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Reader Questions:

I am going to Vegas this weekend to cover the IECSC makeup, hair and nail show! So of course I will be bringing you gals back some photos and info on new companies! In the meantime here are some reader questions!

Q: Where did you get your black rose ring? (from the booze cruise post)
A: I usually get all my rings from either Forever21 or Wetseal, they have the cutest rings!

Q: What is the difference between the $10 IMATS ticket and the $35 one?

A: The $10 ticket is just for the Exhibit Floor, meaning you can go around and buy products from the booths (the people exhibiting), the $35 ticket includes the Exhibit Floor, lectures, classes and keynote speakers so you can learn more about various topics that you may want to learn more about such as airbrush makeup, mineral makeup, or special fx makeup.

Q: I swear this blog is becoming…. im just not a fan of twilight so im annoyed at the lack of makeup :(

A: You are more than welcome to read other makeup blogs or start your own. This is my own personal blog that is not solely about makeup but other random things that appeal to me and because I have been so busy lately with my job as well as other things going on, I haven’t really played with makeup, hence I am blogging about other things to fill up the time until I do have more time to get back into it. Blogging about a cake or a fundraiser for a good cause isn’t a big deal, so just relax. You can’t please everybody!

Q: Do you have to be a MAC Pro member to buy an empty pan palette?
A: No, you do NOT have to be a mac pro member to buy the empty eyeshadow or blush palettes, or the refills that go into it. Simply walk into any freestanding MAC store and ask for them and they will sell it to you.

Q: How long does it take to apply your makeup?
A: It varies, if I do a quick look i’ve done before it can take 15 minutes, a natural look (like just mascara or eyeliner) takes less than 10 minutes, if I am doing a more intricate look with more colors or whatnot, or just experimenting it takes me much longer, like an hour!

Q: What’s your favorite face primer?
A: Right now I am using two, MAC Skin + Base Primer which feels more like a primer and comes in a small black bottle, and then I am using the Korres Primer which I also like because it just feels like a moisturizer and glides on better then feels like a primer. I also love the lemon scent it has!

Questions & Answers Session

I am planning to do a mega post to answer all of your awesome questions at once, you can ask ANYTHING you want and if I can answer it, then I will, to the best of my ability. It can be makeup/beauty/skincare related, like what are my top must have beauty essentials, fashion-related, or even personal questions like what my favorite ice cream is! I will then compile them all and answer them all at once in a post as I am sure there are many of you that probably have the same questions so I thought this would be a great way to reach out to you all and hopefully I can help answer anything that makes ya wonder!

So if you have a question (or more!), leave them here in the comments section! :)

Reader Questions: MAC Primers

I have had a few reader questions on the MAC Prep + Prime collection, so I thought id make a post in case anyone was wondering the same thing, hopefully this clarifies a few things!

Q: Hey Vanessa, on the Mac Pro website it says the Mac Prep and Prime Refined Zone says its limited edition…

A: Before Colour Ready was release, it was rumored on almost every blog, every makeup site such as that they were ALL permanent; I on the other hand thought so too for the simple reason that MAC’s Prep + Prime family I felt wasn’t that huge to begin with (not including PRO items), so I thought these would be a great permanent addition, however talking to MAC Artist Mary-Ann earlier, she confirmed that indeed the MAC Prep + Prime Refined Zone Treatment is LIMITED EDITION, but that the powder AND Line Filler are part of the PERMANENT LINE. So I apologize for that incorrect information. At the same time I don’t mind that it’s LE, because I actually like the line filler A LOT better! :)

Q: How does the Refined Zone compare with MAC Matte? It sounds exactly the same to me. Your thoughts?

A: I personally have not tried MAC Matte, but I have played with it at the store and to be honest it reminds me of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer- transparent, and that slippery, dimethicone feel. Members on makeup alley have complained they were still oily and “shiny” even when they used this under their makeup, and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer didn’t work for me either for that same reason, it made me look so shiny and oily at the end of the day. MAC’s Skin Refined Zone Treatment to me, is more like a regular moisturizer, even the way it feels when you put it on. It doesn’t feel like a primer, but DRIES like a primer in the sense that your skin literally feels smoother and more even. Because it’s similar to that of a moisturizer, my guess is that it works better because it SINKS INTO your skin sealing your pores and evens out the skin, unlike primers where you have that “slippery feel” which can cause some people to look more oily or shiny.

Q: How is the MAC Skin Primer (the last one) at controlling oil?

A: The MAC Skin Primer is pretty good at controlling oil, I mean then again I have dry skin to begin with, so I can’t really say how it would hold up with a person with oily skin, however I didn’t notice any shine or that melty look I usually get with other primers where my makeup looked like it was melting or made me look oily, so for me this primer just works great because it still holds my makeup well all day!

Reader Questions:

Q: How to get a MAC PRO card, etc…

A: Must provide proper documentation such as a makeup or cosmetology student, and the like, please go to the website for more information and what is needed.

Q: Vanessa do you still have an online store or are you/will you be selling stuff?

A: I do not have an online store nor will I be selling much since it’s a bit of a headache because people would say they want to buy and then they don’t, and if something breaks during transit it’s another headache because once it leaves my hands it’s out of my control (and it is bubble wrapped and has fragile or handle with care on it), and people then want a refund and it’s a bit unfair to me because I still have no money and no product. Now if I was a store and had more than one item of the same product, I would happily replace it; but because I would sell things simply because I don’t use them anymore and to help those of you who don’t have easy access to such items,(not to solely make a profit). I was losing more of my own money trying to service others. Also there were those that felt the need to complain about prices- if you don’t wanna pay a certain price then simply look elsewhere simple as that. And lastly, because I don’t have the time to do custom purchases or even ship any items.

Also, some of the items that were being sold that were MAC were items I personally bought BEFORE my pro discount, meaning yes I paid FULL price for them, and some of them were also items from my friend Erica who had a few things she hasn’t used and wanted to sell- but of course with every success, there’s someone that tries to take you down without knowing all the facts, but they didn’t succeed. :) I have a few friends that probably do have a few things to sell but since none of them don’t dwell online much, many of them don’t know what paypal is and how it works, therefore I was selling some on their behalf and just giving them money out of my own pocket if anyone bought anything they were selling, but I believe they are making their own little blog so you can feel free to buy stuff from them in the near future…. :)

Q: I saw you were born and raised in Toronto, so how did you get to move to California, for instance was it difficult to apply for a visa and such?

A: My mom was born in Hawaii, and because I was born in Toronto, Canada; I have/had dual citizenship so I was both a Canadian and an American citizen and I am now free to move about the country! LOL. I came to California because my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy; and to help her through a difficult time, my family sent me to California first to attend school, and they followed 6 months later.

Q: Is your lips naturally pigmented? I kinda have the same skintone as yours, but my lips are mauve pigmented. So, most colors look diff on me unless I put lip base/concealer.

A: My natural lip color is a very pale light pink, but I still use a lip base at times such as MAC l/s in “Myth” or MAC Lip Erase to neutralize color to truly capture the effect and color of the lipstick or lipgloss I am wearing.

Natural Lip Color, no chapstick, nothing:

Q: I hear many claims that the Ly-Na Pearl Cream contains mercury in it, what are your thoughts on this?

A: Many people have asked me about this product containing mercury, and I personally have not found anything on the actual box or online to support that claim, other than just hearsay; nor have I personally have had a bad experience with it for me to think it does, considering I have really sensitive skin. Of course I do not condone the use of this product if it DOES indeed contain mercury, but until the proof is in the pudding I am still using it (luckily I don’t use it often to begin with!)

More reader questions…

Q: What brushes did you use for your most recent FOTD? -Katz

A: Hi Katz, I used:
– MAC #183 buffer brush to apply my mineral foundation
– An angled blush brush from Crown Brush to apply “Springsheen” over the MAC Blushcreme in “Uncommon”. For the cream blush I simply dabbed a tiny dot on the apples of my cheeks with my finger, and blended it upwards towards my ear
– Applied “Flip” e/s and “Goldmine” with a sponge tip applicator for a more vivid look, and it also helps me control the color better as well as giving me more pigmented color as oppose to a brush
– Used MAC #226 (pointed tip blending brush) to cut my crease (contour) the brown eyeshadows to deepen my eyes (windshield wiper motion)
– Blended and highlighted with the Sonia Kushuk Blending Brush from Target
– For the Fluidline in “Blacktrack”, I used Sonia Kushuk’s Angled Eyeliner Brush (aka Bent Eyeliner Brush)
– For the lower lashline, I applied UD’s “Zero” eyeliner and smudged it along the lashline with a Q-tip

Q: Do you consider a blending brush a necessity and why? I always used a regular eyeshadow brush to do all the different tasks. I do notice the shape of a blending brush being different from eyeshadow brushes. -Pham

A: I definitely consider it a necessity (at least for me), I can’t imagine my life without one! Blending brushes are shaped differently than regular eyeshadow brushes which makes it easier to blend at all angles, even Asian eyes. Most of them are pointed and fluffy, and because of the fluffy bristles, gives a more natural blended look when blending colors without blending TOO much color as I have noticed when I try using a regular eyeshadow brush to blend. It just gives me a more softer look when blending harsh lines; at times when I am scrambling and can’t find a blending brush I will use a regular flat eyeshadow brush and it ends up taking off some color so I find myself having to re-apply color and blending it again simply because the bristles on regular eyeshadow brushes are more compact and firm and take off more color then a loose blending brush.

Q: How did you lose weight? Did you work out everyday or go on a diet too? -Stephy

A: Hi Stephy! I work out everyday (at least I try to!) except the weekends because the gym is downstairs from my work so I usually go there during lunch also (which saves me money from buying lunch as well!), I do 15-20 minutes of Cardio on the Elliptical or the bike, I do about 15-20 minutes of abs which is anywhere from crunches, bicycle kicks, side to side, etc., I do 5 minutes on calves (calf machine), a few chest presses and arm presses, and lift 5-10lb. weights.

As far as my diet, I have been eating healthier, I have a bowl of cheerios with low fat milk, and a banana for breakfast, sometimes I will have half of a bagel, or an apple. In between meals, I have fruit like apples or bananas, or fresh cut veggies like carrot sticks, celery or broccoli or slices of cheese with water crackers. For lunch it various, I’ll have a plain salad (no croutons, heavy dressing) just cucumbers and a light vinaigrette, sometimes I will have some baked Salmon, or grilled chicken, ham slices or soup. I don’t have dinner that often, not on purpose, but just because when I get home I am usually busy taking a shower, blogging, etc so I either forget to have dinner or I am not hungry. I also don’t eat after like 7:30pm (just my choice), but if I AM hungry I will have a bowl of cereal or more fruit. On the weekends, or even occasionally I will have the good stuff like chicken strips, pizza, etc, but it’s about moderation. So I will have a slice or two of pizza, and then have a salad, or have a light lunch and a heavy dinner or vice versa.

Again, this is just what works for me, I know everyone has their own way that works for them, but I even FEEL slimmer in terms of my sides, belly fat, etc. and I feel more energized and healthier. Just trying to keep it up!

Q: I am really curious abut the MAC case. Would you mind doing a more indepth review…. like will it hold my 6 mac palettes? How heavy is it full/empty? -Whitney

A: Hi Whitney! It will hold all 6 possibly even more palettes (assuming they are stacked on top of each other), the well inside is big enough to hold about that many MAC palettes or even other stuff. For example I have my MAC palettes in there and I still manage to add a few brushes, some Q-tips, a mirror, etc in there. It’s pretty heavy empty alone (which is a con to me), but it’s pretty sturdy so I can’t complain. Supposedly it’s heat-resistant which means it’s safe to leave in your car on a hot day. With my stuff it wasn’t that much heavier than it was empty (at least it didn’t feel that way), but it wasn’t hard to lug around. It pretty much felt like it had the same weight with other makeup boxes I’ve had including the Sephora black case one with all my stuff in it. The good thing about THIS case is that it’s not as bulky as normal makeup cases, it’s slim, so it’s easy to carry on your shoulder with the shoulder strap included and it’s not bumping against your leg everytime you walk and fits in the tightest places like the floor on the backseat of your car. The two “boxes” on top swing out which makes it ideal to hold tiny things like eyeshadows, or smaller brushes, bottles, etc. so everything is nice and organized and not scattered.

Q: I love your hair color! What color is it? -Sara

A: Thanks Sara! I dyed it Revlon’s Deep Burgundy awhile ago, CLICK HERE for a pic, but I think the color it is now is a mixture of the faded undertones of the deep burgundy along with my natural hair color because in person it’s just a deep dark brown.

Reader Questions!

So since i’ve been gone for forever and a day I had a lot of questions that have been piling up, so I thought id answer most of ’em! And thanks to all of you that greeted me a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the C-box! I hope your year is off to a great start!

Q: Hey Vanessa! I was wondering if Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Collection lasted along time time, wouldn’t budge, waterproof I would like to know. Oh and how did you like Twilight? I loved it! -Valerie

A: Hi Valerie! How are you? I have only tried a sample size of MUFE’s Aqua Eyes eyeliners, and it stayed on, but for me it sorta smudged towards the middle of the day, I personally LOVE Urban Decay Eyeliners, they come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and these babies are waterproof, and they don’t smudge or budge on me at all! I watched Twilight, and I liked the movie but expected better; of course the eye candy in it such as the Cullen family was nice to watch, but the book was WAYYYY better than the movie, I am hoping that “New Moon” will be a lot better given that they have a bigger budget to work with….

Q: Hi Vanessa, I LOVE the outfit you wore to the airport, can you tell us what you are wearing? -Maggie

A: Thanks Maggie! The beige sweater is from Forever21 that I bought about a month or two ago for $22.80 I think, the belt is from WetSeal, long brown leggings from Forever21 for $6.80, and boots are Madden Girl Jaylyne Scrunch boot.

Q: Hi Vanessa, i was just wondering you know how u went to the IMATS expo this yr in vegas…well in 2009 is going to be in pasadena i think and i was just wondering if anybody can go as long as they purchase the tickets? -Karla

A: Anyone can attend by purchasing a ticket. This year’s show is in June.

Q: Hi Vanessa, I have a quick question…when you contour your face and nose do you put foundation on before or after? -Melanie

A: Hi Melanie, I personally put on my foundation BEFORE contouring. I find it easier and more effective to contour after you apply your foundation and then just blend any harsh lines or shadows with a stippling brush or a loose powder brush.

Q: Hey Vanessa, do the eyeshadows from the FLIRT! Palette fit into Mac palettes? What are they sitting in? Is it a soft plastic or really hard? Thanks! -Danielle

A: Hi Danielle, I believe the Flirt! eyeshadows in the palette (that I got my sister, which she loves!) fits into the MAC palettes, just by eyeballing it, it looks like it WILL fit, I believe you can take the tray the shadows sits in apart and just depot it by either prying it out of the mold that holds it or melting the bottom till there’s a hole then popping them out.

Q: Hey Vanessa, do you know if Magnetique from the Little Darlings pink set is available to purchase by itself? I love that color, but I don’t want to purchase the whole set just for that one. -Stephanie

A: Hi Steph! You can definitely buy a full-size, I have seen them at CCO’s (Cosmetics Company Outlet) which sell discontinued as well as older makeup products, or older collections. They also have it available online at Stars Makeup Haven, CLICK HERE.

Q: Hello Vanessa, I was wondering how you could make eyeshadow on your lower lashline stay on longer because you cant really put primer there right? -Selena

A: Hi Selena, you can try using an eyeliner sealer, or an eyeshadow transformer which turns your eyeshadows into workable and pigmented eyeliners without damaging them. You can try La Femme’s Eyeliner Sealer or Cinema Secrets Eyeliner Sealer.

Q: Hi Vanessa! Happy Holidays! I was just wondering what brand are your two crease brushes. thank you & take care! -Liza

A: Hi Liza! Thank you, I hope you enjoyed your holiday too! I have a few crease brushes but the ones I use frequently are Sonia Kushuk’s Blending Brush (she also has a crease brush, shown in my next post!), and one I got from Coastal Scents.

Q: Hey Vanessa, I was just wonderin if you ever used Per-fekt perfecting gel. I got a little sample, and it seems to be good, but was just wondering if u had any more experience on it. It would be a thing to review, I think, but it’s expensive, like $54. -Leilani

A: Hi Leilani, I have not had a chance to use Per-fekt perfecting gel, I hope I can get my hands on a sample or can try it soon and let you know!

Q: Hey Vanessa im looking for a new mascara & wondered if you recommend any of the MAC mascaras? -Kristee

A: Hi Kristee, I personally don’t like any of the MAC mascaras, at least they haven’t released one yet that has made me go gaga, and I like the drugstore brands a lot better especially since they are more affordable and mascara is tossed out after 3 months. My favorites are L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara (either one works great), their Voluminous mascara, and Covergirl’s Eyelights Mascara for Brown eyes.

Q: Hello I was just wondering how many times do you use the gatsby mega scrub a day ? -Nasri

A: I actually hardly use it, I probably use it like once a week or once every 2 weeks. Right now I am using Oil of Olay’s pore minimizing scrub and MAC’s Cremewash.

Q: Hi, do you have any suggestions where I can get a nice matte peach lipstick? I tried the ramblin rose from mac and its too frosty for me.! -Cadence

A: Hi Cadence! I love your name btw! I suggest MAC’s lipstick in “Cherish” or “Underplay”. MAC PRO has a lipstick called “Peachstock” which is also pretty. For a more affordable lipstick, NYX has gorgeous shade of peach called “Pumpkin Pie”.

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