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SOLD the last Viz-a-Violet Piggy Sample!

I sold the last Viz-a-Violet pigment sample to Miss Claudia, so Viz-a-Violet is no longer available, however I will gladly replace it with Violet if you gals want it. It’s almost exactly like Viz-a-Violet, except more vivid and about a shade darker. (More purple-y).

Antiquitease Collection!!

NOTE: Family Silver and Silversmith are switched wrong, they were in the wrong boxes!

***PLEASE READ***Some of you have asked me questions regarding this collection, to clarify:

Antiquitease COLOR– Meaning everything BUT the brush sets and Palettes (both lip and eye) WILL BE available in stand alone MAC and PRO stores Thursday Oct. 18th for purchase.

The brush sets AND palettes will be available on Thursday October 25th and NOT on the 18th!

For more pics and product info check out Temptalia!

So Chastity and I went to the MAC Event in Glendale YESTERDAY, there was a long line, packed store full of people waiting to get their hands on the new holiday collection Antiquity. It was so hot and yucky in there after awhile but boy was it so worth it! I snuck my cell phone in and took some pics!

We spent over $200 on our new loot, the brush sets and the palettes were pre-ordered as these are available October 25.

Here are the brush sets:

I love the new holiday pigments “Your Ladyship” and “Sweet Sienna”, they are just gorgeous! And don’t get me started on the baked mineralized eyeshadows “Silversmith” and “Family Silver”! They are to DIE for! They are all just beautiful colors, I think it was our favorite of the bunch. The lip glasses personally were ok, not enough to make me purchase any, there is one I think called “Trifle” it looks exactly like the “Lightswitch” lipglass from the 3D Collection. The lipsticks are a bit sheer for me, the pink one (“Her Fancy”) is a nice sheer pink.

I am telling you we went CRAZY! It was A LOT of fun though and I am glad that we were able to preview them before a lot of people and get our hands on it.

Now for the pics!


With Flash:


With Flash:

The pigments:

With Flash:

P.S. For the gal who saw me at the event, HI! Yes that was me, I wish you would have said hello! I would have loved to meet you! :)

Update on Pigments

I had a lot of emails regarding the pigments, so I hope this helps:

– YES I will be shipping INTERNATIONALLY
– YES I will be selling samples of ALL my pigments, this includes MAC PRO pigments and glitters as well
– US residents, it will be $3 each sample this price INCLUDES shipping, international residents it will be a case by case basis
– COMBINED shipping is $5 up to 5 samples, and each sample is lowered to $1.50 EACH. More than 5 samples, shipping is $5.95
– You will be getting 1/4 Teaspoon sample of EACH pigment, this is measured using those measuring spoons, and they will be transferred to a steril 3 or 5 gram jar, to see what it will look like, CLICK HERE and HERE
– I am STILL waiting on more pigments, such as Blue (RARE pigment), and I will be heading to the PRO store hopefully sometime next week to get more, so wait until I can get a complete list ready
– See below post for pigments

Bruised nose.

So my nose has been bruised from the inside for the past week…I don’t know what I did for it to get that way, but it hurts if I even remotely try to touch it, even puckering my lips after putting on lipgloss sends a pain up my sinuses, making my eyes water. Ouch, totally NOT fun.

I might be stopping by the MAC store today and pick me up a few “my-nose-hurts-so-I-need-to-buy-me-something-to-make-me-feel-better” items, such as more pigments and perhaps a few refills I need, such as Vex. :)

Lately I have been buying more MAC items, but don’t be too quick to dismiss me as a “MAC Addict” or a “MAC Whore”, I am not there, yet. I still have love for my drugstore and non-mac brands. (I love you CVS, Target, and Sephora!) I have just been intrigued lately by the collections MAC comes out with, but there are so many great dupes out there, TONS.

But I am telling you, EVERY time I walk into the MAC store, I can never come out with spending LESS than $100. Argh, time to pull out my BF’s credit card! Just kidding. He always tells me after I bring home more makeup, “babe that could have been our wedding cake”, LOL. I am a girl, a girl who is addicted to makeup. I know, I need help dammit!

Anyway, I thought id add a link in here to make y’all go “no way!”, a 10-year old in Belgium gives BIRTH, yes 10 years old, and the father is 13 years old. All I can say is, WHAT THE HECK???! All I know is that my kids are gonna be put on lockdown for a very long time. LOL.,2933,298757,00.html

Update: Preliminary Release Dates and Info for MAC Collections (Courtesy of

The following is from

– The much anticipated Alexander McQueen Collection has been pushed back until next Thursday October 11th.

– MAC Stand-alone stores are having an event on the 14th with the release of the Antiquity collection, invites only.

– The following have release dates of OCTOBER 25TH and later: Antiquitease, Keepsake, Heirloom, Curiositease, The Originals, Metal-X and Stylistics.

First up is…….
Antiquitease: Royal Assets Eyes x 6

* Sunday Best – Ivory with frost (LE Repromote Lingerie ‘05) (F) <~ OMG YES!
* Nobility – (S)
* Retrospeck – Beached blonde (L)
* Star Violet – Earth-touched pinky-brown plum fusion (VP)
* Club – Muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent shimmer (S)
* Showstopper – Soft smoked brown black (Repromote Icon: Diana, Nordies Face Palette, Smoke Signals) (M)


* Medallion – (VP)
* Silverwear – (F)
* Trophy Pink – (F)
* Modern Heir – (F)
* Shadowy Lady – Darkly veiled plum (M)
* Queen’s Jewel – (VP)


* Maid of Honor – (S)
* Rondelle – Light silver with white pearl (LE, Repromote Danse ‘06) (F)
* Palatial – (L)
* Courtly Grey – (M)
* Majestic – (L)
* Knight – (VP)


* Cream Royale – (VP)
* Silver Fog – (F)
* Honey Lust – Bronze-dipped peach (L)
* Stately Black – (L)
* Manor – (F)
* Velvet Lady – (V)

MAC Holiday Collection Information

Prepare to drool ladies! Specktra has release more information on MAC’s Holiday Collection, including pictures and details of colors in the quads, Limited Edition colors, pigments, lipglasses, and more!!!

Check it out: Specktra

For you ladies interested in purchasing sample MAC Pigments, I am still in the process of receiving them, so once I have them, I will have a list of what is available and just let me know which ones you want. I am trying to get some pigments that are hard to find! :)

Also, I will also be selling 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palettes and 6 pan BLUSH palettes, they raised their prices on them, they used to be about $10, and now they are close to $13 not including tax, so my prices on these WILL vary (depending on how many you order as postage is by WEIGHT) AND because I also have to purchase the bubble mailers I mail them in to protect the precious cargo! So it might be close to $20 for each one.

And for you gals who live in states or areas that DO NOT, or have trouble finding NYX Cosmetics, let me know if you are looking for certain items (eyeshadows, trios, etc) because I have a NYX store downstairs at work and I can get them for you. They have TONS of NYX stuff, but no Chrome Eyeshadows! :(

So that’s just an update for y’all! I have so much stuff to get rid of!

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