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Reader Question

Q: Vanessa – how do you like the eyeshadows from nixie cosmetics? I am thinking of buying some of their shadows. Does the nixie shadow pans fit into a mac palette? thanks!
A: The Nixie eyeshadows are awesome, and HUGE! The color payoff (pigmentation) is equivalent to MAC. And NO the Nixie eyeshadows DO NOT fit in the MAC Palette! The MAC eyeshadows are very small so it can only fit the E.L.F quad palettes or their own MAC 15 pan palettes (which I am selling as well as blush palettes, email me for info). You MUST order the Nixie Palette itself for the Nixie eyeshadows, ULTA eyeshadows DO FIT in the Nixie Palettes as they are the SAME exact size. To gauge the difference in size, look up at the banner on top of this blog, the MAC eyeshadows are in the black palette on the top left of the banner, and the ULTA/Nixie eyeshadows are on the right and are much larger.

Nixie Palette Arrived!

My palette from Nixie arrived yesterday and I am so unbelievably happy that it fits all my ULTA eyeshadows as well!

I also went to the MAC counter today and they were doing make-overs for their newest collection “smoke signals”. I just picked me up their eyeshadow in “Freshwater”, I also wanted their pretty neutral brown eyeshadow called “Patina” but they ran out. :( So i’ll try the MAC Store in Woodland Hills….

My Nixie Palette:

A little palette happy….

My NEUTRAL/Highlighting Base Palette, I tried to get Amethyst outta there, but it wouldn’t budge…

Also picked me up a pen holder which I am using as my lipgloss/pencil holder:

My pretty Freshwater!

And lastly, swatches of some of the blues I have:

NIXIE and ULTA Cosmetics

So I figured out that I can fit my ULTA Eyeshadows along with my Nixie Eyeshadows in the Nixie Well Palettes, so I begun depotting all my ULTA eyeshadows to put in the palette and I am quite pleased that they fit perfectly, which means I can get more ULTA eyeshadows!

So far I bought: Gold Leaf, Amethyst, Gold Olive, Marble, Lustre, Turquoise, Camel, and Sterling. Need to buy Peacock and Cashmere.

Forgot the name of the other one…

Nixie Cosmetics

So my good friend Miss Jo D from Denver, the makeup goddess, introduced me to the next MAC, Nixie Cosmetics ( they have a lot of colors and same pigment concentration as MAC, if not better. I signed up as a PRO Artist after providing my forms of ID, and I now get 40% off every order! I can give you guys a 10% discount as well, IF you do order online, use my referral ID code to get your discount: “nessagarcia”. (They didn’t let me fit the “va”.)

I love their colors and how pigmented they are!

So they sent me a free palette for signing up with them and got that in the mail yesterday along with my Avon stuff:

Here is my AVON stuff, I got the transforming liquid liner that basically turns your eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner (which I have yet to try out):