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NYX Matte Lipsticks (Swatches!)

Here are swatches of the NYX Matte Lipsticks ($4.99) I snagged at IMATS: Indie Flick, Sweet Pink, and Shocking Pink. These lipsticks are gorgeous! Even though they have a matte finish, they are not at all drying (at least to me), I have “Ruby Woo” from MAC which is a matte finish and it’s so dry, I can’t apply that without some chapstick; in comparison, these are very moisturizing and very pigmented!

The only con is that there is not a lot of product in comparison to standard lipsticks, but then again it’s only $4.99! To get an idea, the second pic below is the lipstick twisted all the way up.

I also took the liberty of comparing these lipsticks to other lipsticks in my collection, when I originally swatched “Shocking Pink” at IMATS, it reminded me of MAC’s “Candy Yum-Yum” lipstick, so I swatched similar pinks to see what they could be close to. “Indie Flick” is more of a true orange (it didn’t show up that true in pics), MAC’s “Coral Polyp” from the Dame Edna Collection and MAC’s “Hibiscus” from the Surf Baby Collection had more of a reddish terracotta tinge to it. And NYX’s “Femme” lipstick is a nice true coral. NYX’s “Sweet Pink” is close to MAC’s “Show Orchid” and NYX’s “Shocking Pink” is just a tad bit more berry in shade, whereas MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum” is more on the lighter pink side.

IMATS Haul 2011

Finally have my IMATS Haul up! I still have TONS of reviews and posts to do, and pics to edit, but I am getting there! Don’t worry INGLOT post is next! I didn’t haul a lot as you can see, since I pretty much got everything I needed at the Vegas show.

I stocked up on some lashes, and my holy grail Anastasia products because it was 40% off at the show! So instead of paying around $20 each for the Brow Whiz Pencil and the tinted brow gel in Caramel, I paid around $12.50 each! The Inglot booth was packed with people, and just ended up getting a 5 eyeshadow palette at the time because it was my first time trying them out. I also stopped by my favorite brush booth, Bdellium Tools and bought some brushes. The NYX booth at the show was insane, but was able to snag some of their new matte lipsticks (which I love!), I will post swatches soon and comparing them to other lipsticks (such as MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum!)

Napoleon Perdis was a major sponsor this year at IMATS and they were so generous and nice to the everyone, their booth was one of the best ones at the show. I received their coral kit that has coral eyeshadows, blushes, and their infamous lip veil, and their lip veil in “Rare Opal” in my press kit and I am just loving coral right now, so it was right up my alley!

One of the highlights of IMATS, was meeting Zena, the creator of the Z Palette! I wish I took a pic with her…she is super sweet and I was so flattered she already knew who I was because she read my previous review on the Zebra Z Palette, and gave me the Pro Z Palette to review (which is sturdier and deeper, of course review coming soon!)

 Since I re-organized my Inglot palette and bought new shades, swatches and names of each one will be featured in my Inglot post :)

NYX Haul…and bull riding!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, blogger was down, and I was sore due to “bull riding”… our boss surprised us with a trip to Universal Studios on Wednesday for Employee Appreciation Day, and it was fun! It was so nice of him to do that for the company’s 10 year anniversary! We had lunch at Saddle Ranch restaurant, which has a mechanical bull, and I never rode a mechanical bull before so I had to try it! And all I can say is that it’s my first and last time LOL. As I write this, I still have 2 big bruises on my legs and my right arm still hurts. :(

I got my dinosaur hoodie featured in the video from Hot Topic, I had a lot of questions about where I got it from so thought i’d mention it on here as well….I got it months ago so it may or may not still be on their website.

And I got eaten by a shark…. :)

Anyway, I ordered a few things from when they had their NYX sale, 50% off select items, and thought i’d swatch all of the NYX Lip Liners I own so far, I love how pigmented they are not to mention 10 times cheaper than MAC lip liners and other high-end brands (it’s pencil people!)

I also got their Black Label lipstick in “Cancun Pink” (I loved their other shade “Dusty Rose” too!), and their round lipstick in “Snow White”. It looks really, really dark in the tube but it comes out a nice perfect red! Let me know if you want me to compare these to other pink and red lipsticks I own, and I will be happy to! :)

I also got their nailpolish in “Dolly Pink” which is a gorgeous color and their jumbo eye pencil in “Milk” to use as a base on some eyeshadows. The lipgloss is NYX’s “Beige”, which is one of my favorite glosses and had to restock.


NYX Eyeshadow Palette in Velvet Rose

***CherryCulture has this listed as “Velvet Rose” but it’s really “Velvet Rope” thanks to Galen UK for pointing that out and sorry for any confusion!***

Karen from did a wonderful review on the NYX Velvet Rose eyeshadow palette ($8) and was squealing with delight when sent me one for a review. I love purple, it’s one of my favorite colors, so imagine my face when I saw this palette that was pretty much all purple!

NYX always has a wide array of colors and they are nicely pigmented not to mention affordable (10 eyeshadows for $8!). Even a MAC eyeshadow refill costs more than that! I love that this eyeshadow palette is compact, has a mirror and a nice range of purples from a lilac to a deep plum, and even some darker shades to add depth and create a smokey look. Also has a nice cream shimmery shade which is great to highlight the brow bone and comes with a duel end sponge-tip applicator. Each shade itself I found to be pretty pigmented, the swatches below were done dry, no primer whatsoever.

For the eye look below, I used the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White to brighten up the light pink (the second light pink color from the left on the bottom row of the swatches) because by itself or even over Painterly paint pot it was so faint and pale on my lids, and using the white base definitely brightened it up a bit. (By the way, the base stayed on pretty well for a few hours!) and then I used two of the purples, the 4th e/s from the left on the top row, and the 3rd eyeshadow from the left on the bottom row.

In other news, I’ve been counting the amount of times my eye flashes happen to see if it’s getting better or worse and today it didn’t happen that much, i’d say probably around 10 which is good for the entire day. And I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist for this Friday so we will see what he says! :)

Product Spotlight: NYX Eyeshadow Base

Back in June, at the IMATS Show- I received an NYX Press Kit, which contained their NYX Eyeshadow Base in White ($6,, and I forgot about it until recently, since I was currently using my Smashbox Photo Finish Eye Primer and was digging around in my stash.

At first I was like, hmmm white??? But it TOTALLY makes sense considering a white background/primer (even nailpolish) brings out the true color of the color placed on top of it.  The consistency is similar to that of other eye primers, a bit thicker than the Smashbox eye primer (similar to the consistency of the MAC Studio Fix Concealer), but easy to apply. If anything I like eyeshadow primers that are a tad bit thicker because I feel like they hold onto the eyeshadow more. This white primer definitely brightens up eyeshadow colors and gives the appearance of being really pigmented. I haven’t had a chance to do a complete look with it yet, so I don’t know how it will hold up in terms of staying power (if it will crease or not), but so far just playing around with it, it looks promising. I will definitely keep you ladies posted and try to do a look using it this week.

Below is a comparison pic of a random eyeshadow color by itself, on top of the Smashbox Primer, and on top of the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White.

NYX round l/g’s, awesome cremesheen dupe!

Everyone these days are on a tight budget, and since everyone loves a good dupe, I highly recommend NYX Round Lipglosses as a dupe for the MAC Cremesheen lipglosses. I originally did a review awhile back on the NYX round lipglosses and I do love how inexpensive they are ($1.99+ and you can find them on for $2) and they are very pigmented in just one swipe! I also have heard that NYX has reinforced their packaging because before the stopper would come off so you were left with globs of gloss on your wand. So that’s a plus! (Leave a comment to enter for a chance to win 2 brand new NYX lipglosses!)

Many of the NYX round lipglosses I noticed are matte, no shimmer or glitter, just a nice sheer matte color- similar to that of the MAC Cremesheens. They also have some that have a touch of shimmer. Of course they are not exactly the same, but I think it’s a very good dupe for those who don’t wanna pay $18, and also the Cremesheen lipglosses are LIMITED EDITION (and most of them are already sold-out according to the MAC website, department store websites and actual stores) where as the NYX round lipglosses are always available. I think the differences among the two other than the price, is that the Cremesheens may stay on a bit longer than the NYX lipglosses as the NYX lipglosses seem more slippery. (I personally have not tried the Cremesheens but based on playing with it I can tell it’s a bit more thick and stickier than the NYX lipglosses) so it probably stays on a lot longer.

Here are some swatches:


Lorac also came out with their new line of Couture lipglosses ($22), and I saw these at Sephora in which many of the shades are also matte or a bit of shimmer. My favorite is the one called “Haute”, it’s a nice soft baby pink.

Overall, if you are a beauty gal on a budget, definitely check out a few of the NYX round lipglosses!


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