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Health and beauty doesn’t just stop at cosmetics and skin care products; part of being healthy and beautiful is practicing good oral hygiene for fresher breath and a great smile. I was contacted at the perfect time by Wayne from to review a couple of their products: their flossing toothbrush and their tongue cleaner because I was already shopping around for a few dental products to help keep my teeth and tongue in tip top shape considering I have a sweet tooth!

The fiance also took it out for a test drive and was really excited to use the tongue cleaner, he was a bit disappointed at first because he was expecting the ones with the tiny bristles/brush on it (only because he saw a commercial on one literally minutes before I showed him), but after using this one, he was pretty happy to say the least. He said it did the job and now uses it every night.

I am gonna break my review into sections, focusing on each product so it’s easier to follow, you can also find more information and a video on how to effectively use the tongue cleaner on their website or on their FAQ section HERE. **WARNING** there are some tongue pics below, LOL.

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Nailpolish is Santee in “Flower Pink”

TONGUE CLEANER (Overall rating: 8/10):
*Replace every 3 months

Our tongues are just a breeding ground for bacteria and decaying food debris, which is the cause for bad breath, hence the need for a tongue cleaner!

PROS: Did a good job of cleaning my tongue and it’s easy to clean, I also liked how I can physically see the bacteria and the food debris being scraped off and I noticed a big difference before and after. The tongue cleaner felt like it was made out of cheap plastic and that it would easily break but it’s really sturdy and according to their website, it’s made out of FDA-grade plastic. I like how they also have the tongue cleaner (and the flossing toothbrush) in travel versions. Also comes in a variety of colors.

CONS: When you are scraping down (from the back of your tongue to the tip of your tongue with the edge) it does remove a lot of the bacteria, however it’s also removing a lot of your saliva so you end up drooling and it can get gross and messy, however this is the case for pretty much ALL brush cleaners out on the market. I also wish it had a carrying case of some sort for the travel brush cleaner to prevent it from getting dirty or harboring bacteria.

Also, if you have a sensitive gag reflex, I suggest starting slow and just sticking your tongue out and placing the cleaner at the back of your tongue without aggravating the reflex, and little by little each time place it further back.

From their website: 
What are the toothbrush bristles made of?

The SoFresh® Flossing Toothbrush’s bristles are made of a plastic material called PolyButylene Terephthalate (PBT), which typically lasts longer than normal nylon bristles found in most toothbrushes because they do not absorb as much water.

Does this replace regular flossing? No, it simply just enhances your routine.

PROS: The numerous tiny, thin bristles really do help get into super hard to reach areas, and if you have sensitive gums (like me), this is a great toothbrush as it gets in between the small areas of the gumline and in between teeth for effective cleaning. The bristles are soft (they only have soft so it’s less abrasive on the gums and tooth enamel), so it’s really gentle for anyone to use. Comes in a variety of colors.

CONS: The actual brush head is a bit bigger than a standard toothbrush (feels taller and wider), so for those of you that may have a really small jaw/mouth, you may find this tooth brush to be too much brush for you, but it does not feel uncomfortable at all, you can just tell the difference between your old tooth brush and this one.



It’s the flossing toothbrush above, but in travel form. I love anything travel-sized, as you can tell from a few posts ago from what’s in my makeup bag, I am usually a gal on the go and like to be prepared; and a travel toothbrush is always something handy and nifty to have.  More so if it’s the flossing toothbrush! Gives you a much cleaner feeling and easy to tote around.
Overall: I was glad I had an opportunity to test out these products simply because there’s so many products out there to help you take care of your oral health, but it’s always hard to find something that actually works, and at a great price. They sell 1-5 units starting at $3.50!
Other things to know: They DO ship internationally, they sell combo packs, and they ship from California. For more info, check out their website.