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Mint Chip FOTD & Colored Contacts

I received a pair of Princess Eyes Neo Cosmo Colored Contacts in “Mint Green” ($20) courtesy of They have a large selection of colored contacts including circle lenses, and in every color imaginable.  I like that it came with a case to match!
Colored contacts are so much fun to switch looks up, and even though there are so many websites that sell colored contacts, there are a few that have a nice array, including ones that are a bit unique- which I like, and has an insane variety of circle lenses, including the “doll-eyed” enlarging lenses. They had really great customer service and I got my lenses in about 3 weeks. This particular color is pretty from far away because it gives a nice green ring around my brown eyes and it’s definitely a different and unique look. Up close, it’s obvious I am wearing them because of course since it’s green, it doesn’t wholesomely blend with my natural eye color (if this is what you are looking for, I suggest the brown color or even the gray ones might be nice). But I like this color in natural light, it looks really pretty.
I also wanted to do a brown smokey look (hence the ‘Mint Chip’ FOTD), so I used MAC’s Paint Pot in “Constructivist” as a base to MAC’s “Tea Time” pigment. Since I did this look a couple weeks ago (pre-photopsia!), I am gonna try my best to remember what I used, LOL. And don’t mind my ugly brows, I am in the process of growing em out to re-shape them argh they frustrate me, haha.
What I used:
– MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC 30
– MAC Pro LongWear Foundation in NC35
– MAC “Enough Said” Blush
– Korres Bronzing Powder in #28
– MAC Paint Pot in “Constructivist” on lower lid
– MAC “Tea Time” pigment on lid
– Milani “Chocolate” eyeshadow and “Java Bean” on outer-V and contour
– MAC e/s in “Shroom” as highlight up to brow bone
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– Shiseido Mascara in Black
– MAC Technakohl e/l in “Graphblack” on waterline
– UD Eyeliner in “Corrupt” on lashline
– MAC lipstick in “Peachstock”
– MAC Lipglass in “Splashing”
 Neo-Cosmo “Mint Green” Contacts in Natural Light

Video Tutorial #2 (Smoky Eye Look-Time Lapse)

Below is my 2nd video tutorial, I know I have been lagging on them, but it’s been hard since the file size is huge, I finally figured out how to use my iSight camera on my Macbook and the time lapse feature on it, so please FORGIVE this video as this was my first attempt with time lapse and so I only did ONE eye and not BOTH :(

At least I know now, so next time will be a much better tutorial. THERE IS NO SOUND, so in the future I plan on adding text slides in there to illustrate EACH step as time lapse does not let me input sound.

P.S. Also, in case you are wondering, I tend to look down in the video because my mirror was there, as it was hard doing it in front of the camera since it’s reversed, so next time i’ll have it where you can see the face better.

So for now, here is the video, if you have any questions on a specific step, let me know!

Video: How to get the smoky eye look from MAC Makeup Artist

*I bought MAC Eyeshadow in Vex today, it’s actually similar to Flirt Cosmetics “Limelight”, even though it’s $4 more, saves me gas from going to get the other one AND it’s small enough for me to carry in my purse for any touch ups. I also want to buy the NARS Eyeshadow in “Night Breed”, but I can’t decide whether I want that one or the “Night Fever”. They both almost look the same, but the Night Breed has red/purplish pearls that kinda give it a really unique look.

I saw Christina Milian at the MAC store with her mom, she was low key incognito, with a hat and no makeup, she is tiny I must say, very cute girl. I took a pic with my cell phone, but it came out a bit blurry, I was scared to take a pic since I know she is a normal person just trying to buy some makeup AND because I didn’t want the MAC makeup people thinking im a competitor taking pictures of their products haha…

I actually wanna get a few more things from MAC, I am just not sure yet since I haven’t really played with all their colors without being interrupted by a sales lady that looks like a drag queen asking me if I need any help. I know that it’s their job, but seriously, it’s annoying. If I need HELP, I will ask for it- trust me. But I just want to be in my own world with my Q-tips and putting crazy swatches of color on my hand till I look like a human palette!

I returned the Chrome Yellow I bought a few weeks ago, simply because as much I love YELLOW, I never wore it. I guess as soon as I get more comfortable with certain colors then yeah I might just buy it again, but for some reason, I am trying to maintain different everyday looks: like taupes, browns, gray, black, etc. I don’t usually wear a lot of bottom liner for everyday wear just because I already do a lot up on top with the eyeliner and everything, I don’t want it to be a bit much for work, but occasionally I will put some just to play things up. I personally like less makeup M-Th, there’s no one to impress anyway haha.

Anyone actually like cream eyeshadows that they can recommend? I personally DO NOT like cream eyeshadows simply because I wear eyeliner, and it also just slips right off the shadow and never stays on my eyelid like powdered eyeshadows do. Unless it’s cream-to-powder eyeshadow, similar to MAC Shadesticks or Paint, then it’s ok…but so far, I haven’t liked them very much.

I wanna get a few more MAC eyeshadows as well as True Colors stacks (the kiosks in the malls), they have a deal going on, 9 colors for like $50, AND it turns into everything, eyes, nailpolish, eyeliner, lipgloss, it’s amazing. And the best part? They are minerals.

I love the Laura Geller Double-Ended Eyeshadow Brush

I think I am also going a little online shopping crazy, as I have purchased so much the past month. Most of it was for my photography aspirations, bought a UV lens filter and a Flower hood for my camera. And then just last night I ordered my Baby G watch (remember those?). My friend bought me one for my birthday when I was 16, and I always loved it because it was so durable and it actually fit my tiny wrists. And for some reason, I just wanted it again. So it was a total impulse buy, but doesn’t it look gorgeous???

“Smoky Eyes” Visual Tutorial (#3)

I have actually been preparing for this blog 3 days ago, just haven’t had time to really post it due to photography! Ironically enough, this post has A LOT of pics!

I know this is totally off topic, but soon I am looking for people who I can shoot to add to my photography portfolio. I am still nervous to shoot people, but I gotta start somewhere right??? I would ask all my friends, but none of them wanna do it haha. So if you are interested, let me know and we can shoot. You will also get a copy of all your pics on a CD. Be patient with me though because im a newbie! :)

Ok, so I got a lot of emails from gals who loved the tutorial on smoky eyes, but would have loved it if I posted actual pictures (duh Vanessa), so here we go!

What I used:

– Stila Eyeshadow in “Chinois”
– Sephora eyeshadow in White
– Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeshadow in “White Whisper”
– Flirt Cosmetics Eyeshadow in “Black Ivy”
– No name brand black glittery eyeshadow
– NYX Loose Powder eyeshadow in purple

Step 1:
A great start is to “prepare” your face, if you are new to reading my blog, I always use a makeup primer, then add my foundation, then finish it with concealer over my eyes and under my eyes to do two things: help hide dark circles, and prep the lids for the eyeshadow. Use a cosmetic wedge sponge for application to give it more of a matte finish so that it holds onto your eyeshadow.

See how bright the right eye is compared to the unconcealed eye to the left?(well really my left eye, but right eye to you guys haha)

Step 2:

Apply your base color (a light highlighting eyeshadow), ALL over your lid up to the brow bone as shown. This also gives the illusion of larger eyes.

Step 3:
Start by using your black, or dark colored eyeshadow of choice, I used Flirt Co. in “Black Ivy” and a black glittery eyshadow, then using a SPONGE TIP APPLICATOR, apply from your lash line to above your crease, depending on the size of your lids. *The reason I suggest using a SPONGE TIP applicator instead of a makeup brush is because it gives you more control when you are applying the eyeshadow to your lids and is also less messy, hence less eyeshadow you gotta clean up on your cheeks.

Often, eyeshadow will fall on your cheeks as you do this, you can use a kabuki brush to wipe it away, or you can put a piece of paper to “catch” the eyeshadow that falls as pictured below:

To give my smoky eye look more depth, or a more sultry look, I added NYX loose eyeshadow in purple, which gave it a nice deep black glittery look so it wasn’t so “gothic”.

Step 4:
Then I added black eyeliner. TIP: To make your eyeliner stay on longer as well as making it really black, I first use Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner PENCIL to outline my lashline, then go over that line again with Revlon’ Colorstay LIQUID eyeliner.

Then I put a few coats of black mascara…and added some false eyelashes for an awesome look.

Natural lighting:

Step 5:
Then I lined my lower lash line with the same black ivy eyeshadow with a smudgebrush.

See the difference?

I forgot to take a whole face picture so you can see how it looks like, sorry, I was so caught up with just the eyes I forgot. :(


I have been getting some more requests for more tutorials, and I promise i’ll post some soon, I apologize as I have been incredibly busy with some new projects, and it’s been taking up most of my time. I realize how hard it is to balance everything I love to do, and yet meet the demands and deadlines of things that depend solely on me.

Here is the link of an AUDIO tutorial on how to do the “smoky-eye” look: CLICK HERE

My co-workers all chipped in and got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday, I haven’t really bought anything special other than a few items, I bought more of the Sephora Makeup Base, I just love the smell, and I bought Stila Eyeshadow with the Refill Pan in Chinois($16), and some travel brushes to put in my purse.

The magnetic refill pan for Stila eyeshadows ($2)

I love this blending brush by Stila ($24)

Avon has this new palette by MARK, and they are cool pop-up pots, you can choose from eyeliner, lipgloss, and eyeshadows and it’s fully customizable!

I also like their ‘Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint’ ($6), it is clear in the tube, but once it’s on your lips turns a shade of pink that works with your body chemistry.

Here is a pic of my new makeup bag from LeSportsSac:

And my travel brushes: