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Happy New Year ladies! Sorry i’ve been slacking this week in posting, everyone’s back from vacation so i’ve been busy catching up at work and because the fiance and I are moving next week (even though I feel like we just moved into our place!), but I am moving to be closer to work since the commute now sorta stinks. So I am sad leaving the home we had so many memories in, but looking forward to making new ones at our new place; which is going to cut my commute from an hour to less than 30 minutes! But I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with loved ones, and toast to the New Year! May 2011 bring lots of luck, happiness, good health, and of course more money wouldn’t hurt either! LOL.

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5

Anyway, I had an opportunity to try out a couple of 16 shimmer eyeshadow palettes from, as well as their sponge bun maker. When I first saw these palettes I was amazed at how colorful they are, and when I swatched them on my hand, they were so pigmented! I’ve seen random palettes from places that look bright and pigmented, but are far from it when you swatch them, and definitely not the case with these. I wish these palettes came in all neutral colors as well for everyday wear, or even a matte version to switch things up. They also come with sponge-tip applicators.

These are without a base, pretty pigmented!
Product: 4 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5

Their sponge bun maker is so nifty and makes nice loose hairstyles in a jiff. My hair is long, thick, and heavy, so usually I can’t rock hair ‘do clips that make updo’s or buns because my hair just weighs it down and my head ends up feeling bruised at the end of the day, but because these are made out of foam, they are pretty comfy to sport and makes it easy to do a messy bun or chignon in seconds. Although I had to use some bobby pins to pin a few pieces since it wouldn’t hold all my hair together, it still came out great! It’s great for those of you with shorter hair, or fine hair as it will hold up really well, for us ladies with long and thick hair, it takes a bit of work and you may need some pins to keep it in place, but you can still make nice hairstyles.

From their website:

A loose chignon I did for a wedding:

Urban Decay Naked Palette & FOTD

I know, this gorgeous palette has been out for how many months now and I am barely getting around to posting about it…but because you ladies are awesome, have been so supportive and understanding, I made y’all red velvet cupcakes! I love baking (more than cooking! but the fiance is opposite, he loves to cook, so it works out LOL). And since I am a sucker for sweets and cupcakes, I made a batch of jumbo red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and man oh man do I love cream cheese frosting! :)

Anyway, I got the Naked Palette from Urban Decay months ago when they first came out and let me tell you- this palette is gorgeous. I totally love neutral browns esp. eyeshadows with a little shimmer, it’s the perfect color for Fall!

Honestly, if you are debating to get this or the neutral palette from MAC’s Tartan Tale Holiday Collection, I would highly recommend you get this one!

Why? Well let’s break it down, the Urban Decay palette is $44 at Sephora and, AND you get 12 good-sized, well-pigmented eyeshadows- that’s LESS than $4 per eyeshadow! Not only do you get the eyeshadows, you get a double-sided pencil of their infamous eyeliners, in “Zero” and “Whiskey”, and a small size of their eyeshadow Primer Potion. With the MAC holiday palettes, they are $38 for only 6 eyeshadows, and half the time, you end up only like 2 out of the 6 colors (at least I know that’s the case for me haha). And overall, I just love ALL the colors in this palette, they are just so pigmented and there’s a variety of shades from light to dark (even a black and a soft gray color) to achieve neutral or dark smokey looks.

[click on pics to enlarge]

Swatches done dry, with finger, in one swipe:
And here is a simple neutral look I did using the UD Naked Palette (as well as the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and Foundation which I will do a review and post on soon):
 What I used:
– MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20
– MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
– MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC35
– MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC35 as a finish/setting powder
– MAC “The Soft Meow” Mineralize Blush
– MAC “Emote” blush for contouring 
– Mixture of “Naked” and a little “Sin” e/s on the lower lid
– Mix of “Buck” and “Smog” on the outer-v and crease
– A little bit of “Hustle” on the outer-v
– MAC e/s in “Bisque” and “Orb” as highlight
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in very black
– UD eyeliner in “Rockstar” on lower lashline
– MAC lustre lipstick in “Lazy Day”

Product Review: Amuse Diamond Palette


This diamond makeup kit by Amuse is such a mega palette, probably the biggest I have ever owned! This palette contains 48 soft and smooth, almost metallic, eye-popping eye shadows, 4 chunky glitter eye shadows and 1 light pink matte blush. It also comes with two separate eye shadow applicators for the eye shadows, the blush and the glitter eye shadows. This diamond makeup kit truly lives up to its name because it’s just filled with tons of shimmer and glitter.

The Amuse Diamond Makeup Kit personally isn’t a palette I would enjoy because at the age of 26, I have gotten over the glitter phase, however some of the eye shadows are perfect because they are not glittery, just the perfect shimmer, while some of the eye shadows are sheer. The one thing I noticed about Amuse eye shadows is that they have a very strong fragrance to their eye shadows, and I immediately noticed this even before I took the palette out of the box. It’s not a horrible smell or anything, just unusual for makeup in general to smell like that. The eye shadows itself have a tiny flower pattern on them and I felt like this was a palette for little girls with the way it was made, because the colors are so delicate. I think it’s definitely a palette that fits more of my sister’s taste who is seventeen years old; since she doesn’t need a lot of coverage or makeup in general, these eye shadow colors are perfect for her age because they aren’t too sheer, but not too pigmented either to where it would be too much. The eye shadows itself are really soft to the touch and you get a lot of color in one swipe. They almost have a “metallic-look” to it.

The palette itself has tiny round dome windows on the cover above each eye shadow so that you can see the color in the palette. As much as I love palettes because they are somewhat of a space saver, this palette is too large for my liking and therefore it’s not one I can really carry on board if I were to travel, or a palette that I can just put in my purse or makeup bag. But for the gals that do love glitter and shimmer, this is a nice palette to just keep on your dresser or vanity because there are really lots of colors to choose from and it’s $14 on

Haul & Swatches: Mehron Aqua Paradise Palettes in Pastel & Tropical

I was so happy to finally receive my Mehron Paradise Palettes today (and a Ben Nye Lumiere e/s in “Turquiose”)! They are water-activated moist cakes that go on super pigmented once dry and really have remarkable staying power. They are easily removed with soap and water, but even there was still a bit on me, so it stays on! I saw xsparkage do a video on these and I was intrigued. :)

I can’t wait to do a look with these! You can get them from Bubba Sikes or from Stage Supply.

So how do these differ from the MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Flash Color Pots and MAC Paint Pots?

The MUFE Flash Color Pots are pigmented as well, but the consistency is that of a cream, so it tends to crease and you must use a lot of eyeshadow on top control it from creasing, but even then it comes off easily and doesn’t stay on.
The MAC Paint Pots are awesome, I love them and they have become a staple in my makeup bag, they too dry to a nice finish making it a decent base (for ME anyway) and since they come in different colors it can enhance the look of your eyeshadows. However, they do not have a wide range of colors (such as a bright purple or a yellow).
The Mehron Palettes come in bright and basic eye-catching colors, very pigmented and vibrant, dries to a nice finish and stays on. Makes a great base to bring out the colors of eyeshadows, also great for face painting since they are true in color, made with aloe and chamomile and other ingredients that are safe to use on the face.

Video on my haul along with swatches:

I also got a single Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow in “Turquiose” (swatch is in the video):

Auraline Beauty Blush Palette Swatches

Auraline Beauty

Anne and I barely got home a few hours ago, we were stuck in traffic and on top of that we got hit from the side from some guy that wasn’t paying attention so now my bumper is all messed up; it took us longer than usual to get home. I am so tired and it was so DAMN hot in Vegas we were melting even with the AC on full blast. Good to be home though, in the valley, where it’s nice and cool.

I will post pics of the convention and all that good stuff later tonight, as it’s already 1:25am as I write this and I have to wake up at 6am for work, so I need some sleep since we had such a long day and we woke up so early this entire weekend; so the thought of me uploading 80+ pics…let’s just say it’s not gonna happen right now, LOL. I saw all your questions on Cbox gals, so I will try and answer them during the day…Annika, your message is there, just click on “older messages” to view.

So instead, I leave you with some Auraline Blush Palette swatches, from the blush palette I bought at the IMATS show last weekend from

Here is also a list of upcoming posts I have lined up that I am trying to catch up on!

(in no particular order):

– video and pics of using the L’Oreal Voluminous Marker Eyeliner Pen I just did a product review on
– video on how to line your waterline (as requested by a reader)
– IECSC show & Vegas pics
– Swatches of ALL the nude lippies I have
– Other swatches of other things….
– FOTD’s
– Product Reviews: Beauty From The Earth, H2Pro Hot Iron….and more!

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My arm always looks likes this says the boyfriend…

New Business Cards & K-Mart Haul! (Long Post)

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Since the time I was 4, I have always been a business-minded woman. I would take items my mom already had, re-wrap it, and give it to her on Mother’s Day or her birthday, LOL. Come on I was 4 years old! In my mind, my mom didn’t know she had those things, and by me giving it to her, it would bring those items back to life and she would find a way to use them again. One thing I loved about my mom, was that everytime she opened my little “gifts”, she ALWAYS pretended that I really DID buy them and would be so surprised and would actually USE it. Thinking about it now, I was so silly; but I always tried to start things on my own, and sell it. I would collect rocks and paint them, then try to sell them thinking they were priceless gems, LOL. I was quite an imaginative kid, and I guess when you are the only child for 9 years, it’s amazing the things you do to keep yourself entertained.

Now at almost 26, I find myself more enthralled with the idea of taking this site and my addiction to makeup beyond it’s original intent. At first, I created this blog to record products I used for certain looks and to help others with product reviews and swatches; but now this site has grown so much since it opened last May, bringing in 6,000 page views a day. I am so glad that many of you find it useful or at least- entertaining! And I REALLY appreciate you all for being so kind and supportive. Now I just wanna continue doing this as long as I can because it’s fun, as well as being able to offer many items some of you are unable to get due to being an international resident, or even US residents when it comes to certain things like pigment samples and such. (When I can! And no pigment samples are still NOT available)

So I created some business cards, address labels, post-it notes, and of course a shirt all with the same logo and everything to spread the word, and I love how they came out! They look super cute and I am glad they came out so nice and very matchy-matchy! It says “makeup artist” because eventually I will be getting into it to help my photographer friend who needs one and thought it would be good to gain more experience and do it on the side. Some of you actually wanted shirts haha which I thought was so funny, considering I only made ONE shirt for me as my sleep shirt, LOL! It never crossed my mind that people would want one, so I am looking for a distributor who will create me a few baby-T shirts with the same logo to give to some of you gals, it’s great for around the house, gym, or a sleep shirt (like how I use it), since it’s pretty comfy and soft. I honestly just like the colors on it and the girl…lol.


I went to K-Mart after work to go and buy some toilet paper (now that the BF lives with me, supplies come and go REAL FAST!) So I had to stock up, and ladies, have you EVER gone to a store with the intention of buying only one or two things, and end up coming up with a cart load of stuff you don’t need??!!! Please tell me I am not the only one that has this problem…LOL.

EVERY SINGLE time I walk into a Target, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc, I go there for a few things like necessities such as shampoo, toilet paper, food, and the like, and I always end up coming out with things I didn’t go there for, usually makeup haha or more facial cleansers. It’s so hard to just go in there and pick up that ONE thing you really went there for, pay for it, and walk out. NOOOOO, for some reason I gotta browse around and end up buying something else. Argh!

Anyway, that happened last night at K-Mart, went in to get toilet paper and some cold fighting remedies you lovely ladies suggested, and what happens?!! I come out with eyeshadows, a palette, nailpolish, AND I was this close to also picking up Milani’s Brow Fix Powder AND a pack of St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Stickers (don’t ask), but I was good and at least put those back!

So here is what I bought, luckily the BF wasn’t mad because it was cheap stuff well within our budget (so he thinks! Ha!)

Remember “The Color Workshop”? Those gaudy makeup palettes that usually were sold in cheap stores like JC Penney or Sears? I got them like every Christmas and hated them, but it seems that like AVON, The Color Workshop has stepped up their game! Their colors are much more pigmented (and they are actually NICE colors, and not the grandma colored eyeshadows), AND the design is so sleep, chic, and simple.

They had these awesome palettes for $10, and also had other palettes that were interchangeable meaning you can switch up the colors by changing the inside pan. The one I bought contains eyeshadows, shimmer powders, blushes, lipglosses, creamy lipstick-like pots, and cream eyeshadows, AND came with 4 nailpolishes. I haven’t tried it yet, but based on the swatches it looks quite promising!

How it looks like closed:

A few eyeshadows…

The nailpolishes…

From Maybellline’s Spring Collection, nailpolish with designs inside to paint on your nail…

Eyeshadow Quad in “Seaside Turquoise”:

I also couldn’t pass up on Garnier’s “Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit”, it was on sale for $4.00!!!! Supposed to give you more refined, radiant, even-toned skin, we’ll see!

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