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About these convention shows….

Many of you have asked about these shows as well as dates, again it is NOT open to the general public. I believe IMATS is more open to the aspiring industry professionals, however IECSC, CosmoProf, Face and Body are for PROFESSIONALS who are already in this industry as this is designed for those who possibly own salons or spas, beauty shops, or those who are buyers, import/export, etc. in which the exhibitors as well as the attendees can benefit from each other. Exhibitors present at the show are seeking high volume transactions. As for SHOW DATES, you can google and find out when some show dates are next year or this year and WHERE. I DO NOT know the show dates for all locations or for any that occurs next year, but they DO happen once a year, and there are different shows so you can google “makeup shows in ________ (insert your location here)” and see what comes up. Most trade-shows are done in big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and London.

The site proceeds to say: ONLY members of the professional beauty industry are allowed to attend the show. He/she must provide proper identification to be allowed on the show floor or in the classrooms (same last names from driver’s license are fine).

The following WILL BE REQUIRED for entrance. All attendees will be asked to present a photo I.D. along with one of the following credentials:

* Business Card
* Salon or Spa business license
* Cosmetology license
* Sally’s Professional Card (red)
* Distributor Store Card
* Cosmetology School Time Sheet or report card
* Cosmetology school ID card

If you are unsure if you can attend, please check out the website of the show you are trying to attend (for example IMATS or IECSC) and call the number and ask a representative to see whether any documentation you have is sufficient enough. I have credentials as I own my own business ( and do plan on distributing perhaps some products and do outside projects outside of blogging, and hence I have the proper documentation to attend these shows, so it really varies. I don’t know any more info than that, so it’s best you call them if you have any other questions. :)

Reader Question: Outfit and Makeup I wore at IMATS

Q: Hi Vanessa, I was wondering if you had a full pic of your outfit you wore at IMATS and your makeup look? Thanks!

A: Howdy! I got this dress (pic below) at Wal-Mart believe it or not for a nice $14.88 (I love bargain shopping), and the belt I got from Old Navy last year for $16 (which oddly enough costs more than the dress!).

My makeup: I did this look before (except on this recent one I added MAC e/s in “Shadowy Lady” to give it a more smokey look), you can find the tutorial by CLICKING HERE, I used MAC e/s “Beautiful Iris” all over the lid, “MAC e/s in “Nocturnelle” on the outer-V and contour, and “Shadowy Lady” on the outer-V. Falsies are Ardell “Babies”, Blush I believe was MAC “Dollymix” mixed with “Flirt & Tease”, lips was MAC l/s in “Melrose Mood”, topped with “Babysparks” dazzleglass….of course by the time I took that pic with Pursebuzz, everything melted since I was running around and it was ridiculously hot that day! :(

Reader Questions:

I haven’t done this bit in a long time, but I have had a lot of reader questions (and 80 emails in my inbox!) that I am still trying to find time to answer! So here are a few questions I received recently, I’ll be adding more as I come across them.

I have a focus group tonight for Anastasia Beverly Hills(the infamous eyebrow company) so I won’t have time tonight, but I will get around to all your emails this week. :)

Q: How are the NYX Lip Pencils? Are these lipsticks moisturizing? How do they feel on lips? How are the staying powder of these things? Do they feel like lipstick on? Do they bleed?

A: The NYX lip pencils are not really moisturizing as much as their sister, the NYX Round Lipsticks. Again these are pencils, so it’s in the middle for me, not overly drying, but I need to add some chapstick as a base or gloss to not give me a “tight” feeling. They feel fine on the lips, sorta creamy, again after awhile they may give a tight or dry feeling, but the colors are phenomenal. They didn’t really bleed for me, but they do feel like you have lipstick on, and there’s not much staying power on these babies.

Q: Which is better MAC’s “Swimming” eyeshadow or Milani’s “Garden Mist”?

A: I like MAC’s “Swimming” better, I think it’s more pigmented and a better color than “Garden Mist”, but I love Milani’s other colors!

Q: What are your favorite eyeliners and drugstore brands?

A: I like Revlon Colorstay Eyeliners, MAC Fluidlines, and Indelible Gel Eyeliners. In drugstore brands, I like L’Oreal, their Telescopic mascara is awesome!

Q: What shade are you in Everyday Minerals?

A: I believe I am a mix of light medium olive and a little bit of light tan…it’s been awhile since I used their foundations!

Q: You take great pictures! What camera do you use?

A: I use two cameras, a Nikon D40x Digital SLR camera, 35mm lens with UV Filter and a pocket digital camera, a Canon SD750.

Q: What are your favorite nude lipsticks?

A: I like MAC’s “Myth” and “Fleshpot” lipsticks (Fleshpot from the Heatherette collection) and NYX’s Round Lipstick in “Circe”. I also do it the “ghetto” way and sometimes apply some MAC lip erase in “dim” and some gloss!

Q: What MAC brushes do you have?

A: MAC #180 buffer brush I use to apply my mineral foundation, #217 blending brush, #239 eye shading brush for pigments or eyeshadows (wet or dry), #138 tapered rose bud tip looking brush I use for contouring cheekbones, #136 blush brush to apply my blush, and #109 contouring brush, and #187 stippling brush for light application of MSF’s, blush, or foundation.

Q: What concealers do you recommend to hide under eye circles?

A: Lately I have been using MUFE (Makeup Forever) Full Cover Concealer #8, then applying MAC’s StudioFinish Concealer in NC30 to cover up my dark circles. I will do a review on the MUFE concealer soon! For drugstore brands, Physician’s Formula Concealer Duo is awesome!

Q: Which will make a better base for eyeshadows, Loreal de-crease, MAC paint pots or MAC paints?

A: I like the MAC Paint Pots personally just because they are a bit thicker and hold better for me as well as neutralizing my entire lid. The L’Oreal De-Crease works like a charm too (just like UDPP) but doesn’t really neutralize my lid the way I like but I DO use both interchangeably every now and then, I like to switch things around and use one on one day and the other on the next. I also have MAC Paints (I love “Chiaroscuro”!) and it too works like a charm!

Reader Questions…

This weekend was fun, went to my friend’s house-warming party (sporting the “Rainbow Look” using the Ben Nye Palette”), the pic above is with my good friend Zari (would you believe she is half Filipino?!), she is one hot mama and as you can see I was very colorful that day! LOL. But if you know me personally, you know it suits my personality. :)

I also got my bunny a new home to give her more room to play!

I had some more reader questions and thought id list them in case any of you are wondering the same thing…

Q: Where can I find the Monistat primer? Would it be in the facial aisle?

A: First of all, let’s dissect what Monistat ORIGINALLY is for, it’s for the treatment of yeast infections, and this particular chafing gel that we use as a primer, is to treat chafing around the bikini area. So it would NOT be in the facial aisle, but rather in the same aisle as tampons, condoms, and the like….and again just because it’s originally for chafing around that particular area, the key ingredient is “dimethicone” which is the same ingredient in common makeup primers such as Smashbox Photo Finishing Primer.

Q: I don’t think i’ve seen you post about any urban decay products… have you tried many things from this line? it’s one of my faves!

A: Pretty much the only thing I have mentioned about Urban Decay of course is their Primer Potion (primer for the lids to enhance vibrancy and wear of eyeshadows), and their AWESOME UD Palette!. I love Urban Decay, but since I have a discount for MAC, I usually end up buying more MAC items!

Q: Why did you stop modeling?

A: It just wasn’t my thing, as much as I appreciate all sorts of art and expression whether it be modeling or photography, I found a lot more joy into being behind the camera rather than in front. I LOVE photography and I love capturing things rather than me being the subject. There’s also a lot of cons (strictly in my opinion) that go along with the territory as well, especially when you are under contract or signed with an agency, there are certain things you can and can’t do and you have to be willing to work with other people’s schedules and of course, harsh criticism, both from in and out of the industry. I still occasionally help out some of my friends who are photographers and help them build their portfolios.

Q: How big will your bunny get?

A: I researched it online as well as talked to a few bunny moms and I believe my baby bunny is a dwarf bunny just because I saw pictures of other dwarf bunnies and their ears and everything look so similar! This means that she won’t really get any bigger than she already is which is a good thing! But she is learning so much everyday in terms of learning how to “fend” for herself and eat and drink on her own, as oppose to the BF or I having to feed her and make her go to the bathroom. Now she is doing it on her own without our help!

Q: When will you be selling pigment samples again?

A: I will be selling them very soon, right now Erica and I are currently packing everything and preparing our stock. I will be having an online store where I will occasionally be selling certain items, so you can definitely purchase samples through there.

Q: Where did you get your label maker and how much was it?

A: The label maker I used to label my MAC palettes I bought from Target. I believe it was about $12-19.

Q: I want to try mineral makeup but I don’t know which ones are good to try, I don’t want to break out, which ones do you suggest?

A: If you are an avid reader of my blog, you all know I love Silk Naturals mineral foundation! I get “buttery gold” and it allows you to customize your own shade by mixing the white powder with the dark powder. Visit their site for more information.

A lot of people also like Everyday Minerals but I personally didn’t like their foundation on me merely because there was no shade match for me AND I found it to be sorta oily and blotchy on my skin at the end of the day. Buff’d Cosmetics also has awesome mineral products as well, and I love, I have tried their foundation and I love it as well if you don’t like mixing your foundation. Lisa is great and she will take good care of you!

Reader Question: How do you organize your mineral makeup samples?

I am having fun spending quality time with my bunny, I found out yesterday that it’s actually a GIRL, sooooo that means I am changing the name (thank goodness! LOL), I haven’t decided what to name it yet, im on the fence whether to name it a normal “human” name, or a cute pet name…so if you have any ideas on the name, let me know!

Q: Vanessa, how do you organize your mineral makeup samples? I have tons of them and want to know what’s the best way to store and organize them…thanks!

A: I store all my mineral makeup samples, jars and baggies, upside down in a large sterilite plastic drawer. I store them upside down so that I can see the color of each one quickly and easily, this includes MAC Pigments. I don’t worry too much about the product overflowing through the sifter stored upside down because luckily there’s always enough product and not overflowing, and besides it’s easy to sift it back in the jar…

I use a plastic tray I bought from Wal-Mart, I think it was meant to store pens or kitchen items, but I love it for brushes, pens, etc. You can use a BIGGER tray if you wish, I just store the pigments I use frequently in this tray so it’s easy to find, and the trays are pretty deep.

I then organize all of them…

Placed them face down so I can see the colors…

Which color lippie to match with your eye makeup?

I get this question a lot so thanks to reader Melissa for bringing it to my attention again since many of you probably have asked yourself the same question. I honestly have been so busy to even catch up with my posts but I DO remember your questions, I just hardly have time to get around to each and every one of them. I tell you, regardless of the fact that San Fran was just “right there” from Los Angeles, it’s exhausting traveling; coming home late at night (my flight arrived at 10 PM) and still having to unpack all my makeup, clothes, and toiletries; it’s really hard to catch up and get back in the groove of your normal routine. Mind you, I STILL had to be in the office today and answer all the emails and voicemails I missed from some of my clients while I was away. NOT FUN. I feel like I haven’t had a moment to just relax and recuperate from working 10+ hours each day in San Fran. So please be understanding if I don’t answer your questions right away, I am trying to answer all of them quickly! Erica is in training so those who have sent emails, she will be replying back to you shortly! :)

Sooooo, how to know which lippie to match with your eye makeup?

Well there’s no real rule to this that I know of anyway, other than if you do heavy eyes (like a smokey look) then pair it with pale pink or neutral lips, or if you do light eye makeup, be daring and go with a bold lip, such as a bold bright or crimson red, or hot pink lips. You want only ONE FOCAL POINT of your face that people will most likely look at first, and NOT 10 FOCAL POINTS. So pick either your eyes or lips to be bold, but not both at the same time.

For me, I honestly mix and match and do whichever color I am feeling that day. I will honestly match colors that normally wouldn’t go together (like green and pink or orange and red) just because I like experimenting with colors. But here is a list of what I normally come up with:

Blue Makeup: Blue is a hard color to pull off for some, so it’s best to stick with a very pale pink to balance it out, a neutral lip will wash you out and make you look a bit weird, so you want some color on your lips, but not too much or too little. If a pale pink lip still looks a bit washed out, then add your favorite lipliner to add a little more color.

Gold Makeup: I like pairing gold eyes with a neutral, gold, taupe, or brown lip. This really brings out the brown undertones in gold to make your eyes the focal point.

Purple Eye Makeup: I like pairing it with either a purple-toned lipstick (like MAC’s lipstick in “Up the Amp”, or a light or medium pink (like MAC Slimshine in “Intimidate”, MAC lipstick in “Scanty”).

Example Photos of lippies paired with various eye makeup:

Green Eye Makeup: Neutral lip (like MAC Fleshpot or NYX Round Lipstick in Circe), medium pink lips (like MAC Slimshine Lipstick in Intimidate), or even go crazy with it and do a bolder pink lip (like MAC’s Up the Amp lipstick or Show Orchid).

NYX Lipgloss in “Beige” (really pink but they named it “beige”)

MAC’s “Show Orchid”

Nude Lippie with green (MAC lipstick in “Masque” LE, and MAC Lipglass in “Underage”)

Coral/Orange Eye Makeup: I usually like doing a taupe/brown or a toasted orange lip. (like Avon’s “Nude Pink” lipstick which is like an orangey pink) paired with a sheer coral or orange lipgloss (like MAC’s “Sockhop” or AVON’s “Nude Peach”).

AVON’s “Nude Pink” and “Coral Cashmere” lipstick with AVON lipgloss in “Nude Peach”.

Neutral Eyes with Bold Lips: Easy light makeup application on the eyes makes way for bold colored lips that anyone can pull off if done correctly. As you can see here, the first thing people would see are the lips because they are so bright and bold, but the eyes are subtle, and not overpowering the lips. The result? A well-balance face that doesn’t look overdone!

NYC Lipstick in “Retro Red” and Avon’s Lip Radiance Lipgloss in “Rich Red”

Pale or Bold Pink Eyes: Can be paired with a neutral lip, pale pink, or even bold pink!

MAC Lipstick in “Show Orchid” with Lancome’s “Seashell” Lipgloss

(forgot the color of this one)

Brown/Natural Colored Makeup: I like rich browns and taupes, even a neutral lip.

Smokey or Dramatic Eye Makeup: Neutral or Pale Pink lips, anything more will be too much….

Hope that helped some of you!

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