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Leaving on a jet plane…..

So my flight takes off in a couple hours and I thought id leave y’all with a post since I’ll be stuck on the plane for 5 hours and oddly enough when I get off it, it will be 10pm Eastern time!

I will try and answer all your questions/emails as soon as I get there!

Here is my recent TINY haul from Walgreens as I needed to get some things to take on my trip:

I got the Monistat Chafing-Relief Gel, someone asked if it was different from what I mentioned before in which I said “anti-chafing” gel but it’s the same thing…anti of course meaning “against” so it’s a preventative gel for chafing, hence chafing relief. Sorry for the confusion. :)

I got the Humectress Leave-In Conditioner Spray, so far I love it and will do a formal review of course later.

The ingredient is dimethicone which is found in many primers (or other ingredients ending in ‘cone’). The texture is the same as the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, as well as the Camellia Rose Skin Soothing Primer in which I also did a review. I’ve used it for close to a week now and it works; it’s definitely a nice cheaper alternative to expensive primers and of course, easy to find in any drugstore.

Some people may have a reaction to certain ingredients so use caution when purchasing products, I for one don’t experience any problems with many ingredients, including talc, but of course you should limit the amounts of use with those ingredients.

I also nabbed a couple NYX Lipglosses, “Tea Rose” and “Cady Shop” which I think they meant to say “Candy Shop” but the label says “Cady”….(swatches coming soon)

I am going to miss my bed…my room…YOU GALS, and of course the BF. :(

I will try and update as soon and as often as I can, of course pics of my adventure!

Busy, Busy, Bumblebee

Some of you gals are having trouble finding the Ardell Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator, they have it (different packaging, but nonetheless the same) at

Also, Cherry (my second home) is having a March Madness sale until MARCH 20th, 20% off everything in the store! Use CODE: MMAD20

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Lately I have been feeling like there’s just not enough time, and the time change doesn’t help much.

The new site is far from being done, well it may look almost to some, but there’s just so much content that needs to be put in and of course that takes time- something I rarely have these days….I think I am going to take a weekend soon to just work on it.

Tomorrow is the birthday shoot for my friend’s baby, and I am hoping that the precocious 1 year old will co-operate with me and I can at least get a few good shots. I am leaving for NY on Sunday, and I haven’t packed yet. I still have to get my shirts dry cleaned and all that jazz, just thinking about packing my makeup and bathroom essentials already makes my mind exhausted. I hate leaving the comfort of MY bed, yet I like traveling. I think the whole packing and unpacking business makes it a bit crazy. I haven’t even thought of places I want to hit up, other than the MAC PRO store over there, but even then there’s actually nothing on my lemmings list *shocker!*

We are hosting a party Wednesday night at some club called Spotlight, so for you New Yorkers reading this, see if you can get it, there will be a Karaoke contest!

Here are some upcoming posts:

– Yellow and Pink FOTD using NYX Chrome Eyeshadows
– Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel…possible primer?
– St. Patrick’s Day FOTD
– Acne Gel Dots Product Review
– Cleansing Oil Product Review
– How to give the illusion of FULLER lips

Online Rambling & Online Gambling.

So I probably won’t be able to post tonight since I have dinner with the sibling in-laws and the BF, and right now I am working on dissecting what countries and states online gambling is illegal. In case you are wondering, the online advertising world is what I do for a living.

So I have a stack of papers in front of me I have to sift through to determine what is legal and what’s not for my online gambling advertisers. Apparently they have a bad habit of targeting their ads to the US where it’s currently up in the air to be legal or not. It’s a fine line to be honest, because POKER is a game of SKILL and NOT chance, so it’s not really gambling. Ugh. See my frustration? Mom says I should be a lawyer, but I hate playing devil’s advocate. :)

So it look like today may be a tad bit busy for me, but I will try and post tonight!

New Business Cards & K-Mart Haul! (Long Post)

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Since the time I was 4, I have always been a business-minded woman. I would take items my mom already had, re-wrap it, and give it to her on Mother’s Day or her birthday, LOL. Come on I was 4 years old! In my mind, my mom didn’t know she had those things, and by me giving it to her, it would bring those items back to life and she would find a way to use them again. One thing I loved about my mom, was that everytime she opened my little “gifts”, she ALWAYS pretended that I really DID buy them and would be so surprised and would actually USE it. Thinking about it now, I was so silly; but I always tried to start things on my own, and sell it. I would collect rocks and paint them, then try to sell them thinking they were priceless gems, LOL. I was quite an imaginative kid, and I guess when you are the only child for 9 years, it’s amazing the things you do to keep yourself entertained.

Now at almost 26, I find myself more enthralled with the idea of taking this site and my addiction to makeup beyond it’s original intent. At first, I created this blog to record products I used for certain looks and to help others with product reviews and swatches; but now this site has grown so much since it opened last May, bringing in 6,000 page views a day. I am so glad that many of you find it useful or at least- entertaining! And I REALLY appreciate you all for being so kind and supportive. Now I just wanna continue doing this as long as I can because it’s fun, as well as being able to offer many items some of you are unable to get due to being an international resident, or even US residents when it comes to certain things like pigment samples and such. (When I can! And no pigment samples are still NOT available)

So I created some business cards, address labels, post-it notes, and of course a shirt all with the same logo and everything to spread the word, and I love how they came out! They look super cute and I am glad they came out so nice and very matchy-matchy! It says “makeup artist” because eventually I will be getting into it to help my photographer friend who needs one and thought it would be good to gain more experience and do it on the side. Some of you actually wanted shirts haha which I thought was so funny, considering I only made ONE shirt for me as my sleep shirt, LOL! It never crossed my mind that people would want one, so I am looking for a distributor who will create me a few baby-T shirts with the same logo to give to some of you gals, it’s great for around the house, gym, or a sleep shirt (like how I use it), since it’s pretty comfy and soft. I honestly just like the colors on it and the girl…lol.


I went to K-Mart after work to go and buy some toilet paper (now that the BF lives with me, supplies come and go REAL FAST!) So I had to stock up, and ladies, have you EVER gone to a store with the intention of buying only one or two things, and end up coming up with a cart load of stuff you don’t need??!!! Please tell me I am not the only one that has this problem…LOL.

EVERY SINGLE time I walk into a Target, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc, I go there for a few things like necessities such as shampoo, toilet paper, food, and the like, and I always end up coming out with things I didn’t go there for, usually makeup haha or more facial cleansers. It’s so hard to just go in there and pick up that ONE thing you really went there for, pay for it, and walk out. NOOOOO, for some reason I gotta browse around and end up buying something else. Argh!

Anyway, that happened last night at K-Mart, went in to get toilet paper and some cold fighting remedies you lovely ladies suggested, and what happens?!! I come out with eyeshadows, a palette, nailpolish, AND I was this close to also picking up Milani’s Brow Fix Powder AND a pack of St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Stickers (don’t ask), but I was good and at least put those back!

So here is what I bought, luckily the BF wasn’t mad because it was cheap stuff well within our budget (so he thinks! Ha!)

Remember “The Color Workshop”? Those gaudy makeup palettes that usually were sold in cheap stores like JC Penney or Sears? I got them like every Christmas and hated them, but it seems that like AVON, The Color Workshop has stepped up their game! Their colors are much more pigmented (and they are actually NICE colors, and not the grandma colored eyeshadows), AND the design is so sleep, chic, and simple.

They had these awesome palettes for $10, and also had other palettes that were interchangeable meaning you can switch up the colors by changing the inside pan. The one I bought contains eyeshadows, shimmer powders, blushes, lipglosses, creamy lipstick-like pots, and cream eyeshadows, AND came with 4 nailpolishes. I haven’t tried it yet, but based on the swatches it looks quite promising!

How it looks like closed:

A few eyeshadows…

The nailpolishes…

From Maybellline’s Spring Collection, nailpolish with designs inside to paint on your nail…

Eyeshadow Quad in “Seaside Turquoise”:

I also couldn’t pass up on Garnier’s “Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit”, it was on sale for $4.00!!!! Supposed to give you more refined, radiant, even-toned skin, we’ll see!

Featured Article March 21st on Wiki-How’s, “How-To Of The Day”!

For all you Google homepage readers, keep your eye out on March 21st for the “How-To” of the day, my article will be featured that day for Depotting MAC Blushes!

I got a message today:

Sondra C said about Depot Mac Blushes:
On 19:20, 1 March 2008
Congratulations! This article that you contributed to has been chosen to be featured as an example of wikiHow’s best work! While the schedule occasionally changes, it is currently scheduled to be the Featured Article on 2008-03-21. On that day the article will be displayed on the home page and on the RSS feed, and highlighted on the Google “How-to of the Day.”

Woo hoo! We always read the “How-To” of the day at work, so it’s nice to know that my article will be featured March 21st, at least I know what the how-to is that day! LOL.


I am working with my web designer to make this site look more snazzy as well as making navigation much easier. I no longer will be on blogspot, as will officially be an actual site, rather than hosted by This move will allow me to be more in control of things as well as add more beneficial features, maybe even a forum or a chat place where you readers can all get to know each other!

So I am very excited! There will be comment forms now, so you gals can put a name down and I can get to know you all little by little. I know many of you readers who leave comments under “Anonymous” are super sweet and I really do appreciate you ladies who let me just be me and respect my thoughts and ramblings. There are many great beauty blogs out there and I just want to re-iterate that many of us do it because we have a love for makeup, skincare, etc. And it’s just another resource in helping you gals with swatches, makeup tips, tutorials, looks, ideas, etc., so even if you DISAGREE with what is said in my blog, or even other blogs, keep in mind that it’s a BLOG, and the things I say are just based on my personal experience or perspectives.

I started this blog, because as a consumer, I found it very hard to find products online or in person that I was interested in buying. I need to see things before I purchase them, so I wanted to see colors, swatches, reviews, etc, and I would scour the internet for information and could never find it. So by creating my own blog, I can help others who are new to makeup, makeup challenged, or the makeup addicts who want to know what new collections are coming out. It’s also a way for me to track some of my favorite fotd’s and help me remember what I used.

I am slowly (but surely) recovering from my slight bout of carpal tunnel in which my pinky and ring finger were causing me tremendous pain (most of my day is spent on a computer since I work for an internet company), so I am typing for 9 hours at work, then go home only to type away again, so basically my hands never get a break and now I am paying the price. :(

Getting my hair re-dyed next Wednesday! Either a medium or dark brown…

Anyway, here is just another update of things to come, since most of you voted a lot in finding your “holy grail” of an item in skincare products, I will be focusing on those as well:

[no particular order]
Moisturizers- What i’ve tried, what didn’t work, what did…
Re-visit NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (loose powdered eyeshadows) since some of you have been asking me about these
Mascaras- What i’ve tried, what didn’t work, what did…
DUPE LIST!!!! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, I am tallying up some of the ones I received and should have it done soon!
More vids…

I know some of you emailed me some reader questions, I will try and post some here and of course reply to you soon! It’s been hectic keeping up with everyone and everything, esp. since I only have 8 working fingers….LOL. But I appreciate your patience as always!

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