tad bit more vibrant.

Blissful on my RIGHT cheek (your left) and Tips on my LEFT cheek (lipgloss is NYX “Natural”):
Pic taken with no flash, using Ottlite Makeup Mirror

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