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Makeup Storage//Soft MAC Carry All Case

The fiance and I recently moved to a new place earlier this year- and thus made it much easier for me to store my makeup with the extra space we have acquired; (he thinks it will give me an excuse to fill up the extra space with *gasp* more makeup which will then slowly start to seep to his office/gym room haha).

I know I have old random posts in regards to makeup storage, but this is my most recent way of organizing my makeup as of late, granted I hardly wear much makeup nowadays because I find myself to be too lazy to do any full on looks. But nonetheless, my makeup needs a home!

I know I am probably going to get a few questions as to where I got most of these organizers from, so I will list them down with each pic. :)

My vanity all clean (I don’t remember where I got this actual vanity from, I get a lot of questions about this from older posts but my mom ordered it for me from Washington when they moved so I have no clue), but it’s actually a child’s vanity and I can sit in it fine, you would never think it’s a child’s vanity.

My lipgloss holders and MAC eyeshadow palette holder– The “lipgloss holders” are actually pen cup holders I bought from Staples. The one on the left is much bigger and it’s a clear acrylic cup that you can personalize and add a picture (chose the one with me and bubs in hopes that he’ll continue to support my makeup addiction! Ha!). I put all my dazzleglasses and tinted lipglasses in these babies and they fit all of them! The clear acrylic holder that houses my makeup palettes is actually a DVD holder (flipped sideways) that I got from the Container Store. They fit perfectly in it. Some of my palettes are also in my new soft case since those are the ones I frequently use.
My plastic drawers– These hold my other misc. eyeshadows, blushes, etc. I believe I got these at Walmart or Target, and they are real cheap too! The Hello Kitty Brush Holder on top I bought when MAC came out with the Hello Kitty collection, I now use it to house my Urban Decay eyeliners (which I love!)
The “Rose Wall” (Lipstick holders & Clear Acrylic Drawers)– This is what I call my ‘rose wall’. When we first moved bubs and I did some decorating, and I chose to have one little wall section of our bedroom to have a girly flair so I used an applique on the wall (easy to put on and remove) from Michael’s. Goes great with our kitchen plates that have this design. Because this wall is the furthest from our window, I chose it to store my lipsticks (to prevent them from melting during California’s hot summers). On the separate tray of lippies, I stored all the special/limited edition lipsticks (I noticed I buy two per collection!). These acrylic trays I got from Folica, and the other one from eBay. The clear acrylic drawers in the middle hold my MSF’s, MAC eyeshadows and few holiday and concealer palettes. And of course, they are accompanied by old pics of bubs and I when we were younger! (Wedding slideshow pics possibly??? LOL)
I also recently bought the MAC Carry All Case (the soft one) as bubs already got me the hard train case for Christmas last year. I love this case. It’s perfect for overnighters or weekend trips. Even though I have my other overnight bag, this one just seems to fit more stuff. Everything I need. It fits a stack of MAC makeup palettes, my moisturizer, my brush roll (not pictured), my Urban Decay Naked Palette, and has compartments for everything such as a few lipsticks, foundation, blushes, you name it. The only thing I wish it has was a handle on the top so I don’t have to carry the shoulder strap all the time. But it has a nifty little mirror on the inside lid for your convenience. The problem carrying the other HARD case, is the fact that it’s too heavy, which may not be ideal when you are running through the airport, or for small trips. The soft case just makes it easy to bring along since it’s so light and big enough to hold everything.


MAC Makeup Case: New Way to Organize & What to Pack

One thing I love about the dividers that come with most makeup boxes/cases, is that you can organize things the way you want!

Here’s another way I organized my MAC case using the dividers that came with it. I organized it into 9 squares and filled it up with some of my essentials: Q-tips, Nail Buffer, to hold my MAC Mixing Medium, moisturizer, MAC Lipglasses, Beauty Blender Sponge, Buffer brush, a nailpolish (to avoid spilling or breaking in transit), and toe separators (as I was planning to give myself a pedicure!).

Many of you aspiring makeup artists wanted to know what are some things I recommend bringing along with you for clients or just essentials for your makeup kit. I like to always be prepared and have travel sizes of everything in my purse, so especially when it comes to makeup, I like to have everything I need. So in ADDITION to the normal things you would have (like eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation, lipglosses, brushes, etc)…

Here is my list:

– Makeup sponges/wedges(they are disposable so you can toss them out after each client, they are also cheap and great for blending foundation or concealer).
– Q-Tips(great for cleaning up around the eye area, such as mascara or eyeliner smudges, also great as a makeup applicator or smudging the lower lashline).
– Disposable lip brushes, mascara wands, spatulas(you can find these at beauty stores like Sally’s, they are great for obvious sanitary purposes to prevent transfer of bacteria from client to client. Spatulas are great for mixing colors on your hand or on a palette such as foundation or concealer. Can also give clients a few for any touch-ups they might need)
– Bobby-Pins & Hair Clips(great for holding hair during makeup application as well as hair styling like updo’s)
– Hairspray(in case I forget brow gel, this is great to lightly mist on an eyebrow brush and to comb those eyebrow hairs in place for a quick fix as well as for keeping hair in place for hairstyling!)
– False eyelashes & Eyelash Glue(an absolute staple! really brings out the eyes, and helps the eyes stand out for photoshoots)
– Tiny Baby Scissors(to trim long false eyelashes to conform to a more natural fit or look, as well as trimming eyebrow hairs)
– Eyelash Curler
Swisspers Cotton Rounds or Ovals(great for removing makeup, applying toner, or removing excess foundation or blush without messing up the entire look)
– Eye & Lip Makeup Remover or wipes such as MAC makeup remover wipes(sometimes clients come with makeup on and you need them to take it off, this gets the job done fast!)
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”(since this is in a pot, there’s no need to worry about an applicator directly touching the eye so definitely great when working with clients for hygienic purposes, also it lasts AWHILE! Simply have spare eyeliner brushes when working on multiple clients, or disinfect in between clients with a brush cleaner and/or alcohol)
– Black Kohl Eyeliner(a staple to line the lower lashline, waterline, or for tightlining)
– Blush Palettes & Eyeshadow Palettes(a space saver, and gives you a variety of choices to use on clients with different skintones, like a peach or coral, a baby pink, etc) I like MAC “Springsheen”, “Pink Swoon”, “Margin”, or “Sunbasque” blushes to compliment any skintone.
– Concealer Palette(great to mix and match to suit all skintones and colors, be sure to have a green and lavender based concealers as well to hide any redness such as rosacea or acne, and purple/lavender to brighten dull or sullen skintones or dark circles)
– Oil Blotting Papers(to get rid of shine on photoshoots and throughout the day)
– Makeup Primer(whichever you prefer, smooths the face and creates a nice canvas before applying foundation for a flawless look)
– Eyebrow Pencils or Powder
– Tissues
– MAC Fix+ Spray(great for setting makeup, a skin/face refresher and can also be used to mix loose pigments if you do not have a mixing medium)
– Mixing Medium(to help loose minerals and pigments adhere to the skin like glitter or mineral makeup)
– Eyeshadow Primer or Bases(UDPP, TFSI, MAC Paint Pots)- Helps eyeshadows last as well as look more vibrant.
– Vaseline & Lotion(great for any dry spots on the face or ashy areas that need a little moisture, helps makeup go on better over these dry spots to prevent flaking)
– Tweezers(for fly away eyebrow hairs or for last minute eyebrow grooming, also great in applying fake eyelashes)
– Lipliners(help define the lips natural shape, can also give the appearance of fuller lips for clients with thin lips)
– Extra makeup brushes(always good to have in between clients, and to save time having to disinfect/sterilize each time)
– Contour Powder(to contour and define facial structures)
– Facial Moisturizer
– Mascara(and of course the normal stuff!)

MAC Box…and more randomness!

I meant to blog a couple of days ago, but since I started hitting the gym (it’s my New Year’s resolution to be fit and healthy and get Hawaii ready for my vacay in August); it’s been making me super exhausted. But I actually feel really good, i’ve been eating healthier than I was before, so I don’t feel sluggish anymore, I feel more energized and “cleaner” inside; and I am just looking forward to keeping it up and just being fit again. After I decided to stop my feeble attempt at modeling, and being controlled in terms of what I can and cannot eat, I became careless and kept eating the wrong things. There’s nothing wrong with eating what you want, just moderate it and exercise. My problem was that I wasn’t really exercising and I was just eating anything and everything! I went from my heaviest which was about 130 to now a 118, and honestly I don’t care if I am 125, as long as I am healthy and toned. I try to work out everyday except on weekends since the gym is next to my work, so I am trying to make it a constant habit. So far so good!

Anyway, here is the blue eye/fotd I did last weekend and meant to post up earlier before I got sidetracked! I had blue nails to match which was China Glaze’s “Frostbite”.

What I used:

– MUFE HD Foundation #127
– MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
– Cargo OneBase concealer in #2

– MAC Blushcreme in “Uncommon”

– MAC “Otherworldly” Paint Pot on lower half of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Moonlight” on lower half of the lid
– MAC e/s in “Cobalt” (PRO) on 1/4 of the lid
– Milani “Blue Ice” and MAC “Freshwater” on outer half of the lid
– Dark blue e/s in MAC “Sea & Sky” on outer half of the lid and outer-V
– MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
– L’Oreal eyeshadow in “Voluminous”
– Urban Decay glide eyeliner in “Electric” on lower lash line

– MAC lipstick in “Snob” and “Pink Noveau”
– MAC lipglass in “Special Edition Viva Glam II”

And I LOVE the Beauty Blender Sponges! I know, I know, they are a bit pricey for SPONGES, but I can’t live without them! They last forever for me, my liquid foundations don’t sink in them so it’s not going to “waste”, and the unique shape allows me to cover large and small areas with ease. I ended up buying two additional ones, one for my makeup bag, and one for when I travel.

As you can see the one on the left is the sponge wet, hence it’s larger…

Some of you asked to see the MAC Box I got for Xmas actually filled up with stuff, so when I slept over the BF’s mom’s house last weekend, here is what I packed to utilize the space! It actually fits A LOT!

Im baaacccckkk! Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and may 2009 bring you all good health, luck, and happiness!

I am finally back from Washington (and hopefully now I have more time to blog!), and I must say I have a greater appreciation for California weather, LOL. It was freeeezing over there, even when the snow started to melt already, the nights and mornings were so cold. I met a reader, who is also my mom’s co-worker Lannet, who lives near my mom and she showed me around the area and we went to CCO and MAC of course! She is so awesome and she’s so sweet. It was such a pleasure meeting you Lannet! We forgot to take a pic but at least I have someone to hang out whenever I am in Washington!

I bought the MAC #183 buffer brush which is tinier than the 180 brush which fits easier in mineral makeup caps to tap and swirl; some lipglosses: Molte Bene, Sheena, 1N and 2N, lipstick in “Underplay”, and a couple of falsies.

My sister Rory actually stayed home the entire time I was there just to hang out with her older sis (Awwww!) since my mom tells me she is always out with her friends now that she can drive! We were snowed in for about 3 or 4 days when we first got there but it was nice to chill at home with home cooked meals, and watching DVD’s with the siblings. We made a mess of the bathroom and her room of course with all the clothes and makeup that we were throwing around. I ended up giving a few MAC things to her since she kept using them! LOL. Turns out she also likes the MUFE HD Foundation I had and took the liberty of using it every chance she got (why I wish I wasn’t the oldest! LOL). The sisters and I went to the mall and I picked up 2 lippies from the Dame Edna collection: Coral Polyp and Gladiola. Cute packaging although the glasses were stickers.

As for Christmas presents, I got the most important thing which of course was seeing my family since I haven’t seen them for almost a year prior to my visit; but of course I also got some neat stuff! The BF got me the carry-all case from MAC which I had my eye on but didn’t feel like spending $225 on it, and he ended up surprising me with it when he picked me up from the airport! And he got me a digital frame, some Burberry perfume, a NAP blanket, and a laptop case; his mom got me a Sephora gift card, this yummy perfume ‘Vanilla Noir’ from Bath & Body works and the lotion to match from his brother and his gf; money and a sweater from my parents, and cute boot slippers from my sisters.

Anyways, here are some pics…Gossip Girl premiere tomorrow!

The mess we made in my sister’s room, and my younger sis probably up to no good, haha.

Outfit to the airport…

My haul from CCO with Lannet…

What I bought with my Sephora giftcard…

Stila Convertible Cheek & Lipcolor in Fuchsia & Illium

Urban Decay gel makeup remover & their Buddha Body Brush

My MAC case…looking tired and jetlagged…and gross! The two little boxes on top swivel out to the sides.

Fafi Invite & New Makeup Arsenal

I got my Fafi invite to the pre-launch party this Sunday! The booklet looks so pretty, and they are stickers!

**EDIT*** I had some lovely ladies ask me about the Fafi iridescent powders, or just iridescent powders in general, they can be used in various ways, to highlight the cheeks or face, give a bronzey look, pretty much anything!

Sadly I had to get another traincase to store my massive collection of crap, *ahem* I mean makeup. I was out-growing the clear plastic drawers, my vanity drawers, my old traincase….things were just spewing out so I needed a new arsenal to organize some of my things, what’s sad is that I also bought the midnight traincase (both from Sephora). I bought it online so I have not received that one yet. I got it for traveling (yes even the overnight bag was TOO SMALL for my things, even just for traveling!). And each case was close to $100 EACH, aye aye aye, gotta control my spending habits but seriously, it’s a BAD addiction! LOL. It’s like for that price I could have bought the MAC traincase!

Did you know that the MAC traincase has thermal protection? Meaning if you leave your makeup in your car on a hot summer California day in that case, it’s protected? Yup. :)

I haven’t even stored everything yet!

All the traincases…..

Now it’s time to organize! See how much stuff I have just laying around!?

Of course gotta organize some of the NYX eyeshadows…

New Bracelets and Rings from Forever 21 (I love bracelets and rings!):


I got my Brush Bag today from Forever Female and I LOVE IT! I am so happy it fits even my biggest brushes (the Sonia Kushuk one I had for years had become outgrown!)

I can now travel with all my brushes in one easy to carry bag and what I love is how each brush has it’s own pocket to eliminate me having to look for which brushes to use, I can see it all right then and there! It even has a sanitary flap to keep my brushes covered and protected while it’s in my luggage or makeup box! I can’t wait to get my CoastalScents Brushes!

When it’s closed:

Open and empty:

Open and filled:

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