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Product Review- Kanebo Tiffa Mascara Base from

Sorry I was unable to post much yesterday, I’ve been sick and it’s coinciding with my allergies. I took a Benadryl yesterday which KNOCKED me out, so I was able to sleep nicely!

Here is my review on the Tiffa Mascara Base that I got from, someone asked how much shipping was, and I forgot but I think it was around $5 or $6 for me, you can check out for more details. Shipping is relatively fast USUALLY.

Product: 5 out of 5
Wand: 4 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: $11.00

What it is: It’s a mascara base you apply BEFORE you apply your mascara, it helps give the illusion of longer lashes when applied with your regular mascara.

Description: It’s a transparent base with little tiny fibers, similar to Imju fiberwig. The fibers attach to your natural eyelashes making it seem like you have longer lash hairs. You apply it as you would your regular mascara, and then apply your mascara of choice.

PROS: Does add a bit of length to my lashes, and doesn’t make my lashes stiff or clumpy as oppose to just my mascara alone. No odd smell either.

CONS: Be careful not to apply it to closely to the base of your lashes becaue the fibers may get in your eye causing discomfort.

Overall: It’s a pretty nifty mascara base, I haven’t tried too many mascara bases simply because I don’t really care for it sometimes, although I have tried Shiseido (nice but not liking the price), and Lancome’s Mascara Base, but this one is actually really nice because it has those “tiny fibers” in comparison to the previously mentioned where it doesn’t have any.

The wand:

My bare eyelashes, no base, no mascara:

Just with the Tiffa mascara base:

With the base AND mascara:

Heated Eyelash Curler

What do you use to curl your hair? A heated curling iron right? (minus you ladies that use curlers!)

So what do you use to curl your eyelashes? A heated eyelash curler!

I for one am scared of heat, I burned a few fingers on a sizzling skillet when I was 6 and I remember it clearly, and yes I am traumatized by it still which is my excuse as to why I don’t cook. But back to my story, I currently have a heated eyelash curler which I love because I don’t even feel heat- the Ardell eyelash curler.

However, as I was cruising down the makeup aisle at Wal-Mart, I noticed a heated eyelash curler by LA CROSS, but it was NOTHING I have ever seen before. This eyelash curler looked liked a pen and actually had a wand! It grabbed my curiosity and before you know it, I was walking to my car with it in my hands! As a beauty blogger, I just had to give it a try.

It requires one AAA battery, and you basically push the barrel of the “pen” down to make the wand pop up on top, the LED light goes on, and you wait for the tiny pink colored band to turn clear, that’s when you know it’s ready. (reminds me of a pregnancy test)

Using it felt easy, as if I was applying mascara. I felt the heat at some points which made my heart race as if I was a person with OCD facing my fears. I was careful not to burn my eyelid (not sure if it can really burn but the heat is intense enough for me to think it will).

A closer look:



Before and After pictures, this was using NO primer/base, NO mascara, nothing, just my lashes…you be the judge.

I don’t think it really curled as well as my Ardell lash curler, it seemed to LIFT my lashes but not curl them; but then again I might have just been too scared to fully see its potential…this requires further evaluation.



Product Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

Price: 5 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: “Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast’s patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.”

The truth: It does give you some volumized lashes however I didn’t really notice the “big lash look” they described because it didn’t really keep my lashes ‘up’.

What I loved about it: It did volumize my lashes quite a bit, and I loved how it didn’t get hard after it dried, my lashes were still soft to the touch despite the fact I applied several layers. Usually mascara gets really hard on my lashes causing that clumping, weighed-down effect as well as causing my eyes to itch, but this really was soft on my lashes!

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like how big the brush is, it’s very wide and thick compared to its sister, the purple lash exact; thus making it hard to get into the tiny corners or smaller eyelash hairs. Also the tube itself is a bit thick making it hard to grip for some people.

Overall: For $7, it’s definitely worth a try, I would definitely re-buy it.

My purty laptop, “gracious me”, and EOTD

Sorry I haven’t really posted today, i’ve been super busy at work as I had a project due AND have been preparing for my trip to the Big Apple…New York City! I don’t know why I get excited each time I go (I go there like twice a year); I think it’s because I love how cold it is over there around November and I just love it because it reminds me of “Home Alone” haha.

I also had to take my car to the dealership today to get my brakes and rotors replaced. The damage? $500. Ouch, I know. My wallet is still stinging but I have to get it done right?? It saddens me to think I could have instead, have spent that $500 at Sephora, ULTA, or MAC. Sigh. I mean who needs a car right?! LOL just kidding.

Tomorrow the McQueen collection is out! My girl Chastity and I are gonna be hitting up the mall on Sunday to do what else but SHOP ’till we drop! I am excited! I want a Nintendo DS so bad, I think I wanna buy the pink one and play with it on the plane on the way to NY.

I got a skin for my laptop, so now it looks girly and pretty!

I bought another MAC Shadestick in “Gracious Me”, a silvery pearl pink, this too is just stunning!

I bought the newest mascara from L’Oreal at WalMart last night, it’s suppose to separate each lash and intensify it, which it did–sorta. It didn’t really separate each lash like it says it does, I still found that my lashes would clump without me combing it out.

Here is my EOTD, I used Everyday Minerals eyeshadow in “Bundle” as the all over highlight as well as in the inner corners, MAC eyshadow in “Vex” on lid just above the crease, MAC Smoke Signals Quad colors “Gentle Fume” on outer V and Contour, MAC “Carbon” in Outer V and Outer Crease, and Viz-a-violet pigment near the outer lid.

The one thing I love about coming home to the BF, is the sweet surprises he does, I came home from work to find sweet notes taped everywhere, or in the drawers. He is just too cute! I gotta say, I love my Bubba Bear! He has nice writing eh? He used to tag those means streets of Azusa back in the day…lol jk. Or am I?

Imju Fiberwig…..MILE Long Eyelashes!

I know there are many of you gals who can’t apply falsies (fake eyelashes) because let’s face it, they are hard to put on, and who wants to deal with that? Besides, wearing falsies frequently can cause eye irritation, I mean you ARE putting GLUE on your eyelid! Which is why it’s usually used for special occasions or photoshoots. But alas, a mascara from Japan called Imju Fiberwig actually has what they call “fibers” that attach to your natural eyelash hair giving you the appearance of FAKE EYELASHES! Without all that mess AND it will NOT give you raccoon eyes and smudge. It’s supposedly sweat, tear, and waterproof. I read some reviews on it, and A LOT of people actually like it.

I think I might have to pick this up at Sephora ($22) and see for myself!

Read some of these links for other people’s reviews!


I also like this site:


After a long day at work, my face lit up when I saw the package by my door, “MY MINERALS!” I shrieked.

I haven’t tested them out yet, but on my hand so far I love the glittery face blush and the intensive natural beige foundation. They are super tiny of course since they are samples, but if I do like them, you bet i’ll be ordering more!

A tip from LoKitty about clumping mascara, all they need is a good wash! “may sound weird, but you can. clumping is usually caused by dried mascara on the wand. so every once in a while, take the wand, and with some mild soap and warm water, clean off all the mascara, then put it back in and pump a couple of times, take it out and repeat. this should help with the clumping! “

I also bought a couple of crease brushes because I was looking for some small brushes to gain better control for crease or corner application, of course they are from Essence of Beauty.

I bought some gradient black eyeshadows called “Runway Eyes” from Milani:

And lastly, my brown bag I bought with one of the giftcards I got for my bday:

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