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Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette (Swatches!)


Too Faced always has my heart (no pun intended!), their packaging is always so cute and girly, and makes me feel like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday LOL! Their newest Love Flush Blush palette  ($36, available on is no exception! It’s simply gorgeous and I love that it it’s basically all their Love Flush blushes in a limited edition palette, which is great for people like myself who never bought any of those blushes, so it’s a perfect way to try all the colors.

They are finely milled, pigmented, and go on smooth! Some of the shades have a nice shimmer to them. Definitely recommend snatching this palette up while you can!


From L to R: Love Hangover, Baby Love, I will always love you, How deep is your love, Justify My Love, and Your love is king







Tarina Tarantino Haul & Swatches!

[Click to enlarge to show detail]
Tarina Tarantino is leaving Sephora as rumor has it the line ends it’s contract with Sephora at the end of this year, so all her makeup is 40% OFF! She will be selling her makeup on her website, so have no fear, as her line is not being discontinued, it just will not be available at Sephora.
I really wanted her Dollskin Blush Cheek Palette ($27 sale price), it’s sold out on the Sephora website so I was super happy I found one at my local Sephora store. It has four blushes: Feather, Parasol, Candy Cameo, and Carved Rose, comes with a mirror as well in the palette.
I then decided to give her conditioning lip sheen lipsticks a try ($15 sale price) and loved them so ended up getting more colors: Candy Jar, Floriculture, Watermelon Wow, Penny Arcade and Fuchsia Lining. I like that these are moisturizing and have the right amount of color, not too sheer and not too pigmented for a more softer, natural look. The texture of these are similar to the MAC Slimshines, just not as soft as the slimshines (where they are almost melting!). These are pretty solid.
Candy Jar– A light bubblegum pink (think a softer version of MAC’s Snob).
Floriculture– A beautiful dark plummy shade with red undertones. This is my favorite because it’s perfect for fall, and it’s wearable. Usually for me, a lot of dark purple/raspberry colors can look too much for daytime, but since this is a sheen, it’s perfect! It was hard for me to capture the true color of this shade because it’s super pretty in person, so the swatch below does it no justice. Temptalia’s swatch of this is spot on.
Watermelon Wow– This is a nice soft dusty rose color, it complements light skintones.
Penny Arcade– A nice soft peachy color, the swatch makes it look darker, but it’s a tinge lighter than shown.
Fuchsia Lining– A beautiful soft magenta pink.
I am in love with Urban Decay eyeliners, and heard that these were better, so I figured I’d try her Eye Dream Hyperliners too since they were only $9, I bought Ultraviolet and Puppeteer which remind me of UD’s “Rockstar” and “Bourbon”, although Ultraviolet is much more purple than Rockstar. In regards to wear, I have not worn these yet so I will update you gals with the longevity of these.
Her Eye Dream Hyperlight ($14 sale price) is one of her best sellers so I wanted to see what the hype was about and when I swatched it in the store I was impressed because it has a nice light pink salmon color and blends easily with the skin. This is used for under the eye or anywhere you want a little highlight. I am excited to try this because I have dark circles and I think this would be perfect at giving me a more bright-eyed, awake look.
Even though I bought the blush palette, I wanted the full-sized blush in “Parasol” because it’s such a pretty pink and coral color with a nice shimmer. I decided to also get “Neopolitan Lane” but I think this is too light for my skin because it hardly shows up on my face/skin and just disappears, so this one might be going back.
Lastly, I fell in love with the purples in the Jewel Eyeshadow Palette in “Fantastical” so added that to my basket too haha.
Favorite Picks: 
Blush: Parasol
Lips: Floriculture and Watermelon Wow
Enjoy the pics below! Click to enlarge to show detail.

MAC Casual Color Haul (Swatches)

I recently bought two of the lip and cheek pots from the “Casual Color” collection from MAC: “Out for Fun” which is a gorgeous coral color, and “Weekend Getaway”, a blue mid toned pink. I personally just love these pots as a lipcolor, and not so much as a cheek color, only because I hate the dewy texture of it, BUT I do think it’s great to have in your makeup bag and to be able to use it as a cheek color when you are in a rush, or have some place to go after work and need a “2 in 1″.

 Wearing “Out for Fun”

NYX Matte Lipsticks (Swatches!)

Here are swatches of the NYX Matte Lipsticks ($4.99) I snagged at IMATS: Indie Flick, Sweet Pink, and Shocking Pink. These lipsticks are gorgeous! Even though they have a matte finish, they are not at all drying (at least to me), I have “Ruby Woo” from MAC which is a matte finish and it’s so dry, I can’t apply that without some chapstick; in comparison, these are very moisturizing and very pigmented!

The only con is that there is not a lot of product in comparison to standard lipsticks, but then again it’s only $4.99! To get an idea, the second pic below is the lipstick twisted all the way up.

I also took the liberty of comparing these lipsticks to other lipsticks in my collection, when I originally swatched “Shocking Pink” at IMATS, it reminded me of MAC’s “Candy Yum-Yum” lipstick, so I swatched similar pinks to see what they could be close to. “Indie Flick” is more of a true orange (it didn’t show up that true in pics), MAC’s “Coral Polyp” from the Dame Edna Collection and MAC’s “Hibiscus” from the Surf Baby Collection had more of a reddish terracotta tinge to it. And NYX’s “Femme” lipstick is a nice true coral. NYX’s “Sweet Pink” is close to MAC’s “Show Orchid” and NYX’s “Shocking Pink” is just a tad bit more berry in shade, whereas MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum” is more on the lighter pink side.

Inglot Info, Haul, & Swatches!

Yay! Finally the internet connection is back up at home, ugh I hate Time Warner. Our internet is either slow or not working like 80% of the time…can’t wait till our contract is up so we can switch. Anyway, I promised a post of my Inglot haul & swatches, so here it is!

A breakdown of what I got:
– Inglot’s Milk & Tonic Wipes $4 (smells yummy and at such a good price!)
– Metal palette w/thumb hole $10 (to mix my pigments & foundations on)
– Large Inglot Makeup Bag $16 (fits all my brushes and Inglot palettes!)
– 10 eyeshadow palette with eyeshadows $50
– 5 eyeshadow palette with eyeshadows $30
– Inglot Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in #34 (got it at IMATS for $11)

There’s so much info about Inglots, so I am going to break them up for those of you who are new to the brand.

How it works: Basically when you arrive at the store, you will be given a magnet board (assuming you want a palette), and you basically take the eyeshadows out of the demo slab and put it on your board (see pic below), once you are done, the sales rep will then give you the palette size you want (they have different sizes- 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 40), along with the eyeshadows you picked out. You can either put the eyeshadows in yourself, or have the sales rep do it for you.

Freedom System Palette Pricing (pricing includes eyeshadows):
*Each eyeshadow pan (just the refill) is $7 each. At the store, the quantity doesn’t matter it’s still $7 no matter how many you buy (on their website, the more eyeshadow you buy, the cheaper each one is, example: you buy 10, each eyeshadow then becomes $4.50).

– 2 eyeshadow palette $16
– 4 eyeshadow palette $26
– 5 eyeshadow palette $30
– 10 eyeshadow palette $50
– 20 eyeshadow palette -around $85
– 40 eyeshadow palette $180
– 2 pressed powder palette $30
– 4 pressed blush palette $42

***Regarding rumored price increase***– Now I know via the internet, there have been some rumors about a price increase on the Inglot palettes (for example the 10 eyeshadow palette going from $50 to $80), BUT even though I do not know in the future if that will happen, I DID go to the Newport Beach location and I only paid $50 for my 10 pan palette, and supposedly this price increase was supposed to happen in Feb or May and bought it in early July so…..*shrugs*. BUT the makeup artist did tell me that the round eyeshadow pans WILL BE discontinued.

Color shades: The one thing I dislike about Inglot, is that they don’t have easy shade names to remember, so if a friend were to ask me what I am wearing on my eyes, no way would I remember LOL. They name their shades by number and the type of finish it is. Example: 42 matte.

Inglot’s various eyeshadow finishes (they have a lot of different finishes!)

  • Matte: Matte shades have a flat, dull finish, no shimmer or sparkle.
  • Pearl: Another fairly standard term, these shades have a satiny to slightly shimmery frost finish, but are devoid of separate particles of glitter.
  • DS: “Double Sparkle”, these have a matte type base but have fine glitter or shimmer to them, but not overly sparkly.
  • AMC: Stands for “advanced makeup component”, which is dubbed as long-wearing, waterproof, and sweatproof and to be the most pigmented out of all the other finishes.
  • AMC Shine: Same as AMC above, but more finely milled so these have a bit more sheen to them. 

The eyeshadow pans fit in my Z-palettes! These are the palettes I customized myself [CLICK TO ENLARGE]:

I ended up switching the e/s on the bottom row (2nd from the left), 
but the swatches reflect the new color :) 
Top Row:
***the darkest purple is on the left, and the rest of the swatches are in proper order***
 Some close ups of some of the shadows:

NOTD: “One Less Lonely Glitter” Nicole by OPI

Found this gorgeous purple glitter nailpolish called “One Less Lonely Glitter” at Target (around $7), and turns out it’s part of Justin Bieber’s collaboration with OPI– where he has his own collection! (Bieber fact, he has a song called “One Less Lonely Girl” so I was loving this shade name!)

It’s very opaque and you get a lot with just one or two coats. I paired it with China Glaze’s “Coconut Kiss” and man oh man did it blow me away! It’s such a gorgeous combination (and my favorite color is purple), and I am just loving these two together. I already got tons of compliments on it too, so you know it’s a winner!

One thing I like is that it doesn’t feel like that obnoxious chunky glitter on the nail, once I applied my Seche Vite top coat, it was pretty smooth. It has just the right amount of glitter and sparkle and it’s actually the only one I really liked out of the collection. It also looks awesome with OPI’s Black Shater on top.

What are your favorite nailpolishes or nail combos?

Here are some pics:

1 2 3 16