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I received my Lumiere Haul I ordered a few weeks ago, I bought the Healing Concealer in Medium which heals and conceals blemishes and pimples overnight (which really works by the way). And a sample of their raved Lumi-Lips in “Jamocha” and “Pink Ribbons” which I love! They go on really smooth and make you lips soft, and sheer in color. I was going to order the full-sized ones only to stop myself because I have so many lipglosses already…lol.

I ordered the Lumiere brushes during their pre-buy a few months ago and I cannot wait to get ’em!

Hopefully tonight I can do the eyeliner tutorial (tightlining, etc.) and post it up on here. I am also trying to do some holiday looks as well. Busy busy! Oh the life of a beauty blogger…. :)

Craft Brushes and Product Review of Silk Naturals

Some of you gals may not know this, but artist/craft brushes are just as good as actual makeup brushes (not the hard stiff ones), but American Painter and Loew-Cornell are both awesome brands for craft brushes. I bought a couple 2 years ago and used them to apply my eye makeup after noticing they were similar to some of my actual makeup brushes! And right now, Michael’s Craft Store is having 30% OFF on ALL their Loew-Cornell Brushes! So check them out! I went today and got a really cute pair of brushes that have a CLEAR handle with silver glitter “floating” inside! How cool is that! I nabbed an angled taklon brush which I might use for either applying my pigments foiled (wet), or regular eyeshadows, and the other is a tiny eyeliner brush to perfect winging out eyeliners. Then I dropped by CVS to get travel stuff for my upcoming trip and ended up picking up an angled contour brush as well!


Packaging: 5 out of 5 stars!
Shipping Time: 5 out of 5 stars!
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars!

I actually like Silk Naturals a lot, it’s just a matter of me learning how to be a mineral foundation chef and finding the right amount of ingredients to make the dish WOW! First of all, I LOVE the ability to customize MY foundation to MY OWN skin tone, I can adjust it as I please, making it lighter or darker if I wanted to; and that is definitely a power that’s nice to have because who knows your skin better than YOU DO! I put 8 scoops of the white powder and ONE, let me re-iterate, ONE SCOOP of Ebony, and that baby gave me a tan look! Not in a bad way, I actually like how it gave me a little color and made me look human in pictures rather than Casper the friendly ghost’s long lost cousin….but you just have to be super careful because ebony is darrrrrrkkkk! So if you put even the slightest bit TOO much, you are gonna have dark foundation! You also have to perfect the application by buffing it evenly in circular motions, as if you concentrate too much on one spot, it will start to look patchy.

Here is the white powder first:

Then the EBONY, see how dark it came out??!! But it’s not that dark on your skin, thank God!

The result (and yes I finally showed/did my hair! I love when it curls at the bottom):

(sorry for the cheesy smile)

But it actually did a good job of matching my neck eh??? I am quite happy with it, meaning Miss Vanessa might be ordering the full-sized one! 😉

Thanks again to Christiana for the heads up, she is my girl when it comes to mineral makeup!

MMBB-My Mineral Bath & Body

I am in love with MMBB! They have such great mineral eyeshadows with finishes from Matte to Shimmer!

Thanks Lisa for also sending me the clay mask to try out!

Black Emeralds:

This is a picture I have posted before, but I used MMBB eyeshadows in “Black Emeralds” on the outer part of the lid (outer V), and “Caribbean Teal” on the rest of the lid:

MMBB “Highlights”:

MMBB “Woodrose Glow”:

This is how my MAC Samples will look like:

Some Mineral Samples:

Mineral Bath & Body Samples

I got my mineral eyeshadow samples from Mineral Bath & Body and they are just gorgeous colors! I can’t wait to get my samples from who by the way is having a sale and 20% OFF ALL ORDERS until SEPT. 23rd! I also ordered another Indelible Gel Eyeliner in “Ivy League” described as a shimmery olive green (hey I couldn’t resist!).

The swatches:

Katie from KT Naturals was also nice enough to send me more foundation samples to get the right color since she re-formulated some of the foundations, some are a shade or two darker so I have to re-test.

I was also bored today and was inspired by Stephie’s tut on ABB, as well as Grace’s request a week ago. Reminds me of the Japanese “Ganguro” girls who dress funky and have awesome makeup and colored contacts; almost like a DOLL.

This look was actually simpler than it looks, I just used Milani’s eyeshadow in “Illusion” all over the lid, applied black liquid eyeliner and black kohl pencil BELOW my crease, the entire area, and winged the HELL out of it! Then I applied “Demi Lashes” I had for awhile from Sally’s.

Added some bright pink blush and some pink lipgloss.

Reader Grace wanted a quick tutorial on the simple clean look a lot of the Asian celebrities are sporting, especially Korean and Japanese music stars, it’s REALLY simple because most of these stars NATURALLY have great skin to begin with. So all they really use is eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes, and some gloss.

This photo source is from of gorgeous music singer Janice Man (thanks Grace!):

And my version, of course minus the awesome photography and photoshop haha, I lined the bottom for my version, but used NO EYELINER, just LOTS and I mean LOTS of mascara!

My base all over my lid was MAC’s Paint Pot in “Painterly”, then I used ULTA’s “Lustre” just above the crease.

Makeup Brush and Lip gloss Holder// Pigment Case

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