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My Makeup Collection 2008

**EDIT** Forgot to add my paint pots! (Just added it)

Here is my makeup collection as of late (NOT including mineral makeup such as eyeshadows and blushes)…this is about 3 years worth of makeup, so don’t be alarmed, LOL. I don’t even think it’s that huge compared to others i’ve seen so I am pretty proud for not going TOO crazy! Some of them are gifts from the BF or friends, others were products I reviewed for companies, but mostly gifts to myself, LOL. I have enough makeup for my future daughter and grand-daughter! Of course the makeup habit is a deadly one, but I have been a lot better at not buying the first thing I see just for the sake of having it; as well as not buying items that are dupe-able, or i’d rarely use. (How many variations of “Deep Truth” eyeshadow do we REALLY need?!)

The only thing I really like “collecting”, are the MAC lipsticks and lipglasses (LE items), because I love lippies above everything else. Even if I am having a no-makeup day, I like adding some lipgloss on my lips. Do I REALLY use all this makeup? For the most part, yes. Obviously not all at once, LOL, but I do bring things out from the grave and use them every now and then.

Some of the products featured I have not done a review yet, but I will soon!

(I included my one and only NARS “Turkish Delight” I got from Pretty in Pink)

I forgot to add 2 NYX lipglosses in the last pic, so I just added it here…

Miscellaneous Products:

Storage & Collection (Picture Heavy!)

I had a few readers ask me about storage and how I store my makeup and other junk, as well as a few who wanted to know what’s in my makeup arsenal…so I combined a bit of the two…I was too lazy to take a pic of every single thing because it’s just a massive amount of junk I have accumulated over a period of time, so there are a few things missing (i.e. makeup brushes, moisturizers, paint pots, etc.) I have since added quite a few necessary brushes to my collection since my last post on brushes, so I’ll do another post soon on the brushes I have as well as its uses.

I know some of you are wondering whether I actually use all of this stuff, and I actually do, of course not all at once, but I do switch off every now and then, sometimes I just wanna use MAC eyeshadows, MAC eyeshadows with mineral eyeshadows, or just mineral eyeshadows, I pretty much rotate among all my blushes so I use those frequently and the same goes for lipsticks and lipglosses. Of course there’s what I call “The Forgotten” which is just some random things I DID use and just forgot about it, and think i’ll use again. Of course I throw some stuff out that I know I will never use again or have surpassed its shelf life. I mostly use my paint pots, eyeshadows, and mineral cosmetics.

Most of the items are also things that were either given to me by friends as gifts, or products that were sent to me to test out and write a review. Some items are brand new and are either going to be on my online store (which WILL be the same URL as this site, it’s my blog and the store is a link within my blog), or items I am holding for a future contest. The BF says he is “always surrounded by makeup” lol because everywhere you turn at our place- is makeup! And pretty much anything I can fit things in serves as my makeup storage, haha.

As you can see, I like everything organized, so everything is labeled accordingly (you can find a labeler pretty much anywhere, officedepot, office max, staples, target, k-mart and more), this helps me find things easier and keep everything together…the plastic sterilite drawers I got from Wal-Mart, I find they have a better selection than any other place. **Pics taken with Canon SD750**

My messy makeup station which was on my to-do list to clean!

It has grown since last year (pic of collection last year):

First Set of Drawers:

First Drawer (Baggie Samples):

Second Drawer (NYX Makeup such as single and trio eyeshadows, chrome eyeshadows, ulta pearl mania loose powders…):

Third Drawer (MAC single eyeshadows, boxed e/s and StudioFinish Concealers, Milani single e/s):

Fourth Drawer (some potted blushes, various brands):

Fifth Drawer (not pictured, but features single Flirt! eyeshadow compacts)

Second Set of Drawers (Mineral Sample Jars, False Eyelashes, Lipsticks and Lipglosses):

First Drawer (Mineral Sample Jars):

Second Drawer (Falsies, which I rarely use):

Third Drawer (MAC and NYX Round Lipsticks, Laquers, Chromeglasses, Lipglasses, and more!):

And there’s more lipsticks underneath! What can I say, I love lipsticks!

MAC Mattene in “Immodest” and Slimshines (yes I’ve been good to keep it at 3!):

Third Set of Drawers (Hair Clips, Palettes, and other Miscellaneous junk!):

First Drawer (Hair Accessories…can you tell I love flowers??!):

Second Drawer (Various brands and types of palettes, NYX, eyeshadow and lip palettes):

Third Drawer (The forgotten):

Mineral Foundations (I don’t know why I have so many either…):

My MAC Pigments…my pride and joy, lol.

MAC Palettes and other brands of palettes like Ben Nye, Nixie (ULTA eyeshadows in these palettes), Urban Decay, etc.:

Haven’t finished labeling some of them since I keep moving them around…

Pile of other junk, Milani Wet/Dry eyeshadows, MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows, Mineral Blushes, and other stuff…

Some of my nailpolishes, I will do another post on them soon, but from memory, the ones on the left are China Glaze “Purple Panic”, Color Club “Pink Flame”, China Glaze “OMG” (gorgeous holographic nailpolish as you can see!), China Glaze “Turned up Turquiose”, and Essie “Boat House” (and I forgot the others):

And of course…my bodyguard for all my makeup, LOL, Boo from Monsters Inc!

Essentials in My Makeup Bag…

I had a couple of readers ask me what I carry in my makeup bag or just some basic essentials you might need when you are on the go, so here are MY essentials that I must have:

And yes all of that above fits in here!

1. MAC MSF in “Gold Spill”
– This is a great alternative to the Beauty Powder “Drizzlegold” (and less messy too!), I love taking this along with me to perk up my cheeks or highlight certain areas for a ‘natural glow’, especially on mornings when I am in a rush it brightens up my face with a nice warm glow so I look refreshed!

2. Blistex DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment) Lip Balm– I LOVE this stuff, it really keeps my lips moisturized, soft, and supple on days when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick, and perfect for this weather!

3. Jumbo Eye Pencils and Shadesticks
– I like shadesticks and big eye pencils when I am on the go simply because I don’t have to fuss with eyeshadows, worry about them breaking in my bag, or fumbling for brushes. I like the AVON Eye Pencil in “Lightning”, it’s a pearly white with subtle shimmer and I love it because it has multiple uses, it can be used as an all over lid color (apply all over and smudge all over lid with finger), you can dot it on your cheeks as a glowy highlighter, or you can also use it to rim the bottom lashline for a more “opened wide-eyed look”. I like MAC’s Shadestick in “Fresh Cement” because it’s a very safe and neutral/natural color, a gorgeous taupe brown with subtle shimmer, perfect for pulling off any outfit.

4. Travel-Size Perfume– There are days I go to the gym and I no longer smell like a floral fantasy, so I like to have a body spray or a travel size perfume to “freshen” up, especially after work if I have someplace else to go to, it’s nice to spritz some on.

5. Eyeliners
– I gotta have my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner (also Revlon) in “Blackest Black”. As much as I love my Indelible Gel Eyeliner, it’s too much work when I am in a hurry, so I like to have these two holy grail eyeliners with me. I really like Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliners because they really stay on for me.

6. Lipgloss– I love lipgloss, and I actually have over 10 in my bag as I write this, but this post is about essentials, and so if I had to choose one, it would be a nice soft or neutral pink with subtle shimmer. It’s a safe color and I can’t imagine one outfit color it would NOT go with as it’s very simple and goes with anyone’s skin tone and complexion without making them look too washed out. I like L’Oreal’s Lipgloss in “Mauve”.

7. Physician’s Formula Bronzer
– I like this because it can also be used a blush AND a bronzer, and if you are feeling creative enough, I am sure it can be used as an eyeshadow or a little dab on the lips over chapstick for some color.

8. Milani Blush in “Luminous”
– I love this blush! It’s one of my favorites. It’s a peachy pink with hints of shimmer and it seriously goes well with a lot of my outfits as well as my skintone. I like how it’s also not too pigmented in terms of looking too blushy, and I have a pretty heavy hand, but this is so nice and sheer yet delivering just the perfect amount on the apples of your cheeks giving me a nice fresh dewy glow!
*This blush has been discontinued, but you can still find it on eBay or on cosmetic retailers online that sell all kinds of makeup.

9. MAC Lipsticks– I have so many MAC Lipsticks it’s hard to pick one to take with me, but I do like to take “Masque” and “Snob”. Masque is the perfect nude/neutral color and goes great when blended with my Sephora 206 lipliner, add some gloss and it’s nice! Snob is a nice baby pink that isn’t too overpowering and nice to just have!

10. Blush Brush
– To touch up my cheeks.

11. MAC StudioFinish Concealer NC30
– I MUST have this all the time! It’s nice to have concealer around for touch-ups, especially dark circles! But I love also using it to cover up and pimples that popped-up, or as a lip primer before I put on lipstick or lipgloss.

12. 5 gram jar of mineral foundation- For touch-ups of course! Like I said, after the gym, I gotta start fro scratch, so I like to cover up any signs of shine or oily-ness and touch up!

13. Sephora Lip Pencils– I love these because I can use them as eyeliners and to adjust lipstick or lipgloss colors or to of course outline my lips to give a more pouty defined look.

14. Pencil Sharpener– To sharpen my pencils in case they break!

15. Everyday Minerals Lip Color– I like it because its in chapstick form as well as delivering impeccable lipcolor that is sheer and natural. I love both “Siesta” and “Natural”, so whichever I can grab works for me!

16. Travel-sized mascara– In case I need to touch up!

17. Dentek Dental Floss– Just in case you get food stuck in your teeth after lunch! Always nice to have it, at times I use the pointed end to apply glue to false eyelashes!

18. Baby Vaseline– Vaseline in general has MANY, and I mean MANY uses (at least for me!) I love it because it softens my skin such as any dry spots I may have, and makes a great makeup remover! I also apply it all over my eyelids and under my eye at night so that they are soft and it’s easier to apply eye makeup and not make it look “flaky”. Can also be used as a chapstick or eye primer to add more vibrancy.

19. Bobby Pins
– I have long hair so at times it can be wild and crazy, so I like to tame these suckers down with a couple of bobby pins. It’s also nice to have to “switch up your look” by pinning a few pieces of hair to the back, or frontal bangs to the side.

20. Pointed and Rounded Q-Tip
– I carry Q-tips to clean up any mistakes in the eye area using the pointed tip, and the rounded tip is good for applying makeup.

21. AVON ClearSkin (or any blemish fighting gel)– If you feel a pimple coming on, zap them right away with an acne fighting ingredient, perfect for when you are far from home.

22. Retractable Face Brush
– For touching up my mineral foundation.

Other items great to carry:

– nail cutter- makes a great pair of scissors, cuts cuticle, trims nails
– nail file- broke a nail? file it down to a smooth finish!
– clear nailpolish- mend those torn pantyhose or put a coat on your nails for a nice clean professional look!
– no lipstick? mix vaseline or your favorite lip balm with a powdered eyeshadow or blush
– tissues
– wipes

***EDIT*** a few girls have also let me know this, but CVS is having a SALE! Buy one get one FREE, and buy one get one half-off on select items such as L’Oreal HIP products, and Maybelline!

Updated Makeup Collection

Temi asked, “can you update your makeup collection picture and let us know about everything you have now?”, and that was a great question because I have added SO MUCH since the last photo (the main banner), and what is pictured is pretty much all of it, however I did not include some eyeshadows I don’t use as well as my brushes; so here it is!

My artistic take on it:

Colored Pencils: Eyeliners and Lip Liners

My Palettes:

Some of my bottle eyeliners…

Face stuff…

Falsies (which I get from Sally’s or Target since they have good ones):

Some of my Flirt! Eyeshadows (FYI, Flirt! is the same family as MAC, and MAC is the same family as Estee Lauder):

My liglosses:

NYX Eyeshadows-singles, trios, and chrome:

Some of my transferred pigments:

Random angles:

More ULTA eyeshadows and depotting…

Ok, I seriously think I have a problem, well rather- an addiction! I cannot stop buying makeup and I am sure it’s hurting my wallet…lol. I had an impulse to go back to the ULTA store again (for those of you who live near West Hollywood, it’s on Santa Monica Blvd.)

I had to take advantage of their “Buy One, Get One FREE” sale on all their cosmetics, and because I still had 6 empty pots to fill in my palette. I picked up: Flirty, Shell, Deep Sea, Peacock, Bloom, and Tiara.

[The swatches are down below].

I also ordered a few things from, I bought their gel eyeliner pot in “Black out” (similar to MAC’s Fluidline in “Blacktrack”) and their eyeliner sealant to make it last all day. I read great reviews on it and a lot of people swear by it, so we’ll see!

My favorite color from the recent batch I bought, “Flirty”:

The swatches:


This is MY method of depotting my eyeshadows to place into my palettes, I use the tiny screwdriver that is in those “eyeglass repair kits” you see at the checkout at drugstores with the red square top, it has a FLAT head to get wedged in the pot of eyeshadow you are trying to depot.

I then peel and apply the LABELS from the original packaging (my ULTA eyeshadow cases) onto the BACK of my palettes for reference so I don’t forget the color…I use GLUE DOTS (which you can get at a craft store like Michaels) which you stick to the back of the label.


Peel it onto the backing:

And voila!

Now my palette is complete!

Entire Makeup Collection

I have been asked by people about my ENTIRE makeup collection, pictured are a majority of the makeup I have, there were some other eyeshadows and stuff that I couldn’t fit into the picture, but for the most part, id say this is my entire collection!

Also, to check out my work as a photographer, click on this link:

My lipglosses [not pictured are the lipgloss palettes, one from Color Workshop and the other from LA Girl]


More blending/gradient pics:

Blending brush used to soften any harsh lines..

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