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My overnight bag and my MAC Refills ARRIVED!

My MAC eyeshadow refills and my MAC Paint in “Chiaroscuro” arrived today as well as my cute tote. I LOVE the chiaroscuro MAC paint, it’s seriously my new fave! It’s a nice muted beige/neutral color with a hint of shimmer, PERFECT as a highlighting base. My MAC eyeshadow refills are awesome too, I love “Bisque” and “Mulch”.

Here is my overnight bag that arrived, it’s super tiny and yet fits just enough for a weekend getaway:

Right when you open it:

Even has a BRUSH HOLDER and zippered pockets:

And when you expand the inside two-tier trays:

I also bought Essence of Beauty’s “Airbrush Primer”, I never knew they had a face primer until I walked into CVS today to get some VO5 and it was right there so I had to buy it and try it out. It was $10, I put a little on my hand to test the consistency and it is super soft! So i’ll let you know how it works out, but by packaging alone, I get the feeling im going to love it!

Rainbow eyes and Stacks

*EDIT from previous blog(s). Marie-The Longs Drugstore I went to was in Azusa, but I believe if you go to their website,, they have a store locator that will tell you which store around Northridge or Granada Hills carries NYX. I believe the Longs Drugs on Zelzah and Chatsworth in Granada Hills MIGHT have it, but call before you go to be sure. Let me know if you are still unable to find it, and I’ll do my research and find some places that sell NYX.

And sorry I forgot to mention where I got the overnight bag, in the midst of my excitement I forgot to mention that important detail! Sorry gals! :)

I bought the overnight bag from for $34.45, they have FREE SHIPPING, NO TAX, and FREE RETURNS. So basically the price you see, is the price you pay. No calculation needed! For the overnight bag I got, CLICK HERE. It comes in black, fushia, and periwinkle. has a better description as well as additional images you can see: CLICK HERE.

I will post my review once I get it, and of course pictures!

***ALSO*** For those who have emailed me for tips, etc., PLEASE include your name AND/OR email or MySpace page for a personal reply back. Some of you write under “anonymous” so it’s hard for me to get back to you other than on here…for the gal who wanted to know how to put on eyeliner, stay tuned! I will post that up soon! :)

I received my stacks today (to put in loose powder or pretty much whatever you want):

They were bigger than I thought, but nonetheless, they hold a lot…

As you can see comparitively to the size of my hand:


I also got some mascara and lipgloss wands so that I can start doing make-up on people, gotta be sanitary! (im nervous!):

I got my Mineral Powder Flat Top Brush from Lumiere which I LOVE!

Here is what I call “gradient eyes”, this is usually how I wear my makeup everyday (using more of a taupe color instead of black which I used here). This is one of my favorite looks that I sorta invented for myself just messing around with makeup. I basically highlighted the whole lid, added more of the light color all over, and just shaded in the outside corners and outlined the top, the key is BLENDING, that’s the only way this look can be done is by blending! Harsh lines will ruin this look, so remember to always BLEND!

I played with more looks recently, I am really digging the “rainbow look”, obviously not for going out in public because it’s a bit TOO bright in real-life…but it’s a nice fantasy look for a photoshoot. These photos are un-finished, meaning it’s just eyeshadows that were used, no eyeliner, no mascara, just to see how they would look…


Overnight Bag

There are times where I am just a girl on the go. Literally.

I find myself sleeping over last minute at the BF’s house, or far away at a shoot, that it’s PHYSICALLY hard for me to carry my ENTIRE makeup collection- in my huge, hard, STEEL metal makeup box.

Therefore, I invested in an overnight traincase by Travelon. It’s super cute inside, I didn’t like the quilted look on the outside, but I don’t really care how it looks as long as it serves its purpose, which is to hold all the essentials I need for the night…or weekend.

It comes in black, fushia, and periwinkle. The mini was too small, and the deluxe was too big, so I got the medium train case just for ME! It’s awesome in my opinion as it holds 7 of my makeup brushes, has a compartment for jewelry, and 2 zippered compartments for let’s say a toothbrush, lipliners, etc.

I am so happy I don’t have to lug that big metal box for just a sleepover or a weekend getaway anymore and having to leave my favorite eyeshadows behind because I couldn’t carry them all!

The outside:

The inside:

Makeup and Train Cases

Q: Where can I get a really great makeup case? I have all this makeup and always run out of room to store and organize it.

A: Makeup cases are ideal for people who travel a lot (like me), or if you do your own makeup for photoshoots, or just like to have one. I actually like a lot of the makeup cases, most of them even have removable dividers so you can customize and organize it any way you want; but when you choose one, think practically and not solely style. Obviously if you have a couple eyeshadows and 3 tubes of lipstick, you should just get a nice makeup bag and not a box! Also, let me tell you the difference from the expensive cases (MAC and Sephora of course), as well as the others.

MAC and Sephora cases are much more expensive, not because of the brand itself, but because they have heat-protected, insulated cases. What the heck does that mean? That means if you leave your makeup box under the sun, in your car, or in the oven, that it’s not going to melt your makeup and all of it’s glorified contents. (I haven’t tried this so don’t ask me if it really works haha).

Sephora Midnight Train Case ($90). Also comes in silver, and a shoulder strap.

Want a SMALLER one? ($35)

Wanna splurge? MAC ($225)

Caboodles actually have some decent ones, as well as bringing you back to the feeling when you were 6 years old and owned one. :) ($19.99 at Target) has a nice cheap one for $29.95: CLICK HERE

And they have the train case with removable wheels for $79.95:

I bought mine at they have a wide selection of makeup boxes and train cases. For the serious makeup artist, the rollaway traincases are awesome since you can just pull it everywhere.

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