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I have been super busy with this thing called “life”, so thank you all for patiently waiting for any requests you have put in! I am really trying as hard as I can to hammer everything out accordingly, however I get home pretty late so sometimes the last thing I wanna do is turn on the camera! I just wanna get in bed and sleep! So I try and update as I can, so to let you all know what you can look forward to:

I WILL BE (meaning NOT NOW, but soon) offer MAC Pigment Samples again. Because of the madness that goes on with shipping and impatient people, I will ship out EVERY WEDNESDAY ONLY. Also no duplicates of colors will be allowed. Sorry but it’s to be fair, also they are SAMPLES so that you can see whether you want to buy the full size version or not, some people want to order like 5 of one color to stock up, no can do! I repeat, I AM NOT TAKING ANY ORDERS NOW, I am in the process of getting all the materials together (envelopes, jars, sifters, labels, more pigments, etc) so once everything is complete, I will announce it here.

Reader Requests:

– FOTD: Using NYX Eyeshadow Trio in “Aquamarine”
– Video on how I did my hair for the Pink Princess FOTD
– Tutorial/Look using only ONE eyeshadow
– Essentials in my makeup bag
– Video: Makeup Collection re-visited
– Holiday Glam Look (yeah this one is a tad bit too late! LOL)
– FOTD: Valentine’s Day Look
– Tutorial (maybe a video): Focusing on outer-V and contour

…..and much, much, more! So Stay tuned!

Another Manic Monday…

Mondays suck. No other way to put it, really. The thought of me waking up early (I am not a morning person whatsoever), and having to leave the confines of my warm, comfy bed, and being stuck in traffic- is not exactly my idea of a “good time”.

On top of that, accounting messed up my taxes, meaning for the first time in my life I would have to OWE taxes! But have no fear ladies, this wasn’t my fault, apparently my claim changed in the middle of the year without my consent, I usually claim 1, yet last year I was 5. It’s so annoying because apparently the people that sends us our checks said they can’t change it and send me a new W2. Ugh.

Last night I watched “Bring it On- In it to win it”, the newest one, (don’t ask me why why I watched it, I am weird like that), and they had a “cheer off” it was really retarded. Even the boyfriend was laughing like “Why are you watching that!??”, so I changed it to “Hannah Montana”. Like that was any better…but I watch it because it reminds me of Megan (my little sis). :)

I will add a FOTD/Tutorial later today….I need to go and fix my “little” tax problem. LOL.

End of the year liquidation sale!

Like Petitebelle, I too have a lot of items to get rid of! Simply because of my massive, ever-growing pile of makeup products, I HAVE to control myself and just get rid of what I don’t use or never used and stop buying more things to add onto the chaos!

So instead of throwing some of this stuff away because most of them are new, or pretty new (either used it once or twice or just tested it once like a swatch), why not give it to you budget fashionistas?

So here are some items for sale, it’s on a first come first save basis, and I only take paypal, so leave me a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL if you are interested in ANY of these things and feel free to take as much as you want as I am just trying to clear my stash. I also listed some items that are FREE as well, just pay for shipping (NOTED BY *** AND price is listed). Also ALL prices INCLUDE shipping and packaging, for US Residents ONLY! Sorry International gals, it’ll cost me MORE to send it out to you…



4. NYX Concealer in a Jar in “Fair”, used once, $4

9. Flirt! Eyeshadow in “Candy Hearts” from the same makers of MAC products (also a division of Estee Lauder), used only once, it’s a soft pink/lilac color, $7 originally $10.

13. ***MAX Factor Trio Eyeshadow, white, grey and black. $3

15. (SANDY MEDIUM GLO SOLD)Everyday Minerals Foundations and Blushes I never used/don’t match. The Blue one is a matte blue eyeshadow called “Cornflower” from KT Naturals. (Let me know about this one, whether you want one or all, and i’ll give you pricing, leave your email!)


18. ***E.L.F. Blending Wedges Wheel, BRAND NEW, $2 including shipping.

Urban Decay Palette & Technical Issue

I apologize to you ladies who left comments and I have not responded, for some reason the comments never reached my email, but rather was sitting in the queue here on blogger, so I finally approved them all and now I am responding to each on as fast as I can!

Christiana- I’ll try and find some dupes for ya for the MAC lipsticks, I have some in mind but I gotta check the brand and color, so i’ll get back to you on that one.

Sara- The indelible gel eyeliner is available on, I am also selling 2 BRAND NEW Indelible Gel Eyeliners (you can buy them separately); I have “Marcasite” a black with shimmer, and “Ivy League” a hunter green with shimmer. See below. Also I have not tried any products from Lumiere other than their healing concealer, lumi-lips, foundation (sample size), eyeshadow (sample size), and their brushes.

CherryBlossom- The Milani eyeshadows are really affordable! The singles go for anywhere from $2.49-$3.99 depending where you go, the quads I know are around $3 or $4, not more than $5.

So I got the Urban Decay Palette I was eye-ing, and since my boss gave me a gift card, I said why not! I am really digging the vibrant colors in this palette, I love how it comes with applicators, a mirror, AND the popular eyeshadow primer potion!


Also selling Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Marcasite, $12 including shipping (US Only).

Reader Questions: Pigment Samples

I’ve been getting a lot of questions again regarding the pigment samples, so let me re-iterate them and hopefully this post answers all your questions! :)

YES I am still selling pigments, however I ran out of the jars to place them in due to amount of orders i’ve been getting. I ordered more jars and they have NOT arrived yet, so please don’t place any orders or they WILL get lost, so just keep checking this site to see any updates as I will announce when I am ready to take orders again. They are 1/4 teaspoon samples in a 3 gram jar with a sifter.

– I bought more piggies (such as Vanilla and GoldStroke), “Your Ladyship” and “Viz-a-Violet” is no longer available due to being limited edition items, and I need to save some for myself! Sweet Sienna is still available, I may purchase more of “Your Ladyship” just for sampling but I am not sure yet, let me know if you ladies are interested in this pigment, if there are enough ladies that want to sample it, then i’ll buy it.

Prices are still the same, $3 each except for 7+, 7-8 is now $15 (a buck cheaper), 9+ will be $17 and I will be getting more pigments as I go along. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND PACKAGING (THE JARS AND ENVELOPES). I DO SHIP INTERNATIONAL HOWEVER TRACKING INFO IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL AS IT IS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. ESTIMATED SHIPPING TO INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES ARE ABOUT A WEEK. I am not responsible for lost international packages because there is no tracking info, if you are interested in tracking info, refer to the website and estimate the rates and let me know. Last time I checked, shipping to the UK barely Priority Mail was already $24.60!

– The colors I have available are: Teal, Vanilla, Golden Lemon, Gold Stroke, Fuchsia, Pinked Mauve, Blue, Sweet Sienna, Violet, and Your Ladyship (vote if you want it!)

MAC Collection: Metal X- Released November 21st

Here are some preview images of the MAC Collection, Metal-X which is being released November 21st, they are CREAM eyeshadows and as you can see they are gorgeous colors! These images are also from Risser that were posted on the Specktra Blog, I personally am not a fan of cream eyeshadows as they tend to slide off of me, but I have high expectations about this collection, I am hoping they are like the paint pots in the sense that the staying power is awesome!

These 9 shades are ALL LIMITED EDITION.

I am eyeing:
pure ore, goldspice, virgin silver, fusion gold, metalblu, and 6th sin.



This photo is from cathystyle98, who I believe is on Specktra.

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